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Mumbai: Mumbai Shiv sena corporator Samadhan Sarvankar demands , Mumbai needs more hospital to control covid19,

Mumbai:  Mumbai Shiv sena corporator Samadhan Sarvankar demands ,  Mumbai needs more hospital to control covid19,

Mumbai: Mr. Samadhan Sarvankar shivsena Corporator Ward no. 194 Prabhadevi Says, “We will Be In Need Of More Hospitals In Future.”

News input by: Jui Jadhav.

Mumbai: Corona Virus pandemic has been proven guilty in affecting life on earth. After World War II this is the worst crisis faced by people all around the world. The condition is so worsening day by day that now there is lack of beds faced by the patients, there is no sufficient or proper medical equipment available. This proves that there is need for government to build more hospitals in future.

Regarding this Hello Mumbai News Team got a chance to interact with young and dynamic  Corporator Mr. Samadhan Sarvankar over a phone call and he shared with us all the information. Mr. Samadhan Sarvankar along with his co-workers distributed almost 15000 food packets to the needy people. The food packets had rice, dal, sugar, salt oil and thus other basic necessities. Also 35 medical camps till date are made available for the people. Daily medical vans are made available where positive patients are found. A van for oxygen level check-ups is made available and by helping people to take care of themselves by providing medical service at their door-step he is trying his level best to ease the lives of people. He shared his views with us by saying that, “In future, we will be needing more hospitals and medical services.” He expects that government should now focus on building more hospitals as people will be in need of it in near future.

While speaking about the migrant issue he said that, “Now we should focus on the local industries. The migrants were provided with every possible help like food grains, medical help, etc. but yet they chose to go home. Along with the migrant workers, our local tax payers, local industries are shut down. We should now focus on developing these industries and employing our localities.”
When questioned about his satisfaction with the performance  of Government during lockdown he said ,

Senetization done in local ward by corporator Samadhan Sarvankar.
Mask ditribution.
Food kits distribution.

Free Medical Camp organised in ward.

he is satisfied with the BMC officials and other officials as they are working hard during this pandemic situation. He shared that the officials at the beginning were supposed to look after ‘Dharavi’ area, but now it’s been too late and number of patients has increased. But again they are working hard and people should also support them and follow the rules and regulations.
When our reporter asked about sharing any message to the citizens, he said that, “People should wear mask as we are seeing now that people are not wearing mask, they should follow the rules. It is impossible for the government to look after everything everywhere, but it is in hands of the people to stay safe and help themselves by staying home.”

So this is how Mr. Sarvankar shares his opinion about the situation by saying we will be in a need of hospitals in future. So now government should build more hospitals with the best equipments and of quality services.


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