Mumbai : Mumbai Jain Family ‘ NAVKAR PARIWAR’ to organise first time ever in history, a Phenomenal Ceremony of Reciting Navkar Mantra 99,99,99,999 times on Sunday 31st May to fight Covid

    Event Details:

    31 st May 2020 on sunday
    8.41am onwards.
    Contact Number:
    Navkar Pariwar - Dharmesh Shah: 9821077766, Sanjay V Shah 9821066266


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    Input by Dolly Kaku :

    First Time Ever In The History, A Phenomenal Ceremony Of Reciting Navkar Mantra 99,99,99,999 times

    With a singular goal to send peace to mother earth and Corona Virus tormented humans across the globe, millions of Jains will recite Navakar Maha Mantra from their homes on Sunday the 31st May, 2020
    Mumbai, 24th May, 2020:  A mega event of Navkar Maha Mantra recital for 99,99,99,999 times is being organized for the first time ever in history. Organized by NAVKAR PARIWAR, Mumbai, this ceremony will be live on various digital platforms including Facebook. There is no recall of any religious activity of this magnitude being organized in human memory by any other religion. The ceremony will begin at the auspicious time of 08.41 AM on Sunday, 31st May, 2020 and is estimated to go on for four hours.
    The sole purpose of this activity is to extend the peace generated through the miraculous powers of Navakar Maha Mantra recitals to all the Corona tormented souls. A similar leg of this noble act was first held in the year 2014 when 13 crore plus Navkar Maha Mantra recitals were completed under the guidance of esteemed Gachchhadhipati Acharya Shri Vijay Premsurishwarji Maharaj Saheb.  This time around, the target is 99 crores plus. The ceremony enjoys the blessings of many Sadhu-Sadhvi Bhagwants, or monks of all four sects of Jainism.
    The Facebook page of NAVAKAR PARIWAR, where the ceremony is initiated has been interlinked with various social media platforms to let Jains join in at the same time and do the recital in perfect synchrony.  All participants will recite the Navakar Maha Mantra at the same time for next four hours in perfect harmony. The number of recitals done by each participating devotee will be added up in a systematic manner. The mark of 99 crores plus will be reached by totalling each devotee’s contribution at the end.  Representatives are creating a worldwide awareness for this honourable task. Many Jain Sadhus and Sadhvis are also inspiring devotees to participate in this event.
    Dharmesh Shah, who is the force behind both the ceremonies, says, “It is because of the innumerable irreversible and harmful deeds done by humans to mother nature that we are witnessing these difficult times.  Maybe mother nature wants to teach us all a lesson and put us back on the right track.  To ward off Corona Virus is extremely difficult.   Unflinching faith on the almighty can be our recourse to identify a way out. Our scriptures tell us of infinite power held by the Navkar Maha Mantra. As humble devotees, we all can wish that this faith-oriented endeavour will sooth our wounds in these painful times.”
    Many publications and institutions working on world records and national records, have taken note of this event of unimaginable magnitude.  It is expected that besides creating history, this event will create a sea of positive and healing vibrations for entire world.
    To join, please connect to the page:
    For more information contact:
    Navkar Pariwar – Dharmesh Shah: 9821077766, Sanjay V Shah 9821066266



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