Inner Wheel District 308 Celebrates 97th International Inner Wheel Day

    Picture of Cake Cutting Ceremony.


    Group picture of IWC Members.


    Happy 97th International Inner Wheel Day.
    Proud to be a part of Inner Wheel District 308.

    International Inner Wheel is one of the world’s largest women’s voluntary service organisation spread across 104 countries.

    Let us all spread hope and positivity in people’s lives.

    IWC Kasauli organised a get together where 11 members were present. CCC member Komal Munshi had a small Inner Wheel Quiz to initiate the evening and the first prize was won by Club Treasurer and founder member Madhu Ghai.

    Founder President Rani Mohan and District Editor Elect Kiran Jain cut the IW Blue cake. This was followed by lunch.



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