Santacruz Daulat Nagar Potholes ,the biggest problem of the Area, Is BMC sleeping!

Santacruz Daulat Nagar  Potholes  ,the biggest problem of the Area, Is BMC sleeping!

Now a days this Monsoon potholes on road is the biggest problem for Mumbaikars. So many peoples have lost their lives. now potholes has become a big political issue also. Santacruz west’s Daulat Nagar area is now in a news for potholes on private DP  road which connects Milan Junction and SV Road.
This private road is very famous for the big potholes during Monsoon.
This road falls under the jurisdiction of slum Rehabilitation Authority. “Every year we face same problem and major accident takes place during Monsoon, we have been complaining about the shaddy condition of the road for many years but no action has been taken “,said Momin Qureshi NCP District President of Minority.
Another social activitist and local resident of Daulat Nagar Mastan Inamdaar blamed the BMC authority and local Municipal Councillor for the bad condition of the road.From Daulat Nagar to SV Road the road is full of very deep potholes we can’t drive the motorcycle properly on this road, because of this heavy traffic jam in the local area is become the big problem, said Mastaan Inaamdar.
On the Condition of anonymity HDIL and Pioneer Developer who developed this area said ” we have already handed over this road to SRA and authority also Cancelled our TDR it’s BMC responsibility to repair the road not ours.Because SRA already instructed to BMC to repair the road  . The official clarified. ”
On the other hand Local BJP Municipal Councillor said ,” repair work of this DP road will start soon during Monsoon itself we can’t float the tender temporary solution we have started to fill the potholes this problem is not new it’s very old issue will take some time to solve it, Said Hetal Gala.
According to the sources in last November BMC promised to solve this problem but they couldn’t do it.It means BMC is not serious about the potholes of this road.

News input and Pictures by :

Mastaan Inamdaar Citizen Journalist.


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