Unique event for Animal welfare by space foundation on 26 January at Marine Drive

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    By Hello Mumbai Team

    Unique event for Animal welfare by space foundation on 26 January at Marine Drive

    SPACE (Society of Performing Arts in Cinema and Education) Foundation has been supporting Animal Welfare since past Seven years.

    We conduct Awareness Programs and Street Plays to create Awareness on Animal Cruelty. Durga Rai has been doing Street Plays all over Mumbai on the occasion of Republic Day since past Seven Years. This will be the Eight Year celebrating the occasion and saluting the Indian Constitution wherein its clearly stated that it is the Fundamental Duty of Every Citizen to be compassionate towards animals. The foundation is a non-registered organization headed by Durga Rai (NSD) and Narayanan V Iyer (FTII).

    Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (Republic Day)

    Guys we have just two more days before making history at Marine Drive.

    This is a reminder once again of the Human/Pets/stuffed-toys Chain that is going to take place on the auspicious Republic Day that is 26th January, 2017 between 10 am to03pm.

    The chain will start from Girgaon Chowpati and will culminate at NCPA.

    We felt it was important to invite the pets too because some people are very attached to their pets and wanted to get them along and thought that it was good omen. A few others did not want to leave their pets at home. Therefore we found a madhyam-marg and decided to call the person too. And anyway this event is happening exclusively for the betterment of animals and so there you go.

    There are a few very important and basic things that all of us should remember.

    1) It is not compulsory that everybody has to get their pets along

    2) People getting their pets can come for the event by 1.30pm (one and a half hour before).

    3) The collars/leash/cage/basket should be sturdy and the owners should keep their pets/

    Near them at all times. Please get water/food for the pets. Please take of the cleanliness

    Of your pets and the surroundings.

    4) People who are not getting their pets must get a stuffed-toys (animals/birds) any size.

    This is a must.

    5) Dress Code is All White. Option is a blue jeans with a white top/shirt/t- shirt.

    6) Caps should be white.

    7) Signature on the memorandum is a must. This will be on arrival at the venue.

    8) All those willing to sing patriotic songs/ any other performance can give their names to

    Reshma Shelatkar 9821844013 at the earliest.

    9) People can also wear animal mask or dress up in animal costume.

    10) Please bring along as many posters as possible. Remember we are emphasizing on

    Amending the law and demanding for animal cruelty to be made a non-bail able offence.

    Also please get the Tricolor flag. (at least 2feet long). Please also get the stick for the


    11) Animal lovers/ feederswho are victims of abuse should get a A 4 size poster with their

    Name, date of incident, place and the FIR number.

    12) People who are getting stuffed- toys are requested to come by 10.30am

    So let us all come together and form a long chain and create history and a better and safer future for both the animal and the animal lover.


    For More Details please contact

    Durga Rai (SPACE Foundation) – 8976022750

    Narayanan V Iyer (SPACE Foundation) – 8097891205

    Navi Mumbai Animal Rescue Grp

    Shrikant Raskar- 9820947943




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