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Meet 12 Famous Social Entrepreneurs of 2022 who are making a huge impact in India

Meet 12 Famous Social Entrepreneurs of 2022 who are making a huge impact in India

Today is International Women’s Day.

Hello Mumbai Editor-In-Chief Aleem Shaikh & Entire Team Wishes All Women Happy Women’s Day.

Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the world to promote women’s rights and honour their achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.

This day is a reminder of the grit and determination of women all across the world.
There is no force more powerful than a woman’s determination to rise.

Every life begins with a woman. Respect and encourage every woman for what she is. Women, are always respected, loved and appreciated.

Theme for today’s International Women’s Day 2022 is…
“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

In honour of International Women’s Day, we created an exclusive list of Social Entrepreneur those are creating new examples for others in Social field across India these women’s stories will definitely inspire all, Read all.

Santosh Sharma From Muzaffarnagar :

Born on 4th October 1961 in a renowned family of Rishikesh.

Did B.A. from Garhwal University.

I am currently working as MD of Urmila Hospital, Muzaffarnagar.

Joined inner wheel club of Muzaffarnagar in 2007. Worked as club secretary (2008-09), President (2009-10, 2012-13), Dist. Editor (2015-16), Dist. ISO (2016-17), Dist. Treasurer (2017-18), Dist. secretary (2018-19) and now Dist. Vice President.

Awarded best secretary, Diamond President & Diamond Club during my tenure.

I am passionate about social work and have a keen interest in women empowerment and girl child education.

Organized huge Diwali Mela for 3 years and raised funds for community Service. During Uttaranchal tragedy, collected funds and collaborated with other NGOs like Goonj , went till Rudraprayag for distribution of medicines and other items for people in utmost need.

Awarded ‘Nari Shakti Ratna’ honour by NGO ‘Prayatna’.

Attended triennial conferences at Varanasi (2009-10), Hyderabad (2012-13) and Pune (2018-19) as voting delegate. Attended presidential installation in 2017-18 and 2018-19.

Married to Dr. Ashok Sharma who is a laparoscopic Surgeon in Muzaffarnagar. I have a son, Dr. Abhimanyu Sharma, who is working as a Pathologist at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, New Delhi.

Ekta Sameer Shah From Bhavnagar :

Hello all,
This is Ekta Sameer Shah, from Bhavnagar, Gujarat .
Earned my bachelors from MJ College of commerce, Bhavnagar.
My better half Mr Sameer Shah is a businessman and we proudly cater a marriage hall, Shiv Shakti Hall,@ Bhavnagar, in which I handle catering department, And Event Management department . I am also the proprietor of Artificial plants and flowers boutique, Ekta’s Closet.
President of InnerWheel Club of Bhavnagar for the year 2021-22, 2022-23.
Ours is truly a union of understanding, love and care. I’ve been bestowed with precious Nari Ratna award, 2018.
I pursue pleasures by dancing specially garba, exploring new places and cultures. I love being around positive people.
Mother to two wonderful boys, Parshwa and Harshwa.
My life mantra be outright genuine.
It has been a sheer privilege to be shouldered and followed by wonderful brains, giving their precious time and effort to the betterment of society.
I believe leader is the one who keeps a feedback loop open with members around for transparency and good work, and this is what I’ll keep doing. Aspire to dream our club to be the best humanitarian club.

Anar Mehta From Ahmedabad :

Anar Mehta is Ahmedabad based Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Srishtibharat Foundation. This NGO is a brainchild of Ms Anar Mehta, a genuine epitome of the Global Indian. She has represented India and stellar organizations like the Somnath Trust and has promoted it, alongside numerous different locales in India, as social, cultural and spiritual centers among the Indian Diaspora while living abroad and as well as international citizens. Further, she is also an active member of prestigious organizations like the World Hindu Economic Forum and a member of prestigious Global goodwill Ambassador Foundation- USA. Also, she is an international ambassador of MSME & Startups forum – Bharat, appointed AS ADVISOR IN advisory board of GMHA and has received the prestigious Humanitarian Award 2021 from GMHA Global mental health Association- UK. Anar Mehta added more feathers to her cap, as she is also the Global Chapter Head India and Abroad of Hello Womeniya.com – an online digital platform for global women and is also the National President, NRIS Council of Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), Honorary president- NRI Council – India at Global chamber of Commerce & Industry, SDG Ambassador at SDG CHOUPAL, National president of Rustle of Book club & Board Member, Chief Women wing at IGC – Indian Golf Circuit, Have received Doctorate Degree in Social work and ” Doctor of Social work “. Anar Mehta is truly an inspiration for many young women. This cause is very close to her heart, Gender Equality, which fuels the vision and initiatives undertaken by Srishti Bharat. The organization firmly believes that Indian culture has consistently worshipped women and admired them as role models. Given the correct conditions, today’s young women of India will be pioneers of tomorrow who will represent India across the world. Srishti Bharat intends to work on initiatives that essentially improve the lives of oppressed women and girls in India. Further, Ms Anar is additionally an active representative of the Indian Diaspora back home in India. A role model for women, she participates in several talk shows and workshops to reach out to women from all sections of the society and helps them transform themselves and become truly empowered.

Achievements and Recognition:

  1. Anar Mehta is also a member of prestigious Global goodwill Ambassador Foundation- USA.
  2. She is also international ambassador of MSME & Startups forum Bharat.
  3. Received prestigious Humanitarian Award 2021 from GMHA Global mental health Association- UK.
  4. SDG – Ambassador at SDG CHOUPAL.
  5. Chief Women wing at IGC – Indian Golf Circuit.
  6. Have received Doctorate Degree in Social work and “Doctor of Social work”.
  7. Honorary president- NRI Council India at Global chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  8. United Nations Awardee 2021 for contribution to women’s empowerment.
  9. Gujarat & NRI representative – At StrinovationFoundation.
  10. Co-author of book “Falling in love with India”
  11. Anar mehta is also National president of Rustle of Book club & board member.
  12. Global advisor at GMHA
  13. Chairman of overseas chapter Women’s wing at INDIAN GOLF CIRCUIT.
  14. Gujarat state chapter President at MSME & startups forum.
  15. Anar Mehta has also received Asia’s Outstanding Women Leadership Award.
  16. International commissioner of Hindustan Scouts &
  17. Anar Mehta received Inspirational leadership Award 2021 by International Human rights Advisory council All India Council of Human rights liberties & Social justice

Shikha Verma From New Delhi :

Shikha has two decades of corporate experience across MNCs like Hero ITES, Wipro, Honda, Yamaha & Panasonic. She is a Culture Strategist and OD Professional who has worked across geographies, in complex structure, virtual groups & handled diverse teams (different age groups and levels). Her expertise lies in conceiving and delivering Strategic HR & Talent Development roadmap. She has successfully institutionalized Training processes & HR Governance systems across India and deployed several Leadership workshops.

She is currently pursuing her passion for spreading Hope and Happiness by uplifting & upskilling women, HR professionals, and entrepreneurs across the globe. As a Coach, she has mentored students, women professionals, and homemakers on Leadership skills & wellbeing across Colleges, Institutes & Corporates. And has written 1000plus articles & nano posts on LinkedIn, FB & Instagram & Human Capital. She is an exceptional Moderator & a thought HR Leader today.

With a mission to uplift women and spread Happiness, she has collaborated and actively contributed across several communities today. She is the Delhi Chair – G100 Oneness and Wisdom, WICCIUPHR Council Member, YLC Mentor, and Advisory Board Member of Woman With Wings.

Shikha takes inspiration from reading and following her icons -APJ Abdul Kalam, Ratan Tata, Indra Nooyi, Tony Robbins, Sadhguru & Simon Sinek.

She is highly passionate about creating value for individuals and fostering a winning attitude. (through development, coaching & wellbeing interventions). She aims to spread Happiness & wellbeing, impacting 1 million lives globally.

Her accomplishments include:- 

  • Spearheaded Turn-Key projects & strategic themes on Ethics POSH, fostered culture champions & revamped the process to cultivate emergent leaders.
  • Trained more than 10000 employees and initiated & designed several wellbeing & engagement practices.
  • Fostered Self Learning Culture- Adoption increased from 30% to 90% in less than a year (Learnado -SAP)
  • Spearhead internal social platform – Improved adoption by approx. 50% over six months (Ripple -SAP JAM)
  • Middle Management Development Program+ (IIM-Indore) formulated & deployed for strategic level.
  • Project Management & automation of training (end to end process)

Her Core Skills encompasses :

  • Organizational Development
  • People Development & Retention Strategy
  • Training & Development – Managers & Leaders
  • Motivational Speaker, Writer, Podcaster
  • Employee Engagement & Wellbeing
  • Project & Event Management
  • Virtual Training & Digital Engagement
  • Standardizing Processes & SOPs
  • HR Governance & Touchpoint
  • Onboarding Specialist

Shikha is an expert on training, wellbeing & culture building for organizations and is currently providing consulting services to companies and 1-1 Coaching on Happiness & Mindfulness. 

Message on account of Women’s Day :

‘Women across the globe need to invest in their wellbeing and happiness. Break the bias within that you aren’t good enough, stop seeking validation and embrace yourself completely.
You are Flaw some, breakthebias, self-love, happiness

Vaishali Shah From Mumbai / Nairobi :

Find her on Social Media : https://www.facebook.com/hinduscripturesofficial/

Dr Vaishali K. Shah is a post-graduate in International Business and Diploma holder in Internet Technologies.
She is the founder-owner of www.hinduscriptures.com and Shrivedant Foundation catering Hindu Vedic content to seekers worldwide.

Her website has more than 45000 pages covering topics like indian culture, history, heritage, rituals, temples, festivals etc.It has received an appreciation letter from Shri Narendra Modiji and many other eminent people have shared their wishes.

She has authored a book series called Hindu Culture and Lifestyle written in three parts. The books are extremely helpful to those who want to know and follow Hindu culture living in any parts of the world, be it young or adults alike.

Her foundation is based in Kenya, India and the UK which conducts the classes of Hindu culture in various countries based on her book series. Currently, virtual classes are conducted with the students.

She has received awards like the Hind Rattan Award, Nav Rattan Award, the Pravasi Bhartiya award, the Women’s achiever award, The Great Indian Women Award, Commonwealth Innovation Award etc., in India and the UK.

Her belief in Vegetarianism initiated projects like tree planting, seed donation to local women to empower them. So far, 75000 saplings and seeds distributed by her team. She has published a book – The Veg Safari to educate locals on the benefits of vegetarianism.

Her column – Yada Yada hi dharmasya in Janambhoomi newspaper, first newspaper of Mumbai covers various aspects of Bhagwad Geeta for the youngsters.

The interview series on an FB page hinduscriptures.com has helped thousands of people to know Vedic culture through eminent scholars from different parts of the world.

Her website and projects are covered by many newspapers, radio channels and TV channels across the world.

Challenges – when I started this project 18 yrs back, there was no website having any info on Indian culture. So I had to refer to books, journals, magazines to find the authentic details.
I have spent hours reading and writing for the last so many years.

Message- consistency is the key to any success. I have not given up on my work despite thousands of problems. Many people tried to sabotage me, made it difficult for me to grow but I never stopped.

Smita Ghosh From Ahmedabad :

Find Her on Social Media :

[email protected]&[email protected]


https://www.facebook.com/smita.g hosh.7/


I am passionate and curious about human mind and emotions which led me to practise asHappiness Navigator. By Profession I am a Counselling Psychologist (PHD), behavioural counsellor, hypnotherapist and Healer. I am also an expert in meditation and mindfulness.

My dream is to reach the apex of my chosen field of study to benefit adolescents and youngsters in the most formative years of their lives.

What I strive for – is to make a difference. A difference that may end up making the crucial difference between negativity and positivity in people lives.

Few Awards and Achievements

  • Super Woman 2020 – Forever Star India Awards
  • Research Excellence Award 2020 – Institute of Scholars (INSC)
  • Excellence Award Women Researcher – National Educational Brilliance Award (NEBA)
  • Award for Contribution in Health Awareness – International Education Award
  • Appreciation – Humanitarian Excellence (I Can Foundation)
  • Award for contribution in Research and Development in higher education – MIMT
  • Mindful Educator of the Year Award 2021- Mind On
  • IBRF Young Researcher Award-2021 – International Benevolent Research Foundation
  • Super Woman 2021 – Motivational Speaker – FSIA
  • Top 100 Women Leadership Award – Glantor X 2022

Message on Account of Women’s Day :

‘Don’t be scared to be a Women…. Give yourself the freedom and power for being “YOURSELF”. Celebrate Being Women . Self-Awareness should be your inner strength and let that inner strength soar you towards your Dream and Happiness.

Empowered Women Empower Women

‘Start Empowering Within you and Around you’……

Rita Jha From Jamshedpur :

Dr. Rita Jha is a Ph.D and M.Ed . She is a biology teacher , teaching the 11th & 12th std for the past 37 years . Rita is associated with Inner Wheel and Rotary both International organizations . In Inner Wheel she is the Dist. Vice Chairman of IW Dist -325 and in July 2022 she will be the District Chairman . Her motto in life is ‘Make each day count’. International days are marked globally on calendars as occasions to educate people on issues that concern humanity, to spread awareness, common understanding and to celebrate achievements. Women’s day is one such day which holds great importance. Women’s Day is celebrated globally on 8th March each year to celebrate contributions and achievements of women in all aspects of society, whether social, cultural, economic, or political. It is also a valuable tool to spread awareness about women’s rights and to bring attention to issues such as discrimination and violence against women that has plagued society. International Women’s Day has been observed since the early 1900s and was celebrated by the United Nations for the first time in 1975. Purple colour symbolises women’s day. Important annual themes have been adopted over the past three decades to celebrate and spread awareness of women’s role in society and to propagate women’s rights and gender equality. The 2022 UN theme for International Women’s Day is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.
Rita has been an Inner Wheel member since 1996. Inner Wheel is the largest international Women’s NGO. It’s International Social Project 2021-2024 is ‘Strong Women Stronger World ‘. Lot of work is being done by the organization to empower women in their daily lives by vocational training, entrepreneurship, by making them aware of their lawful rights, and by spreading awareness to cancer and health issues. Women are the BACKBONE of the family , society, nation and the world. On this International Women’s day let’s pledge to uplift each woman for a better tomorrow and beyond.

Kanchan Sagar From Panipat :

Educational qualifications
B.A. with Home Science, B.Ed.
Teaching Experience
8 years of teaching experience in different Schools and 10 years of experience as a Director & Principal in a public school.
Taught 100 students free of cost.
Social Profile :

Charter President of Innerwheel Club Panipat Midtown District 308 :
I owed the post of President four times, two times as the treasurer,3 times worked as the secretary of the club,ISO,Editor. Had the charge of Zonal Club Coordinatior for six times.
Sanchalika of Nari Kalyan Samiti a NGO since 2010
Senior member of Community Liasion Group,Panipat District
Life member of Heart to Heart Society,Chandigarh.
Ex-Mahasachiv of Bhartiya Mahilla Kalyan Samiti
Ex-President of Haryana Wushu Kung Fu Association, Panipat.
Ex-President of Haryana Cricket Association.
Member of Dainik Bhaskar Madhurima Club,Bhopal
Mentor of Dainik Jagran Team, Panipat.
Proud senior member and Sarnshika of Sabko Roshni Foundation, Panipat.
Life member of Bal Bhawan, Panipat.
Life member of Red Cross Society,Panipat.
Donated blood several times.
35 Years of experience in Social Service
Distributed Ration, self-stitched masks,quilts,blankets etc to the downtrodden.
Distributed packed food at Railway Station to labourers so many times.
Enact as a Pummy Aunty in COVID time to make people smile and teach them lessons of life.

Her Achievements and Awards:

Received numerous Awards and Citations from Administration and other organisations.
Even I was honoured on Republic Day 26th January 2022.
Inner wheel club District 308 IWC Panipat Midtown

My club members have honoured me by giving Titles of Bhishm Pitameh,Raj Mata and The crown in the necklace.

Jyoti Mahipal From Kolkata :

Born in Delhi ,Jyoti has done her schooling from Delhi and Kolkata .She is a Cost Accountant with Masters in Commerce and her zest for learning made her further do a Montessori Course.Jyoti owes her success to her Mother -an epitome of strength – who always inspired her to excel in whatever she did.Always a Prefect in school, the traits of leadership were inculcated in her since childhood. Participating at various Inter college fests quenched her desire to go beyond academics .
Her IKIGAI -A Reason for living, is her passion to do everything with heart and soul and her mantra in life is ‘ Do Good and Good will come to you’! She believes that,  abundance is the energy that circulates in the world and more you send out positivity,  the more you will see it come back to you.
Since 1998, Jyoti is constantly engaged with the activities of Montessori House . After working there as teacher for some years, she served as a Faculty of Montessori Teacher’s Training at NGO CHIP ( children in pain . Her passion to serve the needy found the right path when she was introduced to Inner Wheel in the year 2006 as a member of IWC Calcutta Mahanagar.
She got an opportunity to turn her dreams into reality by starting Saheli – a skill Center, Prarambh – a Montessori House for underprivileged children and Golpo Ghar an adda for senior citizens.
Joined District Executive Committee of Inner Wheel District 329  in the year 2016-17 as District Editor and this lead to the expansion of Inner Wheel Family Serving at various posts at District level has been a great learning experience for her.-Jyoti has attended IIW Conventions and Triennial conferences . Attending all these events has deepened her knowledge about this esteemed organisation and widened her network of friends across the globe
Jyoti is married to Rotarian Vinod Mahipal , a business man and blessed with a Son , Jash Mahipal She is ever grateful  to her Rotarian and Inner wheel friends for supporting her journey of friendship and service. She Loves singing , dancing , reading, travelling and learning new things . An ardent yoga lover , she believes that good health is the key to a happy life .Her association with Theater , Millennium Mams , Ladies Study Group and FICCI Ladies organisation has broadened her horizon and kept her learning curve rising .She believes that Past may not be perfect but future can be amazing .Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Harness energy to expand your dreams and don’t accept a life of mediocrity when we hold infinite potential within . Investing in ourself is the best investment we will ever make so – Be strong , Be Different ,Be you .Be your best version!

Dr Anjana Verma From Ranchi.

The life on this globe changed drastically with the entry of a microbe into our lives.
Any incident documented hereafter can be referred to as “before corona” or “after corona”.
The “New Normal” taught us to breathe differently , live differently. Online classes , work from home , social distancing , lockdown etc etc.
Though I am a teacher with 35 years of teaching experience in college but frankly speaking , it was a very difficult phase as a teacher. Not aquainted with zoom classes and meetings , uploading of lectures on YouTube , conducting virtual classes , online Practicals and exams ,it was a very challenging time initially.
Many students did not have smartphones , then there were network issues. Students would sit with their videos off in the online classes , making difficult for us to ascertain whether they were actually attending the class or not.They took a long time to adjust to this mode of education.
Gradually , both the teachers and the students , adopted the New Normal .
But classroom teaching has no substitute as far as I think. For almost two complete years , they missed the college campus and all the extracurricular activities.
My experience as the Secretary of the Residents Association of my colony ,was also very challenging.

I had to take a bold step of restricting maid servants , drivers , milkmen , newspaper vendors etc from entering the colony.
Distribution of masks , sanitizers to the permanent staff and arrangements for the friuits ,vegetables and groceries to be dropped at the main entrance gate of the colony , and then requesting the residents to collect them from there was a herculean task.
Personal relations were damaged due to these conflicts.
Oxygen cylinders were kept handy to meet any emergency as hospital beds were full.
My third responsibility was as the President of Inner Wheel Club of Ranchi South , District 325 (2020-2021).
My tenure started on 1st July 2020, when the first wave of corona pandemic was at it’s peak. We faced real challenge while planning and conducting projects for the needy.
Every social service was accompanied by distribution of masks sanitizers ,gloves and a talk emphasizing the need of social distancing.
We did many webinars where doctors were invited as resource persons to create awareness drives regarding these topics.
Many became jobless , penniless , so we had to plan something for their livelihoods and I can proudly say that we could do our little part successfully.
My club won four trophies and 7 certificates for good meaningful service to humanity.
Past 2 years of pandemic have taught us a lot and changed our lives to a large extent.

Meena Saini From Gurgaon.

Meena Saini, an entrepreneur, social worker, and mother from Gurgaon, founded the Jayh Foundation in 2019. She earned a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Jesus and Mary College in New Delhi and joined her family business. She says her husband, Sunil Saini, her daughter, Kritika, and her son, Jayh, are the backbone behind all her work. Her motivation for launching her own foundation was to give back to society, feeling that she was emotionally connected to those in need. She is an active member of society who is looking forward to providing help and love.
She is constantly working to help the physically challenged, children with special needs, visually impaired children, and disadvantaged people in villages and slums. She can mobilize Divyangs by sponsoring wheelchairs, tricycles, medicines, wands, crutches, walkers, etc. She also takes care to develop their vocational work skills so that they are self-reliant and confident. She also supports retired homes, schools for the visually impaired, schools for special children, and schools for underprivileged children by meeting their needs as needed. She also supported them with special medical therapies for recovery. Her support will greatly help people with disabilities become part of society and build an inclusive community.
She has been actively contributing to promote health and safety of the vulnerable section of our society, especially women and children in urban slums who have limited access to resources, by providing them healthcare facilities and equipment’s. She also took an effort to spread general hygiene awareness among them.
She strongly supports girls’ education and women’s empowerment. She hires children from the Welfare Center for the Disabled and sponsors the annual tuition fees for Gurgaon students. She also provides the stationery, uniforms, games and more at various schools. She loves spending time with them and celebrating festivals and often holding public events.
She has always been inspired by Mother Teresa’s motto, “How much love we give, not how much we give.” All she’s looking forward to is a smile. Over the years, Jayh Foundation has worked very closely with other organizations and NGOs that support people with disabilities with low socio-economic background. They are all working to improve society. And she has been and will continue to be an active member of society.
Her favorite quote from Bhagwat Geeta (10.34) is where Krishna speaks:

“Among women I am fame, fortune, fine speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and patience.”

The seven opulence’s listed – fame, fortune, fine speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness, and patience – are considered feminine. If a person possesses all of them or some of them, he becomes glorious.

Mrs. Sonal Bhatia From Moradabad :

Sonal Bhatia District Chairman, Inner Wheel District 310 was born on 6th September in a prestigious family of Bareilly. She is daughter of renouned businessman Mr. J.P. Bhatia. She is a social worker and versatile born leader. From beginning she was always determind to help others. She is  M.Sc. in Botany and B.Ed. degree holder. Always a bright student through out her education and participated in all kind of co-curricular activities.

She got married to Mr. Rajesh Bhatia businessman of Moradabad on 26th March. She is proud mother of two children Shreya (B.Tech, MBA working in the multinational company) married to Anirudh, (businessman of Delhi) and Son Shubh studying in NMIMS Mumbai.

She is blessed to have a strong supportive family which has always motivated her to grow in all phases of her life.

She worked as a teacher to satisfy the passion of sharing  knowledge and now she is supporting her husband in his business. Her aim of life was always to help the needy people as a social worker.  According to Sonal- “The Sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others”.  She joined Inner Wheel and took great interest in all social projects of clubs. She has been an active member since then, and held various positions and responsibilities with full enthusiasm.

Her achievement at club level as a secretary- Diamond secretary with Best circular and best reporting Awards. During her presidentship her club was declared platinum club and she was declared Platinum President and got 19 Awards including 3 Shields.

Got D.C. appreciation awards for best 28 projects done and  awards for memorable Hospitality, Most co-operative president, 25% Membership growth, Ist time published club Magazine “Pragati”. Her Co-operation was admirable for the event COTI. She participated in many activities at club level and won many Awards.

She is also an active member of many other socio-cultural organizations of city.

She was zonal Literacy club co-ordinator for year 2015-16.

She has been elected as District Editor for year 2016-17.

District I.S.O. in 2017-18 and Organised ISO meet “Antarang”, District Treasurer 2018-19, District Secretary 2019-20. District Vice Chairman 2020-21, now she is leading to the highest post of District, Chairman of District 310 in 2021-22.

She attended and participated in Zonal Meets, Multi District Rallies of other Districts, Golden Jubilee celebration of IIW formation, 15th Triennial conference held in Pune, International convention which was held for the 1st time in India through ZOOM. She attended all district functions, District Executive Institutes. She believes in Team work which has led her to adjust, adopt and grow with team mates.

Her life Mantra is “Always be Positive”


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