Work shop for Taxi Driver by Giants Group of Mumbai one and Wockhardt Hospital

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    Respected civilion

    Giants group of mumbai one,WORSPA, and wockhardt Hospital is jointly organizing a workshoop to train taxi drivers as first aid assistant including CPR make mumbaikars journey on roads more safer.
    We all are aware that in case of road accidents first person to to save injured is next driver of vehicle and most probably a cab driver.if he is trained to give first aid he can be a person next to god.hence we thought of training taxi drivers as our mission.
    Another aspect of taxi driver is that he can be a effective messenger to spread integrity and brotherhood amongst all mumbaikars.since he drives cab day and night to make the both ends meet for his family.he drives cab day and night on roads of mumbai in this journey he faces many difficulties.and has to overcome it daily. in this journey he comes across all types of passengers, sometimes a drankard and sometimes a millianior as customer he is the guy who experiences variety of mumbaikar attitude. who else know mumbai very well good bad and ugly.hense cab driver can help to create integrity brotherhood amongst us.
    Hence we have included a seminar in which taxi drivers are going to share their experiences with psychotherapist, doctors, social workers,authors,govt officials,ngos and as a result of discussion some norms can be established to enhance the healthy life of mumbai
    Free medical checkup and couciling is made available for participating drivers in this workshop
    VENUE: 13th floor,Wockhardt Hospital bombay central mumbai
    TIME: Sunday 11 February 2018 between 10 am to 2 pm
    All taxi drivers, concerned authorities,ngos requested to participate in this social couse

    K T Golani (WORSPA),Rabia patel ( giants group mumbai one) and coordinator shekhar chhatre 9987020644

    Pl confirm ur presence
    Ur suggestions and participation highly solicited

    Shekhar chhatre



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