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Mahada Repair Board Fraud Exposed by BMC Officer S .G.Mahalekar in ‘F ‘ South ward

Mahada Repair Board Fraud Exposed by BMC  Officer S .G.Mahalekar in  ‘F ‘ South ward

Corruption in MHADA Exposed!
MCGM discovers MBRR authorizes an illegal 5th floor on a building with original four floors!!
MBRR (Mumbai Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board), the MHADA repair board department is known for its Corruption and illegal construction in the name of Repair Work.
Recently MCGM officer and  F South Building and Factory Engineer S.G.Mahalekar exposed a huge fraud carried out by MBRR Repair Board ‘P ‘Southward. Informing Hello Mumbai News, S.G.Mahalekar said the MBRR have shockingly authorized an illegal 5th floor on a building having four floors in its original building plan suctioned by BMC!!!
It may be noted that MCGM Engineer, S.G.Mahalekar is recognized as the ‘Demolition Man’ and Most Non-Corrupt officer of MCGM. The fraud came into light when Shiv Sena Municipal Counselor and Ex-Mayor of Mumbai Shradha Jadhav complained to S. G Mahalekar about the illegal construction of a 5th floor in the ‘Adenwala Building ‘ located at Parel East. Acting upon the complaint, Mahalekar made inquiries and was left astonished to find several irregularities and violation in the work order of the MBRR work.
In an Exclusive interview with ‘Hello Mumbai News’, S.G.Mahalekar said, “During my investigation, I found Adenewala building was actually authorized only 4- floor as per the MBRR  1991 records when the building was repaired in 2016 by MBRR. However, in the recent repair work, I detected the Contractor with the assistance of ‘F ‘ South MHADA officer have illegally encroached the terrace of the building and converted it into a 5th floor. It is totally a complete violation of the repair board work order.”
S.G.Mahalekar, however, lamented that when he wrote a letter to MHADA to demolish this illegal floor, MHADA refused! Disappointed Mahalekar said, “I was shocked when MHADA denied demolishing the illegal 5th floor of Adenewala building alleging the floor existed in the past and it was not illegal. I am surprised how it can be possible when the MCGM 1991 records clearly declare Adenewala building is a four-floor structure!” Why MBRR add this illegal 5 th floor on his Repair Plan, it’s a violation of Repair work order , alleged Mr.Mahalekar.

Adenwala Building at Parel East .

S.G. Mahalekar is thus left numb by the high-grade corruption in MHADA. He says, “On one hand MHADA violates laws and on another hand to pressurize an honest Engineer like me and to disturb my investigation, the MHADA Chief called me to attend a High-level meeting at Head office Bandra. But I did not fear, instead, I asked MHADA to explain how the 5th floor came when the MCGM 1991 records declare Adenewala building as a 4-floor structure. This clearly means the 5th floor was constructed recently during the MBRR repair work and it is the duty of MHADA to demolish the illegal floor as it has been sanctioned by their corrupt officers.”
Mr. Mahalekar claims, “The Adenewala building’s illegal 5th floor is just the tip of an iceberg. I am sure such kind of illegal structure would be numerous in  F and  B , C  ward. Hence I have demanded an inquiry to expose all such illegal building in  F south ward .” He added, “In addition, I have demanded to punish all MHADA officers, Contractor, and officers who cleared Repair work order. Plus, I have demanded to re-investigate the case.” “In addition, I have written a letter to Vice President of MBRR and BMC Chief Ajoy Mehta and brought the fraud into their light,” quipped Mr. Mahalekar.


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