BMC Corporators Shared their views on Local Train Time Table

BMC Corporators Shared their views on Local Train Time Table
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Mumbai local, the lifeline of Mumbaikars, got suspended owing
to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown since March. Movement to far away destinations came to a standstill for the regular commuters.

With the Maharashtra Government intending to start the locals for all commuters from 10 pm- 7 am, as of now only restricted people are commuting.

Hello Mumbai News reporter Janvi takes the opportunity to meet some of the BMC Corporators for an exclusive interview go get their views and opinion.

Sudha Singh” BJP Corporator, Ward no:-67.
According to her, the trains should start in the morning and not at night. Because it will only benefit the wholesale market people and not the common people. Adding further she said that there is no use running the locals at night, the timings should be from morning 4:00 am to 10:00 am for the common-commuters

Kamlesh Rai” from Shiv Sena Ward no:- 86,
Kamlesh Rai a Shiv-Sena Corporator affirmed that “he agrees with the government’s decision because those who are inconvenienced due to the absence of local train can comfortably travel at night, e.g. the poor people who don’t have money can travel at night conveniently.

Bina Paresh Doshi, BJP Corporator, mentioned that she disagrees with the government’s decision and pointed out that if the trains are opened for ladies, it has to be opened for males too because there are a lot of poor people  who run a small business and being very poor, their only mode of transport is local train. Without it, they find it difficult to travel. She further added that some people travel with fake id cards which is wrong. According to her, though some poor people commute by bus or auto-rickshaws, it is not good for them.Hence, we all should do something for the poor and needy people. She also mentioned that “Some people are embarked on Social Service for the poor people which is a good thing”.

Hooran Khan, Shiv-Sena Corporator, pointed put out that according to him, not many people will travel from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am but whatever the decision taken is okay. “People will get some relaxation. But, if the trains run from morning that will also be convenient for the common people. Gents should be permitted to travel. As of now it is restricted to only women. He hopes that the trains should start soon.

Rajni Keni, BJP Corporator, Ward
No.105, pointed out , “I don’t agree with the government’s decision. They should start the trains from morning”. As we are all aware that common people are facing financial issues, so the train system should start from morning till midnight. This will be highly beneficial as people will be tension free. Public transport is beyond the reach of the Common people. They cannot afford because they hardly have sufficient funds with them. Further, she said, those who own private vehicles can easily travel but those who don’t have their vehicle than from where they will travel? Buses are running but the undertaking has made wearing of mask mandatory. In absence of mask no entry. Maintain of social distance is of prime importance.Buses are packed to capacity. So, the train must be put into operation for common people

Geeta Singhan Shiv-Sena Corporator, Ward No.12, opines that the 10:00 pm-7:00 am timings set by the government will not prove useful to people. At night there will not be much work for the common people. So, there will not be much impact if the trains start at night. But she makes it known that “it’s a good decision taken by the government by not starting the trains because people will forget social distancing and there are chances of people getting infected due to the crowd
If we compare our ratio with other countries for the number of corona cases our nation is less affected than theirs.

 Shiv Kumar, a BJP corporator says “there is no use for keeping the trains at night, but the timings should be increased and should give relaxation to the common people”. The status of the common people is terrible since march because of the lockdown. We can see that the buses are allowed for common people so why not trains? The Government should open trains by giving appropriate guidelines. He further says “this is wrong for poor people because those who have bikes, cars, can easily travel but then where will the poor people go who don’t have anything? The government should think about them

There is nervousness in the minds of some people because of the new covid strain from the U.K. There are strict restrictions for the people but at last, it is good for them.

There is partial impact on the timings set by the government for starting the local trains from to 7.00 am.

News Report by: Janvi Panjwani

News Edit by K.V.Raman




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