Meet Vakola Social Activist Alviro Fernandes and AAP President Ward 91 To Contest BMC Election 2022 From Kalina Assembly

Meet Vakola Social Activist Alviro Fernandes and AAP President Ward 91 To Contest BMC Election 2022 From Kalina Assembly

In a bid to earn National Status, they are contesting elections in Punjab Uttarakhand and Goa. Now following their big victory in the Municipal Election in Surat, the party is now eyeing on 227 seats in the Civic Body Election in Mumbai in February 2022. The Party has opened an office in South Mumbai, the heart of Maharashtra’s politics. The opening of the Party’s in south Mumbai office is a part of their larger campaign to reach out to Mumbai voters and establish physical presence across prominent locations in the city.

Brief Introduction Of Alviro Fernandes

Alviro Fernandes is AAP Mumbai’s Ward President from Ward 91, and will be contesting the BMC Elections 2022 on behalf of AAP from Ward 91. Alviro has served as a volunteer for KhaanaChahiye – a hunger relief operation in Maharashtra, and participated with several other organizations working for public welfare. He has studied in Mumbai’s St. Anthony’s School Vakola, and graduated from Smt. M.M.K college of Commerce and Economics, Bandra West. Alviro, who is presently pursuing an M.A Political Science from Mumbai University’, has spent his life in the slums of Mumbai, and witnessed, as well as experienced the struggles of commoners first hand. He is a youth activist who has worked extensively to fight against the encroachment of open spaces in Vakola.

On his motivation to join politics – Alviro says that his biggest concern is that lack of youth representation in Mumbai’s political leadership. It is essential for the youth to drive the political discourse instead of just being affected by it. Alviro says “We need more young people to become leaders, we cannot just sit by the side-lines and complain about the system.”
Mumbai has several issues, like the lack of proper roads, schools and primary health facilities. But in slums, the abject conditions of sanitation facilities, lack of access to clean water and adequate water supplies in toilets, as well as the lack of quality education is a major cause of concern. In conversation about his association with the Aam Aadmi Party, Alviro says that tangible outcomes are what ultimately matter and the Delhi government has worked extensively for slum dwellers.

To quote Alviro, “I aim to work for every lane and every gully in my ward. It is important to involve all people, irrespective of economic position or social identity in the decision-making process. Mumbaikars have been left out of the system of decision making, which has defeated the point of urban local governance. When the AAP is elected, we want to change this – as we are a party driven by common citizens, with no necessary background in politics or funds to purchase tickets to contest elections. We believe in working with first-generation political leaders. In the AAP, if you work for the people and with the people, you are given your due respect and adoration; your financial position or familial connections are immaterial to your success. That is what makes the AAP like a family.” said Alviro.


  • Name: Alviro Fernandes
  • Age: 26
  • DOB: 29/10/1995
  • AAP Ward President 91
  • MA Political Science; Social activist
  • Positions:
    • AAP Mumbai Ward President – Ward 91

Current Political Presence of Aam Admi Party:

62 Assembly members in delhi Assembly (AAP Leader Mr. Arvind Kejriwal CM)

117 Assembly Member in Punjab Assembly

3 Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha

27 Municipal Councillors in Surat Municipal Corporation



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