Inner Wheel Club Meerut Shaan president Kumkum Chauhan, Dist- 310 ,Steps forward to support pandemic affected people

Inner Wheel Club Meerut Shaan president Kumkum Chauhan, Dist- 310 ,Steps forward to support pandemic affected people

Inner Wheel Club Meerut Shaan president Kumkum Chauhan, Dist- 310 Shared the details of her project Amid the pandemic situation

Charity Project Details during Covid 19 Lockdown :

As of the current scenario several organizations, NGOs, and individuals are succeeding forth to procure assistance equivalently goes to InnerWheel club they strive to give their nicest as large as feasible

District Chairman Santosh Sharma
Club President: Kumkum Chauhan
Club Secretary Garima Singhal

On 11th May 2021 accomplished Project: Provided Lunch to the needy people, Food was distributed to the needy people due to Covid-19 so that no one would be hungry during this global epidemic.

Done Sanitization on 9th May 2021, undertook it as an initiative. Due to the severe transition to the second rapid wave of the Corona period, the Meera Enclave Colony is being sanitized daily by the Inner Wheel Club of Meerut Shaan, so that the pace of increased infection can be eradicated. And everyone can be safe.

In the first wave of this pandemic on 17th July 2020, held up Project:

Distributed Masks, Sanitizer and Sanitary Pads. As of pandemic Covid-19, 350 cotton hand-made masks, 10-liter sanitizers were assigned to Principal K.P. Singh of adopted Dr. Shashi Prabha Tomar Memorial Inner Wheel Public School, Chhajjupur by this club. 1000 sanitary pads were also provided, In addition to this, academic awards were given to the children who got first and second rank in the session 2019-20. So that the children can be encouraged to move forward. On this occasion, the fees of three very deprived children were also paid. Saroj Mittal wished for the best health of the children. President Kumkum Chauhan and Secretary Garima Singhal were also present.

A very needy person, unemployed due to Covid-19, was financially supported by the club so that he could take care of his family well.

Celebrated Honourable Prime Minister Modi Ji’s Birthday on 17th September 2020. They distributed sweets, fruits, and masks to laborers on the occasion of the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, along with Club President Kumkum Chauhan told them what measures should be taken to prevent the global epidemic of the corona. PP Saroj Mittal wished Prime Minister Modi Ji for his longevity

Besides, the Got beautician Course was done for two needy girls on 15th December 2020 as an endeavor. Two of the most in-need girls were offered beautician courses by the Innerwheel Club Meerut Shaan to help them struggling with financial loss due to lockdown to make a living. Sushma Sharma, Saroj Mittal, Kumkum Chauhan, and Garima Singhal had special support in this work.

Including Charity in Hospital, Club members could not go to the hospital due to Covid-19 but gave all this stuff i.e. Sanitary Pads, Masks, Bath Soaps, and Detergents to the Women’s District Hospital for the ladies’ patients.


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