Meet Deepaq Silan President of AAP Ward 226 to contest BMC Election from Colaba

Meet Deepaq Silan President of AAP Ward 226 to contest BMC Election from Colaba

In a bid to earn National Status, they are contesting elections in Punjab Uttarakhand and Goa. Now following their big victory in the Municipal Election in Surat, the party is now eyeing on 227 seats in the Civic Body Election in Mumbai in February 2022. The Party has opened an office in South Mumbai, the heart of Maharashtra’s politics. The opening of the Party’s in south Mumbai office is a part of their larger campaign to reach out to Mumbai voters and establish physical presence across prominent locations in the city.

Brief Introduction Of Deepaq Silan

Meet Deepaq Silan – AAP Mumbai’s Ward President – Ward 226 and candidate for the BMC Elections 2022 from Ward 226. Deepaq has also served as the President of the Colaba Malayalee Association, and as young citizen who was born and brought up in Mumbai, he has been a part of our citizens’ struggles since childhood. From studying in Mumbai’s Army School and graduating from St. Joseph’s, Deepaq has spent his life in both – the slums and the high-rises of Mumbai. His experiences working with his peers and fellow citizens, Deepaq has grown into someone who envisions a clean, safer and a more inclusive city for all. “There is a saying that, when faced with adversity, everyone in life comes to a point wherein they stop and decide to give up, but for me – adversity is what pushes me to fight for the change that is necessary.”

The adversity of our times as per Deepaq, is that nothing has really changed for the common man of this nation. We all must look around and realize that the promises of development made over the past 30 years were hollow: a façade, put up by by our elected officials exclusively to retain political power and to serve their own interests. Upon looking closely, it is realized that public welfare has never really been the priority for our politicians and representatives. Deepaq says that the Aam Aadmi Party has revolutionized the political discourse of India, because the AAP is unique – in the sense that it has actually delivered results on the ground and remained accountable to the people in Delhi. The AAP’s idea of being in power is to work for the people, and let that work speak for itself.

In conversation about his decision to join the AAP, Deepaq says that the Aam Aadmi Party has not only worked for the poor, but also garnered the support of the affluent classes, by delivering outcome-oriented governance and putting in the work where it matters – behind essential public services like affordable healthcare, quality education, and provisions of electricity & water without increasing the tax burden of the public. In fact, costs of living have sizably reduced in Delhi under the AAP Government. “A commoner today earns about 10,000/- per month, and they cannot afford proper education for their child, or quality healthcare for their parents. But the common people of Mumbai are immensely spirited, and fight every day to ensure that their families have a better life. It is within the Government’s ability and responsibility to ensure this betterment, but Mumbai has been failed repeatedly by its government.”

Deepaq said “Arvind Kejriwal has been an icon for the youth. He has given strength and courage to so many people like us, and made us resolutely believe that if educated common citizens with good intentions join politics, things can actually be changed for all, and a better quality of life can be realized. It is time for us, the common people of Mumbai, to become the change we want to see in this city.”

  • Name: Deepaq Silan
  • Age: 35
  • DOB: 04/05/1986
  • Positions
    • Ward President – Ward 226
    • AAP President: Colaba Vidhan Sabha
    • President: Colaba Malayalee Association
  • Office Address: Office no.6, Tower no.6, 3rd floor, world trade centre, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai, India – 400005.

Current Political Presence of Aam Admi Party:

62 Assembly members in delhi Assembly (AAP Leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM)

117 Assembly Member in Punjab Assembly

3 Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha

27 Municipal Councillors in Surat Municipal Corporation



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