Meet Malad Social Entrepreneur Aditi Chakrabarty AAP Mumbai President Ward 47 To Contest BMC Election 2022 From Malad

Meet Malad Social Entrepreneur Aditi Chakrabarty AAP Mumbai President Ward 47 To Contest BMC Election 2022 From Malad

In a bid to earn National Status, they are contesting elections in Punjab Uttarakhand and Goa. Now following their big victory in the Municipal Election in Surat, the party is now eyeing on 227 seats in the Civic Body Election in Mumbai in February 2022. The Party has opened an office in South Mumbai, the heart of Maharashtra’s politics. The opening of the Party’s in south Mumbai office is a part of their larger campaign to reach out to Mumbai voters and establish physical presence across prominent locations in the city.

Brief Introduction To Aditi Chakrabarty

At a time when women’s engagement in politics has become a pertinent subject of discussion in India, Aditi Chakrabarty has stepped up to transform city-level politics in Mumbai – as an eminent citizen, a municipal official with 34 years of experience working with the BMC, as well as the former Vice Chairperson of the Bombay Catholic Sabha’s Orlem Church Unit. In the upcoming local elections, she will be contesting to become a municipal councillor from the Aam Aadmi Party for Ward 47.

Aditi’s motivation to join politics has always been to help more people. As a strong-headed and motivated individual, she has worked relentlessly and selflessly for social welfare – which she has been empowered to do by virtue of her sense of duty towards public service and community building. While serving in the BMC, she began doing social work and decided that it would be better to devote all of her time to the needs of the people, whom she has witnessed face immense difficulty getting any job done and at times of need of assistance and advice. People's trust in her is what prompted her to enter politics.

Aditi embodies a charismatic leader who emerges to work for the people whose problems have been disregarded. She is confident of her mission to work to construct important public service amenities like slum toilets and municipal schools, and to get potholed roads mended, have garbage management organized, and to dedicate her energies to whatever projects that have been lingering for a long time; which she assures will be completed.
When asked why she joined the Aam Aadmi Party, she said “The very first thing which led to my inclination towards Aam Aadmi party was that AAP believes in honest, intent-driven politics, rather than throwing money around in extravagant election campaigns and hoping to win. Other parties arrive every five years to bribe voters with cash or in-kind payments and then vanish for the remainder of the period. With AAP 's clean administration and the Delhi model to be followed in Mumbai.”

Aditi joined the Aam Aadmi Party because of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's beliefs of having a non-corrupt, non-criminal individual contesting elections – and fighting for politics which espouses quality public problem-solving and moves away from the existing political discourse, in which promises are made before the election and forgotten after. She hopes to win the municipal elections 2022 so that she can continue her work in support of Mumbai’s Aam Aadmi.

  • Name: Aditi Aditya Chakrabarty
  • DOB: 15/08/1963
  • Address – 102, Skywalk Tower, Tank Road, Orlem, Malad West, Mumbai 64
  • Marital status – Married
  •  Positions:
    o Ex Vice Chairperson – Bombay Catholic Sabha, Orlem church unit
    o Ex Municipal Official retired in August, 2021
    o AAP Mumbai Ward President – Ward 47

Current Political Presence of Aam Admi Party:

62 Assembly members in delhi Assembly (AAP Leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM)

117 Assembly Member in Punjab Assembly

3 Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha

27 Municipal Councillors in Surat Municipal Corporation


  1. It’s the essential need of the hour to have young honest citizens in mainstream politics. If they are choosing AAP to take the lead, they are most welcome.
    AAP is the most appropriate route to reform existing political status.
    Youngsters to take initiative to change the system.


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