Vasant Nakashe Shivsena Corporator ward no 186 Dharavi Demands More Vaccination centres to control Covid 19

Vasant Nakashe Shivsena Corporator  ward no 186 Dharavi Demands More Vaccination centres to control Covid 19
Shivsena MP Rahul Shiwale met CM Uddhav Thackarey and updated the current situation of Dharavi.

In the midst of surge in this pandemic crisis, Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Janvi.S. Panjwani tried to find out the ground reality report of Mumbai’s different wards.

Vasant Nakashe a Shiv Sena corporator of ward number 186 (Dharavi)  converses with Hello Mumbai News team for the update of the existing situation of the pandemic in his ward.

Speaking to Janvi S.Panjwani Correspondent, over a phone call Mr. Vasant Nakashe while elaborating on the current situation in his ward mentioned that, “I am seeing all the work of dharavi from since last 1 year, I am the chairman of the Health Commitee Department (BMC) and as compared to last year’s corona patients in dharavi with today’s patients we can see today there are not much cases seen”.

He further added that, “Yesterday only 8 patients were reported covid positive in Dharavi and in two places the vaccination centers are opened and a high amount of people are also taking Vaccine.

While demanding from the central government he added that, “I demand vaccination doses should be increased as there is shortage of vaccination”.

According to me the BMC are doing their best job as Mumbai’s biggest slum is Dharavi and Bmc doing  their jobs properly by washing and sanitizing washrooms also, sewage work also is going properly conveyed, Mr. Vasant Sawant.

In addition to this Mr.Vasant Sawant said that, ” We had made a centre of 100 beds in Dharavi in a small hospital and the work of oxygen and beds are going to be finish soon and, we had done all the arrangements in Dharavi so that the people who are living here won’t have any trouble to go outside”.

When asked what help you do for the people Mr Vasant conveyed that,” Me and my team helped people by taking medical camps and testing camps also we are distributing food to the poor people, last year we distributed ration kit at every door step in Dharavi”.

In second wave, people are getting symptoms but,their recovery rate is very good as they recover at home itself and if someone is in emergency we take them to the hospital and admit them.

News Input by:- Janvi S.Panjwani


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