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Ward No 97 will be Adarsh Ward if I wins – claims Arjun Singh


By Aleem Shaikh and Sachin Virendar Singh

To solve water problem will be my first priority and make my Ward no 97 as a Aadarsh ward :-Arjun Singh 
Senior most  and dedicated  Congress party candidate Arjun Singh is contesting the BMC Elections from  ward no 97, it’s his dream to make SantacruzAdarsh Ward and solving the Water Problem will be his first priority . He says water which is the most basic and important need of every human being and should be available to every one 24 hours and  without any difficulty. Mumbaikars are facing  acute water shortage  for the last many years.
Giving the example of  Santacruz West where  60 percent population resides in slum and don’t get  proper water supply ,Arjun Singh lashes out at the Sena BJP government for this issue as they were in power  in BMC  from the last 25 years but were unable to solve this problem and   sewerage  line is also a main issue .  They also  couldn’t complete the World Health Organisations project on water. He further blamed BMC for  failing to provide adequate water supply and waste disposal facility despite being in  power  over the last two decades.
Despite a budget of Rs 37,000 Crore in the BMC , Mumbai lacks basic amenities like water, Hospitals and good quality of education.
This shows that Arjun Singh is aware of the basic issues of the area and is very clear about his work which will be very helpful to the residents of the area and does not believe in giving false promises . We hope his good intentions will be appreciated by the people of ward no 97 and they will come forward to vote him.


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