Gujarath based Social Entrepreneur Priti Sahu launched ‘Raise Vote Raise Voice campaign ‘ to creat awareness among Voters

Gujarath based Social Entrepreneur Priti Sahu launched ‘Raise Vote Raise Voice campaign ‘ to creat awareness among Voters

Raise Vote Raise Voice campaigning

We are ambitious and passionate about delivering results and impatient for success. We have highly experienced and trained professionals. We worked along with more than 50 young, dynamic, spirited and like minded individuals from diverse academics, professions and organisations, who have experience of working nationally and internationally with different research organisations, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, governments, universities, consultancies, corporates and elected bodies etc.

Our strength is to create effective, innovative and result oriented research and strategy. We plan and manage strategy efficiently to avoid waste of time and money. We set up a methodical, professional campaign driven by the reasoning and common sense. We
consistently delivering effective, impactful, innovative, intelligent and winning strategies and techniques that deliver results. We are proud of our history, which bring unique strategy, discipline and creativity to our work. Our vision is to be the trusted partner with a mission to
provide advice and campaign management with a sense of purpose and passion.
RVRV Campaigning Projects

Last five years, we have successfully managed and executed election campaigns for different states and parties across different MPs. MLAs and elected bodies We follow traditional campaigns with modern approaches and execute in most effective ways

Digitalisation- The use of social media for image and brand building in modern and
innovative ways. Use of social media to increase interest of people and to reach voters especially youth, first time, uninterested and neutral voters.
Target will be to campaign in conventional methods but in modern ways keeping in mind synergy between ground and online aspects of campaigning. Use of social media includes.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Google, WhatsApp, Websites, Apps,News portal, Blog, Video, Audio, Teaser, Graphics, Jingles, Revealer, SMS, Missed call, Telecalling and Radio etc. in most cost effective ways and helping voters to take decision

Survey- Voters different considerations and issues when they go out to vote, how important is it when they will go out for vote in the next election on different issues like local candidate, caste/religion, loyalty to party, PM candidate, CM candidate, candidate’s image, state and local issues, national issues, policies and development, Social issues, economic issues and
political issues etc.

Research to find out the main reason for winning and losing voting opposition, main agenda and consideration on which people voted, current main problem, manifesto and agenda, .streetwise, panchayat wise, village wise and booth wise. Vote Swinging and Mass Public Influencing Strategies- Identifying, planning, managing, and
executing vote swinging and mass public influencing strategies through innovative and effective approach, methodology, method, procedure and technique Campaign Messages, Songs, Jingles and Slogans- Developing sensibility and appealing messages, songs, jingle
and slogans to influence, inspire and encourage voters and their choices.
Rallies and Meeting- Advice on planning and organizing powerful and effective rallies, protests, meetings and pad yatra.
Speeches and public dialogues- Writing powerful and impactful speeches and dialogues after extensive research Making speeches and dialogues more effective that can persuade, excite and motivate mass voters based on logic and data. Developing and creating manifesto that inspire, build consensus, spark connection and swing mass votes.
RVRV Election Services



● Campaign and Field Strategy
● Campaign Management and Execution
● Digitalisation
● Presentation techniques
● Advise on Negative Information Handling
● Speeches, Public Dialogue and Media Training
● Campaign Messages, Pictures, Jingle and Slogans
● Canvassing, Direct Marketing and Word of Mouth Publication
● Television, Radio and Print Media Branding and Management Media planning
● Organizing Rallies and Meetings Vote Swinging and Mass Public Influencing
● Get out the Vote and Abseentee Balloting Strategy
● Training for the Campaign Team, Core Team and Volunteers Details on Government
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