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Covid-19 pandemic and online learning : Educationist Seema Sharma explains on its challenges and disadvantages

Covid-19 pandemic and online learning : Educationist Seema Sharma explains on its challenges and disadvantages

The idea of online learning is quite intimidating for a parent. There has been paradigm shift from Offline learning to online learning. millions of students who have currently moved to online platforms are facing internet problems during virtual classes which demotivate them and they lose interest.   As there has been increase in the screen time of the child, many children are facing health issues because of this and so parents… there is kind of mental stress which is building among parents and students

Headache, eye problems etc are some problems which parents are dealing with their children. Parents who are working from home are required to make adjustments in their schedules so that they can give their laptops and phone to the children. Audio and video connectivity because of poor connection is another problem faced by students and parents both. There are majorly three main problems which is big deviator for the online classes

Here in this article we learn the l Challenges faced by Parents Children because of this online learning

Many Parents and Students have been complaining that Online learning Program is more stressful Some of the common reasons for this went along the lines of: “Normal classes may have been difficult, but having friends makes it so much more manageable and less stressful. Online classes take out the benefits of having friends to socialize with and being stuck alone with nothing but assignments.”
Many Students & parents have an opinion that workload of online classes is more than offline classes. The general consensus is that though home learning program is beneficial for the students as schools are closed but still some students and parents need time to get adjusted
For Toddlers and pre-primary programs there is lots of work pressure on the teachers. They have to take the class, which is really quite difficult with younger age group and then they need to sit – brain storm and prepare for their class how exciting & interesting the can make their class
Lets us discuss some challenges precisely faced by Teachers-Students and Parents because of this Online E learning
Shortage of Laptop- other Electronic Gadgets for taking Online Classes: Not every student/ Teacher have a laptop or other electronic gadget for online learning. Parents have to make adjustments so that they give their phone- laptop to their children for their respective online classes
Internet Connectivity: Millions of people around the world are experiencing technical difficulties because of the high usage rate of online learning systems, video streaming software, & other digital tools. The platforms are overloaded: poor quality video and audio, internet problems. Internet connection is either unstable or the current data plan is not enough to cover the progressive e-learning needs. Students in both urban and rural areas are struggling with the “homework gap”. Teachers are trying to manage the bad internet connection during the online lessons.
Knowing Computers: Its getting difficult for teachers-parents & students to get acquaint & use to all functions of computers & that too without training. This led to cause lots of hindrances & challenge to them for Online Training.. Definitely we are missing two ways communication in online learning platform
For Schools Training Teachers Technically has become big area of concern…. Teachers who are very good while taking traditional classes is facing huge challenge to get adjust themselves to the idea of the online classes. Although they are trying very hard, it becomes difficult for them to deliver the content with efficacy the way they were doing in their traditional classrooms. But more than anything, online classrooms have brought up the issues of classroom management. If teachers thought they had enough trouble keeping their classrooms in order earlier, that is nothing compared to the woes of remote classrooms. It is very sad to hear long-term educators asking for help with managing students online. How can I maintain discipline? How do I ensure students don’t tamper with my presentation? How can I prevent students from disrupting the class? Can students disrupt my class? How?
Training teachers have become Herculean task for the Schools.

File picture of Seema Sharma ,
(Director Principal
The Doon Valley Public Schools,group) with Ram Nath Kovind (President India)
File picture of Seema Sharma
Director Principal
The Doon Valley Public Schools,group with Pranab Mukherjee late former President of India.
File picture of Seema Sharma
Director Principal
The Doon Valley Public Schools,group with former president of India ,Pratibha Patil.

Distractions & Time Management: Not all Students are able to concentrate fully while taking online classes. Since they are at home- They get distracted easily with the activities that is happening around them
Lack-in person Interaction: Though some schools & Teachers are trying their best to ensure that there is proper interaction & one to one interaction with parents but most of them still faces problem
Collaborative Learning: This is one element which is actually missing in all schools-online learning. Students learning from peer learning- peer learning group is definitely miss
Under the shadow of Covid-19, the lives of millions of children have temporarily shrunk to just their homes and their screens.
Parents have become Teachers: Because of this Covid-19, most of the parents have been getting connected with their children studies. Schools used to ask parents to get involved in children studies, but parents were careless. Now with this pandemic there has been paradigm shift of parents involvement in children studies.
Home learning can’t be a real substitute for classroom learning owing to its essential drawbacks which includes no socialization, no direct interactions with pears and teachers and the schooling atmosphere that is limited at home though….From the perspective of students, it may not be good approach due to the absence of socialisation especially of friends and teachers. But for parents, it’s a great opportunity to engage with new era knowledge or subjects they once studied and later lost the connection.
This is really difficult task for School- Parents & Teachers. Parents says that they have always send their children to school. Now teachers are coming at their home through online Classes. Whether we are liking this system or not- The fact is that parents & teachers are finding and are establishing a new equilibrium. Everyone has to work in partnership in this situation

Article Written by :Seema Sharma
Director Principal
The Doon Valley Public Schools,group


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