MUmbai : Famous Tourist Destination of Gujarat, Run of Kutch ‘ Kutch Nahin Dekha to Kutch Nahin Dekha

MUmbai : Famous Tourist Destination of Gujarat, Run of Kutch ‘ Kutch Nahin Dekha to Kutch Nahin Dekha

Kutch Nahin Dekha to Kutch Nahin Dekha
Trip to Rann of Kutch was planned by watching heavy-duty advertising by Gujarat Tourism featuring Amitabh Bachchan taking viewers all across Gujarat be it Somnath Mandir, Gir Forest, Adalaj or Rann of Kutch. What caught my fancy in a big way was white Rann of Kutch with Amitabh Bachchan taking stroll on a moonlit Rann, which couldn’t have looked whiter than that.
The trip was planned by a good amount of research done on Kutch particularly Rann for which not much information was available to firm up my decision of going to Kutch.
Incidentally, I interacted with a lot of people in my circle to check if they had visited Rann and believe me none of them had, not even their relatives. Hence, the thought, why have I chosen this God-forsaken place for my outing this year?
Finally, we reached Kutch from Bhuj Express as a part of Tour Planned by very meticulous, soft-spoken & nice gentlemen Mr Mahendra Bheda who specialise in Kutch Tours.
When we reached, the excitement was palpable… we had nice Gujarati Thali in a posh restaurant in Bhuj and set out for Hoduko village in the resort. It will be a misnomer to call it a resort, it was a Bhunga – mud house with modern amenities inside and attached bath etc. The Bhunga was exactly as per our specifications…spacious, airy, well-lit, big sleeping places.
The weather was breezy but pleasant, mornings and nights were excessively cold whereas the day was pleasant. Unable to contain our excitement, we headed for Rann same evening which was good 20 Kms ahead in Dhordo village which is the last village on Gujarat Border. It gave us a good insight into the village life of Kutch which was something novel for us, experienced by us for the first time.
I must mention that roads are smooth, the village was well electrified and Gujarat Tourism had done a wonderful job of creating the ambience there. As we entered Rann, we were just mesmerised by the whiteness and expanse of place where we could see endless white salt. It looked as if the land was covered with a white bed sheet with moonlight falling on it. The weather became colder with setting sun and breeze stronger. When the sun was setting, we could see the horizon…
I remembered the lines from Hindi Movie: Yeh Aasma Jhuk raha hai zameen par, yeh Milan hamne dekha yahin par!
My daughter Tanya was highly excited about Camel rides on the Rann which had a heavy booking but our chance came after some time. Even I was so excited…to watch Rann from camel’s back. By the time it had turned quite dark and cold. We returned with a heavy heart as 5 hours spent there looked not good enough. Now we drove to Craft Bazaar and Food Courts erected for tourists selling Kutchy embroidered stuff like shawls, Kurtas, Jholas, clutches, jewellery what not…mesmerising. While in the food court, we saw camel carts parading…what a sight it was. Camels decked up in all finery were ferrying tourists to Gujarat Pavilion.
Now we were back to Bhungas…where nice hot delicious Kutchy dinner was ready for us along with Bonfire on the side. We were feeling cold, eating in the open but meal made for all that cold.
Contrary to our expectations, stay at Bhungas was warm…we did not feel cold in the night thus we were ready for the next morning’s adventure…
Hamne bhi Guzaare kutch din Gujarat mein…
Account by:
Bienu Verma Vaghela
Chief Executive Blogger


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