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    Sadanand Parab, Shiv Sena corporator,Ward No.79 Demands more Vaccination centres in his ward


    In the midst of surge in this pandemic crisis, Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Janvi S.Panjwani converses with Mr.Sadanand Parab, Shiv Sena corporator,Ward No.79 for the update of the existing situation of the pandemic in his ward.

    Speaking to Janvi S. Panjwani, Correspondent, Hello Mumbai News over a phone call Mr.Sadanand Parab while elaborating on the current situation in his ward, mentioned that, ”  In second wave till now the cases are 20-25 only the recovery rate is nice, and the death rate is less”.
    He further added, “There is no shortage of the ventilators at my ward”.

    When asked about the demand Mr.Parab conveyed,”I demanded vaccination centers to start in my ward”.

    He further added,”If someone wants to go to the hospital we help them by calling ambulance, by making bed’s available for them, and if the lockdown extended we will distribute Pulav and Khichdis to the people”.

    In addition to this he conveyed,”we are ready to help as much as we can, and Bmc are doing great job also from Next week onwards Bmc will visit everyone’s house to check everyone”.

    While addressing to the people Mr Parab said, “People should maintain social distancing,if there’s a need then only people can come out from their home”.

    Lastly he conveyed that,”In the year 2020 the state government and bmc were ready to face the challenges to control Covid-19,and today also at this date there is no problem”.

    News Input by:- Janvi S.Panjwani



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