Mumbaikars want development not entertainment: Sachin Ahir


    By Aleem Shaikh (Mumbai)

     As announced by Uddhav Thackeray,Shiv Sena chief, that the party had to go solo in the ensueing BMC and other polls as the 25 year alliance with the BJP was rotting, my question is why it took so long for the Sena to realize that the alliance was rotting said Sachin Ahir,President,NCP,Mumbai unit.Usually after rotting, there is an smell emanating but it seems that the Sena did not sensed the smell or was it they were bearing the smell for 25 long years,sarcastically said Sachin Ahir.It was too late for the Sena to come out of the NDA alliance and we are all eager to what their former alliance partner-the BJP- would respond to the Sena’s damaging statement,said Ahir. Is Sena serious,questioned Sachin Ahir,President,NCP,Mumbai unit when asked for his reaction on Uddhav Thackeray, Sena President decision to go solo in the ensueing BMC polls. The Sena should also move out from the NDA government both at the Centre and State if Uddhav Thackeray is to be taken seriously. 

      Mumbaikars want development and not entertainment,indirectly pointing at Sena.The Sena is fooling the people of Maharashtra and this is evident from Thackeray’s open statement at the Goregaon meeting on Thursday,said Ahir.If the Sena had the guts, then it should also move out of the BJP led government both at the Centre and State,said Ahir. The Sena is doing the job of the Opposition while still being in the government with the BJP and that has made our job easier,added Sachin Ahir.



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