Pahalgam Hotel and Guest House Owners Association ,Adventure Tour Oprator Association announce their support to Unlock Kashmir campaign.

Pahalgam Hotel and Guest House Owners Association ,Adventure Tour Oprator Association announce their support to Unlock Kashmir campaign.
Picture of Mumbai Tourists .

Mushtaq Pahalgami adressing the Tourists during function.
Ibrahim Raina with Sathish Shah.

Pahalgam Hoteliors announce their support to Unlock Kashmir campaign.

Mumbai: Unlock Kashmir, visit Kashmir, Kashmir is safe campaign is getting hotter and garners overwhelming response across India.
This positive campaign launched by Mumbai based Travel Company Pooja Holidays is supported by Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Department with Hello Mumbai News as a Media Partner.

On Thursday an interactive meet with Mumbai Tourists was organised in Pahalgam’s Wood Stock Hotel which saw the attendance of people from the Tourism industry who expressed their candid views and thoughts.

While adressing the audience Mr Mushtaq Phalgami,  President Pahalgam Hotel and Guest House Owners Association.said,”I am thankful to Satish bhai for being kind enough to have invited us here and organised a such wonderful evening with tourists. I whole-heartedly support this Unlock Kashmir campaign and appeal to all to please visit Kashmir and enjoy the beautiful weather. Kashmir is ever safe. I appreciate the courage of all tourists who came from Mumbai and showed their courage amid this tough time of Covid 19 and feel proud of them as they showed their true love towards Kashmir. I am not only highly obliged to them but even grateful to them. My salaams goes out to all. Kashmir Tourism doesn’t have boundries. Tourism is an oldest culture of our country which we need to promote it.

Once again I ensure to all that Kashmir is safe for all tourists my brothers and sisters my family and I take their safety gurantee without any trust in negative propaganda.

Ibrahim Raina,  President Adventure Tour Operators Association Pahalgam  said, ” I really appreciate this great initiative taken by Satish bhai. Unlock Kashmir campaign getting good response we all support this campaign. We salute all tourists those who visited Kashmir during this tough time. All of you are welcome to Kashmir. Kashmir is embedded with all season and we are aware of our hospitality.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed it.
Your support is needed to promote Kashmir tourism

We are incomplete without your support and I again thank all of you realyl proved that you love to kashmir.

Ibrahim Meer. General Manager Wood Stock Hotel Pahelgam, expressed his thought.. We the people of Kashmir always respected tourists during the flood incidents which occured in 2014, For those tourists who got trapped in this flood we returned thier money and didnt charged them we take care of them this is nice example of our respect towards our tourist.any kind of natural calamity or incidents first we safe guard our tourist because every tourist is our family member .We support unlock kashmir campaign.

Shaikh Sultan Muhammad From Just Tour and Travels also announcedly his support to satish shah and appeal to all visit kashmir ,kashmir is safe..He also thanked all tourists who visited kashmir during this tough time.

Satish Shah, Founder of Pooja holidays, expressed his gratitude to all who attended this function and took an oath and added that his unlock Kashmir Campaign will continue and will reach every part of our country.
Feliciatation ceremony was also held in last .

List of guests who attented the Function :

1.Mushtaq Pahalgami,
President Pahalgam Hotel and Guest House Owners Association.
2.Ghulam Nabi Lone ,
President Tourist Taxi Stand No (01) Pahalgam.
3.Mohd Shafi Magrey ,
President Tourist Taxi Stand No (02) Pahalgam.
4.Manzoor Ahmad Magray,
President Travel and Tour Operators Association Pahalgam.
5.Mohd Ibrahim Raina,
President Adventure Tour Operators Association Pahalgam
6.Mohd Iqbal Bhat,
President Photographers Association Pahalgam
7.Abdul Salam Bhat ,
Pahalgam Hotel and Restaurants Owners Association Pahalgam
Current News Service Reporter Name Moin Magrey also covered this event.

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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