Meet Aditya Manjrekar AAP Mumbai President Ward 71 To Contest BMC Election 2022 From Andheri Assembly

Meet Aditya Manjrekar AAP Mumbai President Ward 71 To Contest BMC Election 2022 From Andheri Assembly

In a bid to earn National Status, they are contesting elections in Punjab Uttarakhand and Goa. Now following their big victory in the Municipal Election in Surat, the party is now eyeing on 227 seats in the Civic Body Election in Mumbai in February 2022. The Party has opened an office in South Mumbai, the heart of Maharashtra’s politics. The opening of the Party’s in south Mumbai office is a part of their larger campaign to reach out to Mumbai voters and establish physical presence across prominent locations in the city.

Brief Introduction To Aditya Manjrekar

Aditya Manjrekar, an Aam Aadmi Party leader and candidate for the BMC Elections 2022 spoke with us to discuss his work and vision for the city of Mumbai. Also serving as AAP Mumbai’s Youth Wing President, Aditya has worked immensely to build the party’s outreach amongst youngsters. He believes that the youth must drive political change, right from the Municipal to the Central level, because they are the ones who are affected most by the political leaders of the future. Aditya has, for long, been a recognized face in social activism and politics, and worked towards public problem solving and grievance redressal – something that Aditya identified as a part of his childhood, right from the days of his education.

Since his time in college – elections, political debates, and public campaigns were his favourite activities. Post college, he has led at every possible level for a BMC election campaign – working as booth agent, assisting elections as a campaign manager, and now contesting the municipal elections as a candidate himself. Born and brought up in Mumbai, Aditya has seen the city’s degradation on all fronts – year after year at the hand of corrupt politicians and officials in the BMC. When asked about why he chose the Aam Aadmi Party, Aditya spoke of Arvind Kejriwal’s work as the Chief Minister of Delhi in the past decade. “Arvind ji introduced me to a new era of political ideology, which completely reset my viewpoint of political views & workings of 14 years. CM Kejriwal is the real “Sevak” that I have always wanted to be. The Aam Aadmi Party’s work in the field of education and healthcare is remarkable. To become a global leader, we first need to educate every citizen of the country, and the rest follows.” says Aditya.

As an entrepreneur and civic activist, Aditya has worked closely with Mumbai’s citizens for years. He believes that Mumbaikars are amongst the finest and the most resilient in the world, and Aditya seeks to fight for what Mumbaikars deserve. As per Aditya, when the AAP took over, Delhi has seen a healthy transition in terms of development, as well as non-corrupt & citizen centric governance. Mumbai shall also see the same transition, he says, when the AAP comes to power. Citizens today are agitated, and hoping for a better alternative, and that is where the AAP is going to begin its work – as an honest party which seeks to bring citizen-led politics to the fore.

  • Name – Aditya Deepak Manjrekar
  • Address – 02, Anthony Misquitta house, Irla, SV Rd, Vile Parle West, Mumbai 400056.
  • Positions:
    • MD – Nationwide Management Services, Proprietor- DGM ENTERPRISES
    • Trustee – Aditya Charitable Trust
    • AAP Mumbai Youth Working President
    • AAP Ward President – Ward 71

Current Political Presence of Aam Admi Party:

62 Assembly members in delhi Assembly (AAP Leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM)

117 Assembly Member in Punjab Assembly

3 Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha

27 Municipal Councillors in Surat Municipal Corporation


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