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Kishor Desai a Man of Vision and Mission “E-ward”

Kishor Desai  a Man of  Vision and Mission “E-ward”

Kishor Desai officer with a Vision and Mission
Kishor Desai is a man of action, optimistic and positive by nature he doesn’t need any introduction, now posted as Asst. Commissioner of ‘E’ ward  in Byculla.

He always think about the the development of the area and takes  initiative to develop  his ward so that the common people are happy .

Hello Mumbai news. Com catch’s him at his office for an exclusive interview :

Aleem Shaikh : Sir Tell something about your development plans  for this ward and it’s people?
Kishor Desai: Well, you know this ward is densely populated, people from  different castes resides here hence we face different type of  challenges. Firstly  our main agenda is Swach Bharat Abhiyaan which is the dream of our prime minister Shri. Narendra Modi ji .We are seriously working on that. On this dream project our Municipal commissioner Ajoy Mehta and our DMC zone (I) Suhas Karvande is also supporting and giving guidance. Cleanliness campaign in the vicinity is our top priority we want the area to be hawker and slum free so that the garbage problem can  be solved.

Aleem Shaikh :
What is the Plan of Action to achieve it?
Kishor Desai: As per our records there are 1775 slums  on footpaths first we will start the demolition process of slums which are illegal and slums  those  are legal will be provided with  alternative accommodation under Mahatma Gandhi Path Kranti Yojna. If we succeed in doing this our main problem will be solved. We want people to lead a healthy and hygienic life.

Aleem Shaikh : Do you face threats or  pressure from Professional RTI activist as seen in other wards?
Kishor Desai: Laughs
This problem is in every ward all over Mumbai which cannot be avoided.  We are not opposed to this unless the  intentions are genuine and positive. But here they use RTI only for their self benefit because of this our officers are always under pressure and are harassed by these professional  RTI activists. Authority’s at higher level are finding solution for this and we hope that the positive result will come out very soon.

Aleem Shaikh :
How does this issue of RTI Activists affect the department and its working process?
Kishor Desai: Due to this our officers are always in pressure and most of their time goes in  giving answers to the RTI applications and they are unable to focus on their routine work .That’s why we often organise stress management  workshops for our department to overcome such harassment’s so that they are free from this mental stress.

Aleem Shaikh : What is your message for the people and corporators of ‘E’ward ?Kishor Desai:  I am a very positive kind of person. I believe in constructive work. So I appeal to the people and corporators of my ward to give me their support and help me work for the development of E ward and it’s people. I request them to be united and come forward with suggestions to make our ward more beautiful.
Hello Mumbai news.com is grateful to Mr. Kishore Desai  for giving his precious time and we wish him all the best for his development plans.


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