Mumbai : BMC’s decision of levying Rs.10,000 illegal parking penalty is arbitrary:- Sachin Ahir

    Mumbai NCP President , Sachin Ahir protesting against BMC with his party workers .

    BMC’s decision of levying Rs.10,000 illegal parking penalty is arbitrary:- Sachin Ahir



    Mumbai:- NCP leader Sachin Ahir  has strongly opposed BMC’s decision of levying Rs.10,000 penalty on illegal parked vehicle in Mumbai. Mr.Ahir who recently met BMC Commissioner Pravin Pardeshi and told him to revise his decision. according to Ahir BMC’s decision is arbitrary and made up for rich people, who only can afford the said  paid parking. while speaking to media Mr. Ahir said BMC’s penalty policy is depriving Mumbaikars who lives in small houses from using vehicles.


    “Now a days redevelop or newly constructed building don’t have parking areas. builders with the help of BMC officials has already usurped parking areas of  such buildings. in this situation, Mumbaikars, who resides in one-room kitchen and one BHK will park his vehicle?” asked Ahir.


    ” Are middleclass and common Mumbaikar has no right to use two wheeler or small vehicles for his official and family purpose?” asked Ahir. “BMC’s decision is arbitrary and made it for residence of high rises” said Ahir.


    Mr. Ahir alleged that “Buildings are constructed on the parking areas of BMC. wherever parking lots are made available are on 4th and 5th floor and are costly. he further said that ” I have submitted application to Mr.Pardeshi and requested him to allow free parking on BMC’s parking area, let the people make habit of it, then you start reasonable parking charge. ”


    “Mumbaikar is already paying heavy taxes. we are agree that penalty should be charged once enough parking is made available but We (NCP) condemn decision of imposing Rs.5000 and 10,000 illegal parking charge” said Ahir


    BMC has taken decision to impose Rs, 10,000 for illegal parked vehicles from July 7. penalty would be levied on such vehicles which would be illegally parked around 1 km radius of existing BMC’s parking area. according to BMC boards will be set up to people know where is the nearest Parking area.



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