Mumbai: Mumbai Mira-Bhayandar Corporator Ashwin S. Kasodaria Ward No. 20 opens up on his contribution to society and shares his experience and opinion amid lockdown

    Food kits distribution.

    News Report by Shikha Singh: 

    Mumbai: No doubt Mumbai has been harshly hit by Coronavirus and has reduced the poor and needy to poverty. Hello Mumbai News reporter Shikha Singh ropes in Ashwin S. Kasodaria, Corporator,
    Ward No. 20 for his views and on the prevailing grim situation during lockdown period.

    Speaking to Shikha Singh, he says ” Mumbai is reeling through a difficult and bad phase. People are facing acute problem to make their ends meet and to take care of themselves. He asserts that people shoulder responsibility from now onwards. Government has been trying their utmost best to provide every essentials required.

    People are also passing  through mental and physical stress and scared and placed in a .panic condition.

    Government has been advising and requesting people not to get scared and panic of rumours spread by others, but to merely follow the guidelines framed by the government.

    He further said “from the very first day we started promoting on virus and spreading knowledge relating to Covid-19 also and how to protect oneself from contracted with the infection.

    When government announced full lockdown it heavily impacted on the grocery shop owners who also lcontributed as a citizen on humanitarian grounds and we group of 25 people have been distributing grains approximately to 500 houses and also appointed seven grocery shops. In all we appointed three person who make packages as ordered by the society or people who can’t come down for purchasing. They also distributed Vegetable and milk in their nearby locality.
    We even provided societies with mask and sanitizer and requested everyone not to step out often until they have emergency or necessity.”

    “after 15 days of lockdown we did survey who is alone at home it can be old age people, ladies who stay alone with their children we provided them grains and food packages. After increases in lockdown we did another survey of people who earn daily wages in our ward around 35 members divided among us and helped more than 70 family by distributing 1months full Rashan.”

    Interacting on Unlockdown he said that, “we know all people are having hard times especially middle-class familyĺdon’t even lent their hand to others so when Unlockdown declared the people started heading towards their jobs, shops or workers. But the number of cases is increasing then people have to be more careful about safety.”
    About migrant labour crises, he said that, “we helped many migrant to go back to their home by providing tickets even we asked people why they are leaving all have one answer is that our family is far away from us and we don’t even have work to do so it’s better for us to go back to our village. Although now Unlockdown has been declared but there are no workers in factory, no staff in offices there is no labour .

    Meanwhile, .Mumbai is entangled
    In the pandemic crisis.

    He also requested, “people should maintain social distancing. Even after Unlockdown if there is no emergence then people should not step out from their home. Even if they go they have to use sanitizer and mask. To keep them and those around them in safe situation”

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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