The Nutricharge – magricrise wellness party at Aer Bar& Lounge gets overwhelming response

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    The Nutricharge- magic rise wellness party at Aer Bar & lounge, Four seasons hotel, worli was our second such wellness party/ movement of this autumn themed month!

    Its a myth that participants have more fun, we the magic rise team assure you that we have more fun in curating these morning wellness parties for you and bringing them to you in all new avataars, every single time without exception!

    We had Anand Kumar for the very first time doing the south masala workout which was not only enjoyed for its novelty but the tempo at which it takes dancing for fitness, we had the Bollywood blowout by Aadil khan and krutika Solanki which was an out and out desi Bollywood uptempo number mixes with electronic musical beats sure to get high octane movements out of our guests, which was thoroughly enjoyed by team magic rise and our guests . We had partner yoga by jenil Dholakia which was such a new experience for most guests. Whilst everyone has heard or read about it , anyone hardly ever practised or reaped the benefits and joy of letting go with a partner who helps and supports every move and hold , a very still and calm experience for guests, patrons and spectators ( yes , we have quite a few of them 🙂 ) we had bellyjazz a tad different take on the conventional belly dancing, skillfully executed by Kanchi shah and thoroughly enjoyed by guests and patrons . The more popular workouts for youngsters like EDM vs bdm performed by Sneha sherwani, contrary to beliefs were enjoyed by middle-aged folks too .. which was a moment of pleasant delight and surprise for me personally as I haven’t seen anything like it before .To witness and create more of this magic we need your love!

    We have the couple of them more under the magic rise cloud all set to rain the fit &  fab on our guests, patrons and spectators alike !!

    Come and join the magicrises!

    See you all at our next


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