BJP Corporator, Jitendra A Patel ward no- 10 appeal to people above 45 years to get vaccinated


    Mumbai:  BJP Corporator, Jitendra A Patel ward no- 10 shares his work  experience of second Wave of Covid 19 .

    He says in his ward the number of covid patients is less. While asking about how he is managing to keep his ward safe? He said I make them follow social distancing, request  them that wearing masks is mandatory, and sanitization is going on in buildings and he is making people follow all the measures which are compelled to fight against corona.

    Furthermore, he said there are difficulties considering beds and oxygen facilities for the patients but I make these arrangements to assist them. He is a Municipal corporator and without receiving the resources they are attending and supporting people separately by themselves. For instance, he takes people on the buses and brings them to the vaccination center, and commits the vaccine process.

    News Input by Radhika Joshi



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