Vote For Shabbir Rangwala, “Indo Arab Relationship Will Be My First Priority” By Shabbir Rangwala

    Vote For Shabbir Rangwala,

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    Mr Shabbir Rangwala
    Chairman SUNRICH companies- largest ship agency company in INDIA 🇮🇳 – UAE 🇦🇪
    Shipping – trading – Industrailist – associated world wide –
    MBA – Shipping
    If elected will make all efforts to bring IAS to its past glory – help assist ARAB
    n INDIA – for beneficial co operation in business – social activities – Sfr


    Shabbir Rangwala doesn’t need any introduction, a well known established businessman famous for his helping and kindness nature in Mumbai’s social circle. Mr Rangwala ,chairman of SUNRICH companies and holding many key posts in shipping industry now trying his luck in Indo Arab Society Election ,contesting for the key post of Vice president , he is associated with for many years.

    “If I won, my first priority will be to review the entire work of style and and my focus will be to develop good and healthy relationship with the entire Arab world particularly in the field of Business and Commerce, because being a business man I can dedicate my experience in the Business field which can be beneficial for both the countries ,” says Shabbir Rangwala speaking with “Hello Mumbai news”.

    He further added Indo Arab Society is a very old and prestigious organisation not only in India but also in the Arab world so it’s appeal to the Members of the society vote for good and reputed candidates who has good vision for the Indo Arab Society as well as our country.



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