Kashmir Girl Bazillal Yussuf scripts àrticle on Social Evils captioned ‘The World Is More With Devils’




    World is a nasty place.
    Nothing is viler and more despicable than exploitation of those who are vulnerable and innocent. Those guilty of such felonies will surely receive the punishment at the hands of Allah the Almighty.
    A majority of us pride ourselves as ‘religious’ while our actions and demeanour goes against the very tenets of religiosity that we claim to uphold and revere. All this is reflective of the sad state of affairs that we live in.
    The way we treat those who are vulnerable and the less fortunate, is nothing short of shameless. But it is not something specific to the valley but a pan-globe phenomenon.
    The basic trait of humans has been our humanity, the way we treat and empathize with vulnerable and the needy and give them a helping hand, if the need be. But today we see humans albeit without humanity.
    The manner in which the privileged and the powerful oppress and exploit those who are in a vulnerable position and with near about absolute impunity should be a moment of reflection for us as a society. Exploitation of people who approach us in a moment of vulnerability and helplessness-they come to us with hope of finding some sort of relief and comfort. Taking advantage of them in such a situation is marker of our overall degradation of our moral and societal values.
    Allah,the Almight is all watching and seeing. He sees and records everything, the manner in which those he has blessed with power and prestige treat the needy, vulnerable and the downtrodden. And if we want to save ourselves from his wrath, it is better that we redeem ourselves in His eyes by repenting for our sins and holding tight onto the values that have been enshrined in our religion, for life is too short to be taking anything for granted.

    About writer:

    Bazillah Yussuf
    Phd research scholar
    Baziilah Yussuf has done masters in English literature.
    Doing research between the age group of 14-20 on social evils.



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