Inner Wheel Club of Jalna organised Tree plantation project with Rotary Club of Jalna, read detailed story here

    Inner Wheel Club of Jalna Service Project Update  :
    Our first project of tree plantation jointly with Rotary Club and Inner Wheel Club of Jalna. Due to covid-19 pandemic we have limited member to attend this project. Assistant Governor Rotarian Govind Mantri graced the occasion. We have planted nearly 50 trees in and around Thandeshwar Mahadev Mandir with tree gaurds.
    On the same day we have celebrated doctor’s and CA day. Some of the doctors and CA’s where felicitated by giving plant. on the same  day we have participated in our Doctors day National project taken up by district 313. Nearly 31 members from our club kept their WhatsApp DP and status to salute the real heroes for protecting us and being a symbol of hope.
    President Sheetal Mantri made a video presentation for doctor’s and CA’s felicitation. Due to COVID-19 pandemic all the doctor’s  & CA’s were personally felicitated on phone by the president.
    News Input by Media Cell Inner Wheel Club of Jalna .



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