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Haji Halim Favorite Candidate in Bherampada Ward No 96


By Aleem Shaikh

This is the first time in the history of Kherwadi Taluka that Shiv Sena has fielded a Minority candidate in one of  western suburb’s biggest slum which has a majority of Muslim residents . Haji Halim is not a new face for the people of Bherampada , earlier he was  an active MIM member and a known and trusted politician among the kherwadi area . He got a ticket because of his political knowledge , activness and dynamic nature  and by a very sincere  efforts of his political adviser Mundleek Sawant a senior Shiv Sena leader.
” This time people of Bherampada want a change they are fed up with So Called secular parties and their leaders who have done nothing for the development of the muslim community. They have realized that they have been fooling us for so many decades and have done nothing.The secular party like congress and Ncp have been exposed ,they have lost their credibility  among the muslim community.”, said Haji Halim .He further alleged that the AMIM party are also doing politics in the name of Religion they are misguiding the youth but now the are  also exposed and the people will teach them a  lesson this time.
According to him Shiv Sena is not a anti Muslim party it’s only against people who are anti national and don’t respect our country, he is very dedicated and  sincere  about the development of the Muslim community and their issues.
S Pro: He also advised his community that if Muslim’s in Bihar and UP can support Samajwadi, BSP and Janta Dal then why can’t we  support Shiv Sena.
He also blamed the  previous congress Corporator for doing no development in the area and were slums still exists. My face value and my work will attract the people and they will vote for me. The true picture will come on the result day.


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