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    Mumbai: Mumbai Samajwadi Party Corporators appeal for low-key celebration of Eid amid prayers at home, read detailed story here


    Mumbai: Three Samajwadi Party Corporators appeal for low-key celebration of Eid amid prayers at home

    News report by syed Nazia: 

    Eid is one festive every Muslim waits for its arrival with bated breath. They deem it worth the wait by fasting through 30 days of Ramadaan ?

    Eid marks the end of a month of fasting from dawn to dusk as well as spiritual reflection and prayer.

    The day starts with prayers and a big meal is usually the main event, but there’s lots of other ways people celebrate too.

    But, one question that hammers in the mind of every Muslim is how to celebrate Eid?

    The festive doesn’t mean merely enjoying, meeting friends, family and exchanging greetings with each other.

    Eid is also meant as Ibaadat. If no new clothes , we can wear our best clothes. Islam teaches us to be grateful for what we have and to always keep smiling, because its Sunnah. It’s for sure we cannot go outside and meet friends and family, but that’s not the only way to celebrate Eid. We can confine ourselves to the four walls of our house, flash a smile, offer prayers and still bring in Eid.

    Some of the Civic Body Corporators in a recent interaction with “Hello Mumbai News” shared their views on what one should do on this auspicious Eid.

    Ruksana Siddique- Samajwadi Party- Ward No.136.
    She addressed us by saying that one need not step out to buy new clothes for Eid. One should rather be simple and wear clothes which they already own .She believes even though its auspicious Eid, people need follow the protocol and remain indoors in their home, pray and thank Almighty Allah that they can still celebrate Eid and offer prayers for their brothers who are suffering. She wishes everyone EID MUBARAK. She also tells people to pray that everything ends on a good note. She believes that Eid will truly be Eid when all is well and fine. Till then one should remain simple and cook at home with whatever is available and most importantly be thankful to Almighty Allah..Ameen

    Ayesha Rafique Shaikh, Samajwadi Party, Ward No. 137.
    She believes that this year one should not celebrate Eid, but pay homage to everyone- Covid warriors who are fighting for this global pandemic. As Masjids are shut and no taraaweeh has been taking place because everyone has been following the protocols.

    Thus she states that one need to maintain social distancing during Eid. One should not spend money on buying clothes. They must rather sit at home. If they feel like spending they should spend on the poor and needy , one should not flash their new and best clothes and rather wear simple ones because half of the population cant afford even a morsel of food. They shouldn’t feel belittled .She believes true Eid is when one helps the other brother. She also wishes everyone EID MUBARAK.

    Shayra Shafad Khan, Samajwadi Party, Ward No.134
    According to Shayra, Eid this year should be celebrated by praying and and praying only. She has requested all Muslims to sit at home and offer EID KI NAMAAZ. She affirms that we could manage the whole Ramzaan amid quarantine. She also says that one gets a different spark on face when one truly prays and one should pray for better health, and for everything to return to normalcy. She urges everyone to show unity and harmony and celebrate Eid. Because real Eid would be where everyone is healthy and safe. She conveys her best wishes on Eid to one and all. Eid Mubarak.

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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