BJP Corporator Hetal Gala from ward no 97 Santacruz Complaints Shortage of oxygen and ICU beds , demands BMC hospitals in her ward


    BJP Corporator Hetal Gala demands BMC Hospital in her ward.

    In the midst of surge in this pandemic crisis,Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Janvi S.Panjwani converses with Ms.Hetal Gala, a bjp Corporator from ward no. 97 from Santacruz, for the update of the existing situation of the pandemic in her ward.

    Speaking to Janvi s.Panjwani, Correspondent,Hello Mumbai News over a phone call Hetal Gala while elaborating on the current situation in her ward, mentioned that,”The active corona cases is limited and deaths are also limited, mostly senior citizens die at my ward “.

    She further added,”At my ward there is shortage of oxygen and beds in my ward and i had admitted 90 -1,00 patients all over Mumbai at Seven Hills hospital ,Nanavati Hospital, Bhabha Hospital  and Lilavati Hospital  if they have any emergency “.

    When asked about what she demanded to State Government she conveyed,”Bmc hospitals should made more in large numbers, and we had sent letter for making pre vaccination bmc centers per ward because private hospitals are very costly and many people don’t afford it also many severe patients visiting BKC to admit so they are denying by saying there are no bed’s and oxygen”.

    Ms.Hetal Gala further added,” I sent preventive measures at my whatsapp groups saying if it’s necessary then only go out from home and we had distributed 500 Ml  sanitizers to 20,00 to 25 ,00. residents in my ward per flat, and if some is corona positive then I help them by doing sanitization in their respective buildings”.

    When asked what help she did in last year’s pandemic Ms.Hetal Gala conveyed ,”We had distributed rice and homeopathic medicines to the people”.

    The Bmc is not properly informing the corporators about anything , conveyed by Ms Hetal Gala.

    Also she conveyed that, ” There is no support from the ward control room”.

    When asked her what is the difference between last year’s Covid situation and this Covid situation she elaborated that,” last year the people were scared of Covid but today this second wave directly affects the lungs”.

    As per my opinion, the government’s decision for lockdown is late. They should have been taken the decision 15 days earlier. If the decision was taken on the right time then today this difficult situation wouldn’t happen, conveyed by Ms.Hetal gala.

    News Input by:- Janvi S.Panjwani



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