Mumbai : Family tour with Meenal, Darjeeling- lataguri- Siliguri.

Mumbai : Family tour with Meenal, Darjeeling- lataguri- Siliguri.

Family tour with Meenal

Darjeeling- lataguri- Siliguri

If you plan to visit the hill station of Darjeeling in West Bengal, Bagdogra, situated a little over three hours away, is the closest airport. It has been less than a week since I visited Darjeeling, which is jannat (heaven) if you are a nature lover. I reached Darjeeling early in the morning. The greenery took my breath away. The temperature was a pleasant 10 to 11 degrees centigrade. The people are very friendly and it is a great setting for enjoying steaming cups of chai with some adrak and lemongrass if you are a chai person like me.

I visited Mall Road at Night, it was really awesome…. full of lights and I had hot momos there , which I normally missed in Mumbai.

Nxt morning I went for Lataguri.
I visited the Lataguri Zoo at 6 am and exited it at 8 am. The zoo, which is also known as the Gorumara National Park of Lataguri (An hour from Siliguri), is situated on the edges of the Lataguri forest, which is known for its wide variety of flora and fauna like Rhino, Elephants and other wild cats.
Lataguri has a variety of hotels, restaurants, and tourist facilities for all budgets. There are many safari options available for wildlife enthusiasts interested in seeing rhinos, elephants, wild cats like tigers, leopards and many other animals too. Watchtowers have been built inside the park for tourists to enjoy a clear view of the wildlife with the help of night-view binoculars.

My next destination was Siliguri where I have to attend some exhibitions, but yes again it’s a beautiful place, food is awesome here. The temp was 20 degree. So I was feeling hot.

A few kilometers away there is the Char Dham in Namchi in Sikkim, which is modeled on the Char Dham of Uttarakhand. This Char Dham has a huge Shiva idol that towers several feet over the ground and makes for fantastic viewing. You may combine the pleasure of a spiritual pilgrimage along with the visit to the various hill stations and tourist spots of Sikkim with a visit to this Char Dham. Sikkim is very clean, sparsely populated and friendly state full of warm people with family values.
Sikkim Char Dham is no exception. 

From the char dham I paid a short visit to Temi Tea Garden in Sikkim, which was cold, green and misty. The place has a very romantic vibe with its roads winding through the tea garden. The temperature was about 5 degree celsius. Temi deserves to be better known to the outer world. If you are looking for an unexplored option with comfortable stay facilities and great food, Temi might be your place.
I visited the tea plantation and bamboo factory in Temi before leaving for Gangtok, which was even colder by a degree or two. It was raining gently all through the route and it struck me that it was a perfect place for a family vacation.

I shall share more on my Gangtok adventure in my next post.
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