VOGUE-Mumbai’s Biggest Inter-School Personality Contest and Talent Hunt Final Day happening on 3rd February

    Event Details:


    VOGUE, AN INITIATIVE BY THE ROTARACT CLUB OF H.R COLLEGE, IS A LEGACY THAT BEGAN 19 YEARS AGO AND IS IN ITS 20TH YEAR OF EXISTENCE.MUMBAI’S BIGGEST INTERSCHOOL PERSONALITY CONTEST AND TALENT HUNT. As years have passed, this event has transformed from a one day event to 3 phases. Vogue has soared horizons and escalated to the magnitude that could only have been dreamt of.
    AT PHASE 1, we go to the top 25 most elite schools of bombay and conduct group discussions and personal interviews with them. The top 2 students from each school are selected. A separate set of students are selected for the talent round. At the interviews, we don’t always choose the best person, but somebody that has potential and can gain the most out of Vogue. We believe that take back values are a very important aspect.
    PHASE 2 is where the qualified participants go through personality grooming sessions that boost their confidence and morale. This year, phase 2 is taking place at The Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship. We also do a myriad of workshops like zumba, car painting, graffiti, JAM sessions, quiz and speaker sessions. This helps the participants in getting acquainted with everybody else and becoming better individuals. Vogue is a life changing experience.
    PHASE 3 is the most awaited and glamorous day. A wave of excitement and enthusiasm enthralls the auditorium. The vogue stage highlights the event. Phase 3 will be taking place at the Sophia Bhabha Auditorium on the 3rd of February. The participants walk the ramp and our esteemed judges ask them questions. The talent round takes place after the same. Titles like Mr. Vogue Ms. Vogue are awarded.
    For us, Vogue is not just a project, it’s a feeling. There are something’s in life that feel so good it’s indescribable, The feeling of being a part of the 20th Vogue, in anyway is that feeling. The number 20 is here, V are ready, ARE YOU?


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