Hastaksharr Swabhiman Awards by Hastaksharr Self Made Divas Founded by Neha Ankit Kadakia held in Mumbai

Hastaksharr Swabhiman Awards by Hastaksharr Self Made Divas Founded by Neha Ankit Kadakia held in Mumbai

Hastaksharr Swabhiman Awards by Hastaksharr Self Made Divas Founded by Neha Ankit Kadakia says …It’s all about Applauding and bringing work of our Micro Women Entrepreneur to the main stream
It was a power pack event with the presence of Sena Nayak Madhusudan Surve, Mangesh Naik 26/11 Hero, Panelist of Censor board & Adhyaksh of RSS, Billiards & Snooker Sportsperson of India Siddharth Parikh & Head of Infiniti Mall Gaurav Balani & Deepa Udit Narayan with Performance by various trending Artist like Ripul Shah, Shravan Gupta, Bharatnatyam Artist Suchi Raval and Child Artist Arman bhanushali

Not only Women from various walks of life were awarded but also little children and Gen Z were felicitated for their talent and skills
A great show with great Vibes that echoed Women Empowerment!

Hastaksharr Women Entrepreneurs

1. Dr Poonam Gala
– Venture: Jewel Palace
– Title: Founder
– Description: Founder of Jewel Palace-Real Crystal, Gemstone, Vastu, and all types of healing products energies and guide by Spiritual Healer. Experience of more than 13 years.

2 Drashti Bheda
– Venture: Sarjak Art
– Title: Founder
– Description: Provides courses in Art Teacher Training, Craft Teacher Training, Fine Art Certification, Handwriting Improvement, and Calligraphy. Operating for 7 years

3 Preeti Bhawsar
– Venture: All that’s Preeti
– Title: Founder
– Description: Premier producers and provider of nutritional edibles. With 15 years of experience in baking, we love to serve you healthy products.

4. Sonia Desai
– Venture: Sonia Hair Workz
– Title: –
– Description

5 Aruna Zaveri
– Venture: Saraswati Private Tutorials
– Title: Founder
– Description: Giving home tuitions to Kindergarten kids, helping them improve their basic skills like reading, writing with phonic sounds, with 18 years of experience.

6 Jeevan Mehta
– Venture: Kathakar (Hindi Kahaniyan)
– Title: –
– Description: –

7 Bhhaktii K
Venture: The Artysttiic Leearn Art & Creative Classes

– Title: Founder
– Description: A one-stop center for learning and exploring all creative and fun-thrilled art and European craft workshops, courses, and regular art classes. Specializing in a range of customized and handmade gifting products, with 10 years of experience and All India Rank holder in fine arts.

8. Sumati Jogi
– Venture: Hindi Patshala
– Title: –
– Description:

Bhakti K

9. Simran Sheth
– Venture: SSBake
– Title: Founder
– Description: Nutritionist, pastry chef, and founder of SSBakesā„¢, bringing joy to special occasions with her scrumptious baked goods since 2020.

10. Manisha Veera “Man”
– Venture: Kutchi Sahityakar

11 Fatema Haji

– Venture: Fatema Art’s
– Title: Founder
– Description: Handwriting improvement Teacher. Has improved the handwriting of more than 400 students since 2020.
12 Khushbu Savla Absent

13 Madhuri Bhanushali Patil
– Venture: Relax -Zeal
– Title: –
– Description: Fitness coach and nutrition advisor team Relax-zeal. Has expertise herself in Aerial, Hatha vinyasa yoga, Reebok pilates, and power garba. Also serves as stage head and conducts warm sessions for Marathons across Maharashtra. Experience of 15 years

– Venture: Mahavir Enterprises
– Title: –
– Description: –

14 Priti Reddy
– Venture: P.Kumar’s Aestetic & Spa
– Title: –
– Description: –

15 Smita Satra
– Venture: Pre Natal & Post Natal, & firtility Yoga Expert
– Title: –
– Description:

16 Dr Jigna Thakkar
– Venture: Cosmetologist & Trichologist Aesthetic Zone
– Title: –
– Description: –

17 Mokshada Hardas & Chetna Lathi
– Venture: Party In Style
– Title: Partners, Founders, and Owners
– Description: An event management company that plans, organizes, and executes all types of social and corporate events. Successfully executed over 1500 events over the last 7 years.

18 Dr Sneha Mehta
– Venture: Dr Sneha Mehtas Physiotherapy Clinic & Rehabilitation Centre

19 Kunjal Gala
– Venture: Kunjal Art Classes
– Title: –
– Description: –

20 Komal Dedhia Absent
– Venture: Div’s Art – Handmade With Love
– Title: Founder
– Description: Passionate Artist Crafter for 25 years, specializing in various art forms like Painting, Calligraphy, Resin, Decoupage, Home Decor. Main forte is Sustainable HANDMADE Jewellery.

21 Jyoti Relwani
– Venture: Jyoti Art & Craft Hobbies Centre
– Title: Founder
– Description: –

22 Kavita Ashra
– Venture: Kavita Ashra’s Handwriting Training Centre
– Title: Director
– Description: Passionate Graphologist, Handwriting, and Signature Expert. Provides Graphology-based Handwriting Improvement Courses and Certified Teacher’s Training Courses.

23 Komal Vasa
– Venture: Allure The Glamour /Bridal Makeup Artist
– Title: –
– Description: –

– Title: –
– Description: –

24 Aashini Parikh
Creative Crafter

25 Darshika Sandip Dattani
– Venture: Sandip Dattani Garba Classes
– Title: Founder
– Description: –

26 Kavita Khemka
– Venture: Matematika
– Title: –
– Description: –

27 Rinkal Shah
– Venture: Healing Art s Centre
– Title: Founder
– Description: Specializes in Advance Brain Tuning fork Therapy, 5D Healing, Akashic Records Reading, Autowriting, Karmic Numerology, Property Vastu Dosh Healing, Tarot Reading, and Training.

28. Dr Purvi Patel
– Venture: Empowering Divas Hub
– Title: Founder
– Description: An online community for women above 35 helping to get rid of menopausal age symptoms with 7 years of experience.

29 Anuradha Choudhary
– Venture: Tarot Carrd Reader/Crystal Healer
– Title: –
– Description: Renowned spiritual healer, Tarot card reader, and Crystal healer known for her transformative energy healing practices and holistic wellness guidance.

30 Rrita Sharma Absent
– Venture: Patta chitra Artist /Interior Designer
– Title: –
– Description: –

31 Shea Panchal
– Venture: Crafty Shea
– Title: Founder
– Description: Specialist in resin work with 8 years of experience. Certified resin artist.

32 Sumitra Chhajer Absent (award will be picked by her friend Leena ji

33 Nilima Kamdar Absent
– Venture: Nilima Jobs
– Title: –
– Description: –

34 Nehal Dhiren Savla
– Venture: Laxmi Insurance & Investments
– Title: –
– Description: –

35 Bhavika Salvi
– Venture: Social Activist
– Title: –
– Description: –

36 Hemal K Bhanushali
– Venture: Hemal’s Fit
– Title: Founder
– Description: Certified Personal Fitness trainer, pregnancy fitness trainer with 27 years of experience, Faceyogonist, and Breathwork specialist with 13 years of experience.

37 Tanvi Bhavin Jani
– Venture: Om Sai Group Tuition & Activity
– Title: Founder
– Description: Empowering and imparting knowledge to kids, all boards with 16 years of enriching teaching experience. A tutor promoting Multilingualism and teaching languages like Gujarati, Spanish, English, and French.

38 Suman Parikh
– Venture: Numerologist
– Title: –
– Description: –

39 Trupti Shah

Life Coach Tarot Numero Coach,Handwriting analyst


Hastaksharr Ke Lil Champs
Certainly! Here’s the list organized with lines separating each entry:

### Hastaksharr Awards Recipients

1. Vriha Falguni Jay Solanki
– Age: 4 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Poetry Recitation Award
– Description: –

2. Zenil Sachin Patel
– Age: 4 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Academic Excellence Award
– Description: Securing 100% in Academics & overall very fast learner.

3. Naira Nitin Bauva
– Age: 6 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Enthusiastic Learner Award
– Description: An Enthusiastic Gymnast, Dance lover, Camera friendly, aspiring Child Model.

4. Aisha Pooja Viveck Mehta
– Age: 7 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Skating Champ Award
– Description: Skating, Gymnastics, karate, and many other sports. Won District level Skate Championship bronze medal.

5. Aarav Pooja Viveck Mehta
– Age: 7 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Mental Math Champ
– Description: Mental Math, Robotics, Coding, Gymnastics, Karate & memory activities. Gold Medal in Lathi Kathi.

6. Kashvi Chandni V Dotiya
– Age: 11 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Math Master Award
– Description: Sport-flat race, first in math, math concept

7. Heet Tejal Krunal Suchak
– Age: 12 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Artfully Creative Award
– Description: Child Artist. A Young Author who has written 2 storybooks for primary kids and published. Also acted in the movie “Mere Desh ki Dharti” and done a Pepsodent ad (yet not released).

8. Tavishi Paurav Shah
– Age: 12 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Strokes of Genius Award
– Description: Self-Taught Artist, great in sketching and creating Caricatures.

9. Prisha Falguni Jay Soni
– Age: 13 years
– Award: Hastaksharr Best Handwriting Award
– Description: –

10. Aryan Tanvi Bhavin Jani
– Age: 15 years
– Award: Hastaksharr All Rounder Award

Hastaksharr Star Performer

1 Ripul Shah
Hastaksharr Music Excellence Award

2 Armaan Bhanushali
Hastaksharr Star Performer Award

3 Shravan Gupta
Hastaksharr Star Performer
Standup Comedian Award

4 Suchi Raval
Hastaksharr Divya Nrityam Samman

5 Jigna Joshi
Hastaksharr Sutradhar Samman

6 Chandresh Kawa
Hastaksharr Photography Excellence Award

Flow of event

Shree Ganeshay Namah with Ganesh Vandana & Shiv Vandana

Hastaksharr Introduction
Thanking Infiniti Mall

Children’s Award

Shravan performance

Preeti gift partner ka introduction
And 1 min time for her
Felicitation of 1st guest

1st set of award

Performance by Ripul filler Shravan

Felicitation of guest 2

2nd set of awards

Felicitation of guest 3
3rd set of award

Perform by Arman

Felicitation of 4th guest
4th set of Awards

Felicitation of 5th guest

5th set of awards

Two guest gaurav sir &mughda mam is dicy

Felicitation of 6th guest
6th round of awards

Appreciation awards

Vote of thanks

Walk of success, Group pic
Siddharth Parikh

We are honoured to have Siddharth Parikh
Sport Man -Snooker & Billiards Of IndiašŸ‡®šŸ‡³

1) 2015 and 2017 World Billiards Championship – Bronze Medal (World No.3)

2) 2016 Asian Billiards Champion

3) Will be representing India at the upcoming Asian Billiards Championship to be held at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 1st to 5th July, 2024.

4) Recipient of the prestigious “Shiv Chatrapati Award” in 2019 for Excellence in Sports from the Maharashtra Sports Ministry.

We Are Immensely Honoured to have Shri #MANGESHNAIK

Winner of President’s Police Medal For Gallantry and a DG insignias Mangesh Naikji was instrumental in arresting Ajmal Kasab alive( 26/11 terror Attack) We Are Pleased to Have Mr Naik as our Sammanit Atithi Prasashan Prerak Vakta


Honored to have….
Sena Rank Hawaldar Madhusudhan Narayan Surve,(shaurya Chakra) Unit 21 PARA SF

He has been part of
Operation Rhino -assam
Operation Rakshak – jammu Kashmir
operation Vijay Kargil
operation Parakram -Jammu Kashmir
operation Hifazat – Manipur
Operation UN mission Republic Democracy Congo

Sammanit Atithi

1st June,Saturday
Venue Partner : Infiniti Mall



Honored to have Manoj Singh ji
Panelist (Censor Board Of India)
Associated with Rashtriya Svayam Seva Sangh
Hindu Jagaran Manch
Sammanit Atithi

1st,June 2024 Saturday 3pm onwards
Infiniti Mall



We are Honoured to have Gaurav Balani
Head Of Marketing
Infiniti Malls as our Sammanit Atithi
1st June,24 Saturday 3pm onwards


We are honoured to have
Dr Mugdha Wagh Shaan,
Occupational Therapist,
Sensory Integrative Therapist
Certified Child Birth Educator,
Personal Counsellor
Owner of PROVO
As our #SammanitAtithi

1st June, 24 Saturday
Venue Partner: Infiniti Mall (Infiniti Mall – Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)



We are honoured to have

Dr. Meena Sanjay Pruthi
M.D. Medicine (Mum.)
Medical Director
Experienced in Clinical Medicine & Therapeutics & Clinical
Echocardiography Studies.

As our #SammanitAtithi

1st June, Saturday
3 pm Onwards
Venue: Infiniti Mall (Infiniti Mall – Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)



We are honoured to have
Deepa Narayan Jha (deepsnarayanjha)
An Indian playback singer and the wife of Indian Bollywood singer Udit Narayan. Deepa Narayan Jha

She is a stage performer who can sing in sixteen Indian languages.
She has also won a National Award.

As our #SammanitAtithi


Gaurav Balani
Marketing Head
Infiniti Mall



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