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Meet 12 Aspiring Solo Maharashtrian Women Entrepreneur who are making a huge impact in 2022

Meet 12 Aspiring Solo Maharashtrian Women Entrepreneur who are making a huge impact in 2022

Happy Women’s Day to all!

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women around the world.

In honor of International Women’s Day we’ve compiled this list of noteworthy and inspiring Solo Maharashtrian Women Entrepreneur in Mumbai.

In celebration of International Women’s Day 2022 we are highlighting 12 outstanding Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs from Mumbai, Vasai, Kharghar, Virar, Kalyan.  They are creating meaningful impact in startup world and they believe in women empowerment, gender equality and businesses worldwide. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire to all. So guys read on :

Purnima Shirishkar, Famous As Business Entrepreneur

Startup Name : Zhep Udyogini

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

MRS. PURNIMA SHIRISHKAR, Founder, Zhep Udyogini :
She is based in Mumbai, working as a Women Entrepreneur with the mission to achieve financial freedom and grow a professionally through network.
Purnima is a Highly Effective influencer in the field of women entrepreneurs personal development and startup business she is a certified trainer of stock market analysis in NSE or BSE and postgraduate or MA in Economics . Over 10 year experience in stock market training.

Her Entrepreneurial Journey :

DAY2DAY PROFIT related to learn stock market
Entry Exit Profit
Business consulting for MSME -Startup


My Day2Day Online Store Pvt Ltd
Home made authentic food manufacturing by Zhep Women Entrepreneurs
e-commerce website

Dalan Maharashtrache
This platform for Artists those manufacturing Maharashtrian Products

Savitribai Phule Mahila Vikas Sanstha (NGO)
For social activities in Maharashtra
She conducted1000+ Numbers of Financial Freedom Workshop specially for Women across Maharashtra state

Presently Working for 4 lakh self-help group in Maharashtra state
10 thousands Anganwadi Sevika in Maharashtra State
And more than 10,000 Women Entrepreneurs in India

Associate with
World Trade Centre Mumbai ,Navi Mumbai, Pune, Goa , Jaipur, Maharashtra Chembers, IMC Chembers, FICCI CHEMBERS, DICCI CHEMBERS ,Dubai (UAE)Maharashtra mandal, Mauritius Marathi Mandal federation, Singapore Maharashtra Mandal, Australia Maharashtra Mandal, Londan Maharashtra Mandal

Associate with Govt of Maharashtra
FDA, MSME, NSIC, MTDC, MSRLM, Skill Development of Maharashtra

How to find her :



Neeru Patil, Famous As Numorologist

Tell me your date of birth & I will tell you about yourself. If I say this to you will tell me right away that don’t say anything or don’t lie. How is this possible ?? Right, but wait, it is possible by Numerology.
Numerology is one of the most important branches of astrology. Numerology divination has the same value & importance in astrology like horoscope, palmistry, face reading & pulse reading. Your nature & behaviour can be determined by your numerology number. Numerology no. is determined by the date of birth on which a person is born. If the date of birth of a person is one digit, that is between 1 and 9 then that date is the numerology number of that person. If the date is two digits that is, between 10 and 31 then the digits of that date are added to form one digit and that digit is the numerology number of that person.
One can verify one’s own future on the basis of numerology. It also helps us to understand many aspects of our nature. Numerology is the science of numbers. Numbers also have energy and it affects people. Got it ?? Today we are talking much about Numerology is because today’s entrepreneur is NEERU NUMEROLOGIST Neeru Patil. She is the one who loves numbers, talks about numbers for hours & hours, with the help of numbers she has revealed many aspects of our nature and future. she is our friend Neeru Patil.
NEERU MAM has designed a formula by doing research in numerology & only she has got that formula in the world. The date of birth that God has given us is the secret of our birth. God has given us the good luck of our life.
Our date of birth is the planet & that planet is also the lord of our birth. God has created us with the help of planets. So we have to connect our inner planets & not the planets in sky. Said by NEERU MAM
NEERU MAM had made her Patrika first with the help of the formula she has invented. She has experienced the change in herself & got amazing, unbelievable experiences in life. Then she had made the Patrika for her closed once. The positive changes in them also made her realize that this is indeed a magical formula.This formula can change the lives of many and this is where NEERU MAM found her life goals.The result of hundreds of Patrika she has made till date is 100%.

The Patrika she has made have completely changed the lives of many people. NEERU MAM gives people some free sessions in advance before making the Patraika. Because the Patrika also works only when you are ready to work on yourself. Most of the time we want everything without doing anything. If you want the good luck of your life, you have to work hard. That is why NEERU MAM make the Patrika of those who work on themself.
This formula is beneficial for everyone from young to old. We all have a date of birth and therefore this formula is beneficial to all.
NEERU MAM has completely immersed herself in this work. The positive changes happening in people’s lives are more satisfying to her than the rewards she gets from her work.
NEERU MAM always says this to everyone that, ‘Keep doing good deeds(Karma) honestly, you will get good luck of your destiny.’ This magical formula of NEERU MAM gives you all the happiness in your destiny. You do not have to choose wrong path to achieve & get all your happiness of life. You should be able to use good luck of ur your destiny.
We can say that Narayanji’s blessings is on NEERU MAM head and Naraynji is the one who gets this beautiful work done by her. NEERU MAM came to ZHEP 12 years ago. Although she does not fit into our group of other entrepreneurs but her work is very different from others. Her work is gaining a distinct identity through ZHEP. Best of luck to this entrepreneur who is a magician of numbers.
Message on Account of Women’s Day :
Woman is the origin of our birth. Woman is a power, so God has given her the right to give birth. By respecting Women’s there should be Government holiday on Women’s Day.
Shraddha More Famous As Social Entrepreneur.
Shraddha More, Vasai based Social Entrepreneur as well Business Entrepreneur. She is also associated with Lions Club. The international association of Lions clubs Region chairperson of Region 5 , very proud to be a women & Lion member Women have been the ones who are doing so much work behind the scenes and are never credited for it.

” Her Motive is to Work for Women Empowerment, saftey & Rights, and also Children in Need ”

Her Achievements and Recognition  :
Board Member of Lions Club International Association

President of Stree Vikas Samajik Sanstha

Government member of Mahila Bal Kalyan Committee Palghar Jilha

Vice President of Stree Sakhi Charitable trust

Member of Mahila Dakshta Samiti

Vice President of Human Rights Council of India.

Social Entrepreneur Journey :

Being social entrepreneur I had lots of experience ,some good some bad , I learn lot that I connected with various type of NGO & people of different field, I got Very good work satisfaction, As woman I feel very strong & proud of myself that I m doing something different. As social entrepreneur I am trying to fullfill social commitment.

What I believe :

Every women has some art or power so recognize and utilize it, Take some time for yourself, Be strong & fearless, Take care of health, Make self identification. Try for Self earning ,Be positive “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”

Kiran Badhe Famous As Social Entrepreneur.

Kiran Badhe a Vasai based Business Entrepreneur, She has been working hard and tirelessly to provide a every necessity. Besides this, she is empowering her supportive hands to every needy.

She completed her fashion designing from SNDT University, Juhu with Hemant Trivadi and Neeta Lulla as Role Model Aishwarya Rai held in 1994. After shifting base to Vasai she thought that her career came to an end. But, today beside with all her efforts and blessings of one and all, she has risen to be the President of Samruddhi Mahila Bachat Gat and Sewa Sanstha. The organisations impart training in different skills and for development no age bar, education and language.
Their Motto is “Just come to us Learn Earn N Grow with Samruddhi.”

As of now, they have trained more than 5000 women, and she is the proud recepient of 7 awards for her-
1 International Jalsa Sheroin,
2 Aadhar Ratna,
3 Savitribhai Phule,
4 University of Mumbai felicitated her at the Udaan Festival and many more.
As a Lion Member, she conducts some medical camps for society and reach out to the needy and poor women by donating their requirements.

They have been the NGO Partner for RPG Group Of Companies for the last 5 years. Srujna is their mother NGO and coordinates with them for different women Empowerment initiatives by Cooperating to sell their products offline in Corporates and online on PAYTM. Now she is the Master Trainer of Srujna(NGO).

Samruddhi Mahilla Bachat Gath was established on 5th March 2007 in Vasai, Dist.Thane, to retain a goal to make every woman financially independent, Considering today’s inflation, along with men, the woman also has to earn something to live a comfortable life. So to make women financially independent, we undertake various training programs and train women in various courses.

Kiran Badhe, CEO of We Worth, is a motivator for all. Has benefited 8000+ women to be independent, and has helped many women to serve as Entrepreneurs.

Her mastery is in designing jute folders, canvas bags, customised masks and other textile-related products. BNI Harmony is proud to be associated withher.

Samruddhi Bachat Gat also held an exhibition of Women Entrepreneurs from Vasai to Mauritius, an online International Exhibition in Singapore, and several others to get going. It is their endeavour to make every woman in their region financially independent.

In today’s competitive world, they provide a platform to ordinary women to become successful in various fields. She honoured with Babu Jagjivanram, Babasaheb Ambedkar Award and Samara Sahitik Award, Corona Yodha from Aamchi Vasai, and many more.

Seema Kale, Famous As Social Entrepreneur.

Seema Kale is Virar based Local Politician and Social Entrepreneur. She had 25 years of nursing job. She is very dynamic and popular Leader of Bahujan Vikas Aghadi in Vasai-Virar-Nallasopara Region. Former Corporator  Bahujan Vikas Aghadi Virar, (5 yrs 2009 to 2014 Bolinj department ward-10,) A well known Social worker , organized social-cultural program for Disable person and promote  Widow woman scheme in Ward-10, She is very helpful and supportive by nature and always work for women empowerment.

Her Achievements :

She has been associated with so many prestigious NGOs and Government organisations  see below list :

1.Panchal Nachat Gal Help Group
2.Yugandhara vasti Sthar-Sangh Area level federation.
3.Virar Samajik Sanstha- chairman
4.Akansha-city-leved federation – treasurer
5 Ram – Mandeer trust member Bolinj
6. ZP School bolinj committee member- 30yrs
7.National environment Committee member-5yrs
8.Malila Dakshata Committee Member Arnala
9.Panchal Mahila Mandal – chairman.
National Award – Delhi – 2019
– HIRKANI Puraskar Palghar- 2

Vaidehi Bagul, Famous As Jewellery Designer.

Startup Name : Karaviskar

Startup Headquarter : Kalyan

Founded in 2018

Find her on Social Media : https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1azehf32vu95b&utm_content=nq2f4o9


Vaidehi Bagul a Kalyan based Jewellery Designer with the degree of M. A.M.Phil in Sanskrit

While teaching in College, She and her sister choose a dedicated jewellery course, but had no plans for what to do next. After completing the course, small and big orders started coming from college. Confidence boosted from there. Then she started to take part in exhibiting, she grabbed this good baby, then they didn’t stop, but all of a sudden in 2020 they had to stop forcibly. She launched her own Startup named Karaviskar in 2018. She is very much active on Social Media like facebook and Instagram. She believes Social Media and Networking Meet are the main tools to promote business. She faced so many ups and downs and challenges during her Entrepreneurial Journey, but she never loss hope and continued her Journey. Due to her great efforts and positive attitude today Karaviskar has become very popular among Jewerlly Lovers.

Message on account of Women’s Day :

Every woman is tough, she just has to realize it or that time has to come in her life. The time has come for every woman to make her own identity and live her life on her own. Today, every woman must be financially independent.

Shweta Satam, Famous As Food Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Shweta’s Kitchen

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Founded in 2021

Modak, is a traditional sweet dish of Maharashtra and is savored by one and all. Its the most favorite dish of Lord Ganesh.

Shweta Satam, a famous Modak maker. Hailing from a Maharashtrian family, she has two children and a husband to care for. Shweta has always been fond of cooking. Time and again she has used cooking as her way of expressing love towards everyone.

Cooking which she dabbled into to serve her family has now emerged as one of the most integral parts of her life. It builds within her huge confidence and invokes the flames of achieving something greater than she could imagine every day. She enjoys in experimenting with her traditional recipes but according to her, there has been no such amount of effort that she can put to disturb the sacred taste of relishing Modak. Infact Shweta has been preparing Modaks much before she could cook most of the other recipes in the kitchen.

The cause why she believes much in modaks is that it’s not just any other ordinary Maharashtrian delicacy for her but altogether it defines her identity. As a woman, we all fight a constant battle every day to build our noteworthy identity and Modak has been one such gem that allowed her in these years to build her own identity while sitting amid the four walls of her home.
Shweta’s journey towards achieving something so massive in such a short span would have been impossible if it wasn’t for Zhep’ s continued support. Their efforts and assistance towards women like us encourage her to expand this chapter of her life.

This year she received several orders for Modak orders from around the city. Now she is ever ready to serve this beautiful treat all over the world. The smile, the appreciation that she has witnessed this year motivates her to work more and to let this modak reach to every nook and corner of the Universe . Shweta sees Modak as a huge reflection of Maharashtrian culture and traditions and therefore she dreams to pass this mark of tradition beyond the boundaries.

Message on account of Women’s Day :

Women’s should come out and create their own identity. Business is very easy opportunity to women’s to make their identity. Women’s should always be positive.

Bhakti Harchekar, Famous As Interior Designer.

Startup Name : S3 Associated Interior Designing Company

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Founded in 2010

Vision : To provide Affordable Designs to all

She is also the founder of Swadishta Ruchigandha Masala

Find her on Social Media :

Instagram: https://instagram.com/s3associate?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/s3associates/

Website: http://www.s3associate.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/…/s3associate-interior

E-mail: s3adesigner@gmail.com

Introducing Bhakti Harchekar Interior Designer by profession.
Partner @ S3 Associate Interior Designer Company, A Space Style Solution Expert and akdi Founder of Swadishta Ruchigandha Masala in Mumbai.Apart this she is a  youtuber, blogger and podcaster.

She hails from a middle-class family. Her love and passion for Art converted into career. She has done professional study in interior designing and completed it from S.N.D. T WOMEN’S UNIVERSITY as a residential space management
in 2004 and did further study from SIR J.J. SCHOOL OF ARTS. She is Practicing, on various projects. She finally makes it known that passion and hard work counts. In the year 2010 started S3 ASSOCIATE INTERIOR DESIGNING COMPANY partnership firm with Mr. Shailendra Gaikwad (BFA)

Notably, S3 Associate strive to excel in all areas and all stages of development by putting in their creativity using the latest technology. This principle was responsible for the growth of S3 Associate to a dynamic interior designing firm – targeting creativity with a comprehensive approach. S3 Associate is making a rapid growth to match international class design. Under S3 Associate company all type of interior projects like Residential, commercial, corporates, hospitality, design, contracting and turnkey projects in pan India are undertaken. Their enterprising projects has received appreciation by reputed magazines, media, newspapers interviews’.

Message on account of Women’s Day :

When a man learns he is educated alone but when a woman learns her whole generation can be educated – Brigham Young Has said
I want to tell all women that each of you should do some business so that you give business opportunities to others, we can’t all go to the border and fight but in this way we can serve our country. Doing the perfect business. Take some time for yourself and pay attention to what you don’t want. Face the challenges, you get the opportunity to move forward from those challenges, take it positively and try to live life as you want, this is what I tell every woman.

Yamini Matkar, Famous As Fondant Artist.

Startup Name : Mini’s Handmade

Founded in 2015

Startup Headquarter : Thane

She is a Fondant Artist. She refers to a quote by Walt Disney “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” rejection is part of our life journey.No school or college will teach you how to become successful , but real life experiences teaches you.

Going ahead about herself, Yamini says she exists in this mundane earth only because.of the support, encouragement and inspiration from her mother and father. Mother has taught her several things .

Yamini has graduated in done mathematics from Vaze Kelkar College) & Post Graduate diploma in statistics from Mumbai university

Despite armed with strong educational background her passion and interest was always to work in MNC. For few months started freelancing work. I love make new things and handmade miniature. So this is how she started her small business her brand name Mini’s Handmade in 2015 with chocolates & handmade gifts. Because gift is then best way to express your feeling, love for someone very special. Some valuable client who chose our brand:
Times of India employees,
Dr.Suhas lele, TMC Employees, Dr. Parker Patkar(Charkop) & many more.

Her proud Achievements:
-Bagged gold medal in chocolate category (Bakery Business 2017)
-Bronze medal in dessert in jar category (Bakery Business 2017)
Bronze medal in sugar flower category (Cakeology 2019).
-Best Women Entrepreneur award (2020)

For Yamini her Journey was not that easy. She had to encounter lots of ups & downs, rejection, less appreciation.

But, nevertheless she is extremely grateful to her mentors Rajeev Sir, Santosh Sir & Venkatesh Sir. Without them, her journey towards success wouldn’t have been complete . Amid pandemic they gave her encouragement, inspiration and support. She also thanks the universe and very grateful to her parents, all her my mentors & teachers.

Message on account of Women’s Day :

You are born to fly and never let anybody break your wings. You are the most beautiful phoenix.
Always remember: you are beautiful you are worthy you are important you are special you are unique you are wonderful you are talented and you are irreplaceable. Be the best version of you.

Shashikala Watve, Famous As Fashion Entrepreneur

Startup Name : Ethnic Fashion

Founded in 2020

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1989i1ffbqk5w&utm_content=cnf3h83

Saree is a traditionally modest and ‘feminine’ garment, and as of now being re-energised by a new wave of fashion enthusiasts.

For Centuries, Saree has been integral to the lives of many south Asians.Saree is an embodiment of traditional, conventional and ‘feminine’ beauty.

One such Saree enthusiast is Shashikala, Founder of Ethnic Fashion.

Over the next three years, Shashikaka aims to enhance the beauty of ethnic sarees to at least 10,000 women and to spread the history, culture, art of traditional handloom sarees from different countries of India and countries across the seven seas.

Shashikaka was into Chocolate business and since in 2019, her eldest daughter was in her10th standard and inorder to devote maximum time she closed her chocolate business. Her business networking settings were completely shut down.
She had to spend a few months at home paying attention to the girl. She had been wondering into which business she should foray into from home environment. It was while watching a video on YouTube, she saw Meesho’s ad and found out exactly what Meesho is all about. Then she realized that Meesho is an app through which you can make money by selling online from home. By downloading the Meesho app, she started online selling business from scratch. Initially, there was a lot of excitement in the beginning which gradually turned into tension. Clients were getting the wrong products and their faith in me kept waning. Shashikaka immediately decided to start her very own online business by shutting down the Misho app.

She was very fond of sarees and decided to start a saree business. She wondered from where to get sarees on wholesale. Meanwhile she searched on Google and came across a new identity for Saree

India is a vast country embedded with the history, art tradition and culture of Saree.
She loved sarees and while studying about sarees, she fell in love with it and respects it.

The Big question was what to name it ..? Her family suggested many new names to her new born saree business.
Ethnic Fashion became the favorite of all. She started saree business on 1st January 2020 with great enthusiasm. Then sadly Coronavirus was in the air and lockdown was imposed in March which shut all business houses including hers. Nevertheless she didn’t give up.
With online business meetings she consistently tried to reach out to people and keep in touch with them, and to inculcate her Ethnic Fashion in the minds of the people. Megha feels happy that she could communicate Ethnic Fashion to the masses.

Her competition for online ladies was for Covid Warriors. There was a prize of one hundred and one and there were 17 sponsors.
About the features of Ethnic Fashion, one can get traditional handloom woven sarees from different states at very reasonable and affordable prices by giving gifts and offers. Made available different brand of Sarees like Patu Silk, Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, Organja, Satin, Linen, Jamdani, Khadi and many more.

Megha Gangurde, Famous As Beauty Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Shravani Beauty Parlour

Founded in 2006

Startup Headquarter : Kharghar

Find Her on Social Media : https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1vyzpemt6ediv&utm_content=knxtfx1

As of today, Women have come out in the open and have challenged the Male dominated Businesses. They have proved they are nothing less

This is the story of Megha Sandeep Gangurde, a Beautician by profession and runs Shravani Beauty Parlour nestled in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. She is the owner of the Beauty Parlour.

Megha shares her professional journey as a Beautician with us and explains her real struggling story of the successful business in a very short span of time.

Megha has three younger Brothers and One Sister. Her Mother is an Housewife. Her Father was professional Hair dresser and was the only earning member in the family.

Megha affirms, When she was 15 years old her father passed away. It was a very shocking and unbelievable incident in the family.

She takes care of her four little siblings, and her mother. At a time the family was left with no source of revenue and there has been absolutely no support whatsoever from her relatives.

Amid that hand-to-mouth situation, as an elderly member in the family she developed her mindset to struggle and to put in hard work to run the family and keep them to lead a comfortable life.

She remembers her late father’s words “never give up in any situation.”

A responsibility rested on her shoulders heavy to look after her siblings education, food & their livelihood and the health issues of her Widow Mother. So Megha had to play the tough role as a father in the family. With pride she said it was challenging for her being the youngest in the family.

In order to run the family, she joined the Beauty Makeover Training institute when she was 15 years old to “Earn While you learn” basis.

At the Institute she passionately learned l each and every traditional as well as modern & advanced segments of beauty makeover.

While undergoing training, Megha learnt the professional attitude as well as business development skills.

She earned fewer amounts by accepting the beauty professional orders. This was very helpful to her to take care of her family.

After giving education to her siblings she took the initiative to get her youngster married.

It was only after she gained confidence that her family is in much comfortable situation as far as food shelter and health of her family that Megha gave thought on her marriage.

And it was only after her marriage that she made up her mind to float After marriage I decided the to venture into professional Beauty Makeover business from home. Her husband had extended his co-operation to run her chosen business.

She started the Beauty Parlour with a single mirror and very limited equipments.

As there is a saying, everything takes time to run a business.
Space posed a problem for her as she was operating from home. She lacked funds to publicise her Beauty Parlour. Though lot of time passed by for growth of business, however, Megha never gave up.

For a sound business development, she had fully devoted herself for hardwork, patience and willingness.

It was Mouth publicity that paid off ultimately and clients were satisfied with the services rendered to them. This also increased her business as well as her confidence too

Sadly Megha was struck by a tragedy in the family. Her husband passed away at a time when her two children were 3 years only.

Megha narrated about a very delicate situation that confronted her. Living in
Navi Mumbai and taking care of
Two children, their food burdened with Home loan, Education and to make both ends meet was extremely big responsibility for Megha to shoulder. She slipped into complete mentally disturbance.

She never lost confidence. She took everything into her stride to overcome the delicate situation in the family. again I developed my self to overcome the situation. Her Beauty Makeover Business was gradually equipped with fully Automatic, Advanced & Luxurious setup.

However now her lnstitute has started highly advanced Beauty Courses tl is Government Education Board Certified.

Her Beauty Parlour has been honoured with renowned titles for the services rendered..

Her students are fully trained with ultra modern technology, high quality cosmetics, scientific theory knowledge & 100% practicals with government certified Certificate on very affordable fees.

Her Beauty Parlour also grooms the perfect Beauty Artist for Bridal, Fashion Show, TV Serial & Film Artist Make up.

This is the story of Megha Sandeep Gangurde of her 25 years struggle and successful Journey of Shravani Beauty Parlor.

Lastly she thanks the organization to consider her as a struggling business women.

Message on account of Women’s Day :

Today’s woman has taken a leap in every field and spread her duty all over the world. Even so, women are not getting the respect they deserve. Education enriches a person ideologically. Savitribai Phule and Jyotiba Phule came forward for this education of women and today it is because of them that women got the right to equal education with men.

Every woman should be financially, socially and mentally safe and independent.

Vaishali, Famous As Tech Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Electrofine

Founded in 2021

Startup Headquarter : Dombivli

Find her on Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/vaishalig999

Employment and Business in a tech industry is growing exponentially. There are many opportunities in the field of Technology with many challenges, perks, and success.

Tech and E-waste Industry is a booming industry and Male dominant.
But Women Entrepreneurs are also taking keen interest in this Tech industry and have succeeded and superseded Men not only in the Tech industry but in almost every field of profession.

Hello Mumbainews.com took an opportunity to catch up with Dombivli based Tech Entrepreneur. She is setting a new example by doing good work in this industry.

Yes, we are talking about Vaishali. She is into this Tech industry since last five years.
While speaking with Hello Womeniya.com Tech Entrepreneur Vaishali explained her entrepreneurial Journey. “Basically I am a Service Provider in E-Waste and Recycling, since it is my passion and embarked into Tech Career in this industry in 2017. I put in hard and sincere study and had the support and encouragement to get involved in this industry.

I ventured into trading in Laptop, Computers, Mobile, Server, Switch Board including all technology related jobs refurbishing and recycling.
Further explaining on her future plan, she said “Now I am coming up with an unique startup which will promote Women Entrepreneurship ,E Waste Culture to save the Environment .

This start-up will be a Globally recognised and will create more than 500 Channels partners ,collection centres across Maharashtra. It will also tie up with all corporate offices , educational institutions as a supporting partner .

My Vision and Mission is very much clear to promote Women Empowerment to boost rural economy and to serve the Nation.

My new start up will help provide employment to rural women and make them independent. We will create vast and huge international network through this startup. I am getting in touch with some of my foreign colleagues as they are interested to support us.
It will be the first of its kind of E waste recycling startup created by woman.
My motto is to “work for woman, make women economically independent and promote women Entrepreneurship.

Brief Introduction of Vaishali :
She is single mother, hard worker and a dedicated entrepreneur. She has set a new example for other women in Society. Vaishali is a service provider in the field of E-waste recycling & refining. Has completed her certificate course from MSME as a ‘Gold Appraisal’. Worked in Gujarat’s 1st E-waste Recycling company as a ‘Business Development Manager’. At present she is Founder of Electrofine Recycling Pvt Ltd.


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