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Gutter Wali Vegetables exposed by Bmc, panic among Mumbaikar


Now a days Demolition drive by Bmc against illegal construction, Hawkers and restaurants still going on. No doubt for the fear of this action hawkers chose a unique way ,recently at va kola market bmc officials found vegetables box in the Manhole (Gutter) bmc seized the vegetables. But this guttar wala video is now viral on social media and sparked  controversy .This video created panic among the Mumbaikar that they are eating gutter wali vegetables which is very harmful for the health. Now it has become a common practice of the vakola market vegetables vendors whenever the Bmc demolition squad comes they hid the vegetables in the main hole of the gutter which is not correct. Now Bmc took it very seriously and completely stopped this practice of the vegetables vendors. This vakola incident disturbed to all Mumbakars. But vegetables vendors of the vakola market denies all allegations calming the gutter is not in working it’s a seasonal gutter use only in the rainy season. What ever clarification they are giving but they are playing with the Mumbaikar ‘s health which is not good.


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