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Meet 7 Aspiring Entrepreneur from Dhule, Pune and Surat whose stories will inspire you

Meet 7 Aspiring Entrepreneur from Dhule, Pune and Surat whose stories will inspire you

Today is International Women’s Day.
Hello Mumbai Editor-In-Chief Aleem Shaikh & Entire Team Wishes All Women Happy Women’s Day.

Every year, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day across the world to promote women’s rights and honour their achievements across the political, economic, social and cultural spheres.

This day is a reminder of the grit and determination of women all across the world.
There is no force more powerful than a woman’s determination to rise.

Every life begins with a woman. Respect and encourage every woman for what she is. Women, are always respected, loved and appreciated.

Theme for today’s International Women’s Day 2022 is…
“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

In Honour of International Women’s Day, we created an exclusive list of Aspiring Entrepreneur from Dhule, Pune and Surat their stories will definitely inspire all, Read all.

Disha Arora from Dhule Famous as Social Entrepreneur

Disha Arora, a very ambitious and hardworking women who always worked on all the opportunities she got in life. She is born and brought in Dhule.
She believes that experience in life is the most important thing and never believed in education. Being a housewife, she always wanted do to something on her own that was her.
So in 2019, she joined International Inner Wheel as her interest and in 2020 she became ISO, 2021 she became the Secretary, Vice-President in 2022.
She is the backbone of Dance Center Stage Academy. She has many upcoming projects that will be coming soon.
She loves dancing and has won many prizes also for her interest. She also has a lot of interest in cooking and always makes something tasty and very beautiful.
Disha’s message on International Women’s Day is Let our inner child always be alive and also support each other.

Farida Shuja from Dhule Famous as Fashion Entrepreneur

Famous As : Fashion Entrepreneur

Startup Name : Fareeda’s Fashion Boutique and Institute 

Find her on :


E  mail : faridashuja@gmail.com

Brief Introduction :

Results Create Happiness! Try to Create small results & Stretch whatever you are doing a little more e.g Completing a certain task on time. Little by Little and day by day what is meant for you will find its way, small Achievements to big Achievements The Journey of life is a Combination of new Learnings and new Experiences! Since childhood I was interested in Arts, Creativity and very much interested in designing my own outfits, apart from my Schooling and Education my Passion always remained, after my Schooling I wanted to join College of Home Science but was unable to go as it was in other city parents in those days didn’t allow so I pursued my Degree in Commerce and Business Administration. Marriage at young age gave me lots of Responsibility, but I had a very Supportive family that helped me to Develop my passion for Fashion Design and Garment making, I always followed my Dream of becoming a Business Entrepreneur by my Savings of my tailoring income I opened Fashion Boutique in my own premises, in the basement of my building and was growing confident Day by Day in my Profession and also balancing my work and my Family, Accepted life the way it came to me and always use to find the way out, whenever I faced difficulty I took it as a life’s challenge, I lost my spouse at a young age of forties, but my profession taught me many things that came on my way and climbed the ladder of Success, have my own Showroom of Ladies Collection named as. Fareedas Fashion Boutique! My Achievements made me more confident and upgraded myself with new Skill and Knowledge with a VISION to Empower Women in the field of Entrepreneurship and opened an Institute FASHION DESIGN AND GARMENT MAKING, It is our Social Responsibility to empower every women in the Society, Behind every Strong Independent women lies an Innocent girl who has to stand on her own to become independent as she has to be a strong pillar for her family hence STRONG WOMEN STRONGER WORLD!

Business Entrepreneur by Profession Running a Garment Business and also a Fashion Designing Institute Since more than, Thirty (30) years persuaded a degree in Bachelor of Commerce & Fashion Merchandising, Joined the INNER WHEEL CLUB to Empower and Educate, Women and Girls to b Self Employed and literate so that she can be a Strong pillar to her Family, Blessed with a family of two’ sons. Huzaifa (electronic eng.) Taher (MBA in marketing) running a family business of wholesale of festival items. Blessed with two loving daughter in law and grandchildren. My message. ” IF YOU GIVE THE WORLD SELFLESSLY THE WHOLE UNIVERSE SUPPORTS U ENDLESSLY.”

Asma Shaikh from Pune Famous as Social Entrepreneur

Famous as : Social Entrepreneur

Area Of Work : Pune

Achievements : Active Leader in B.J.P Ladies Wing

Member of the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Ministry of Women and Child Development. Government Of Maharashtra.

Asma Shaikh has completed her studies at S.P. College, Pune University and became a professor in the Psychology department. She is a inspiring and confident lady who has achieved so much in so little time. Today she is a proud politician well respected in her native ward and beyond. She always wanted to implement international procedures of women’s education, for the attainment of equal status of women in all aspects of social political and economic development within the community and the nation at large. To organize and establish women’s groups which individual and organizations committed to feminist goals can share the facilities and information on women issue or matters. To ensure the implementation of regulations geared towards the welfare and enhancement of the status of women. To educate the public on the rights of women and the means of enforcing such rights for the achievement of equality, development and peace. To co-operate with National and International NGO’s and agencies by networking and co-aligning for the achievement of specific goals for the welfare and development of women. She held various post In B.J.P. Some of her work in the field of women empowerment Starting “Mahila Bachat Gat”. Undertook De-addiction program . Conducted free Medical camps.

Held seminars guiding women about careers on cottage industries they can start and run with government help. Also helped women by informing them about various government schemes for women empowerment which would benefit them. Currently she given a free of cost training to girls and women for basic and advance stitching course, Fashion designing, fur toys and soft toys, leather purse and cloth bags and paper bags. Successfully trained more than 3000 women beneficiaries till now through her Ngo Evergreen Education Society .she have a lots of success stories about beneficiary women’s She has established a help center where people can take benefits of various Government schemes and scholarship. She has received various awards. Like GEM OF SOCIETY Award, Vision For Victory award for politics. etc.

As a member of the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Ministry of Women and Child Development. Government Of Maharashtra.
She visits many child care organizations, schools, observation cells, Madrasas all over Maharashtra for measuring safety and security under J.J. Act. and guiding them. She arranges national conferences and workshops for the improvement of Minority education, and she also takes workshops with the Maharashtra Police Department spreading awareness about sexual harassment of children teaching the kids about the good touch and bad touch. She has worked with many NGOs in Maharashtra. She is an accurate and powerful woman who we all look up to. Here’s to more empowering women like her.

Message: International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th.
27 countries (mainly former Soviet republics) have adopted International Women’s Day as a national holiday, and it is widely observed in several others.
India stands to benefit more from women’s economic inclusion than any other nation in the world, and its government recognizes this potential. Recently, the Indian government has introduced economic reforms that explicitly take gender into account, from how women allocate their time to how they access markets and financial assets.
Women play a key role in the development and are competing with men in all the fields and are excelling. Women, who constitute 50 per cent of the population, would do wonders if they were given a chance. Our heritage, culture and tradition respect and women
and worship them. Now it is high time that spirit of gender equality is imbibed and implemented. Now women are playing an important / decision – making role in all spheres of work. Let us work for all round development of women and gender equality on this International Women’s Day Holiday. She is achieving equal future in Covid-19 world.

Alka Singla from Surat Famous as Social Entrepreneur

My name is Alka Singla. Today I want to share my success story with you.
I had started my career in 2003 with only two embroidery machines, at the time when the concept of embroidery machines was completely new in India with only a few machines operating in Surat.
At that time we had imported the two machines from China and brought in all the raw material from Mumbai. During that time, there were a handful of designers and operators who knew the way about these machines. Hence, I started from scratch and first learned how to operate the machines. The journey that I started with two machines then increased to 4 machines and slowly to 8 machines as work picked up and now I have 50 embroidery machines in my factory.
I have now also turned to social work and hold Presidentship of the Inner Wheel Club of Surat Sea Face.
We have executed a big project in November, 2021 wherein we have opened 5 stitching centers in 5 different villages and have donated 25 stitching machines, 5 machines to each center. The main aim of this project was to ensure that the women of these villages learn the skill of stitching and then continue to work and become self independent. We have been doing these kinds of projects and will continue to do so.
The main purpose of doing these projects and sharing my story with you today is to encourage all women and reinforce women empowerment.

Message: The International Womens Day is when the value of women is recognized and they are shown respect moslty in the form of social media posts on that particular day.
Why just one day of respecting women? Shouldn’t it be a conscious choice to respect women and their contributions in everyday life?
Do women really ever have a day off?
In my opinion, women never stop working even if they get government holidays. When not at office, they’re always on their toes fulfilling all of their roles at home. And one extra government holiday in the name of “International Women’s Day” would not make any difference. Not just women, even men and all of Mankind should be valued and treated respectfully at all times and that needs to happen on an individual level. We must all be more conscious about our actions and thoughts toward others.

Priya Mehta from Dhule Famous as Beauty Entrepreneur

I’m Priya Mehta,a professional Makeup Artist and Nail artist I have in the beauty industry for over last 6 years.

I am from Dhule (Maharashtra). I started my professional makeup artistry business,

“Priyasmakeup_nailstudio “

Having a business in makeup allows me to help women enhance their features and build the confidence they need to face this world, by giving them beauty tips for every day, or making them feel like royalty on their wedding day.

On other hand I am trained in the latest nail artistry techniques. I possess strong customer service and interpersonal skills.
As well as in last 2021 I m nominated for best nail artist and achieved the trophy from
URVASHI Rautela.

Nidhi Ankeet Agrawal from Dhule Famous as Education Entrepreneur

Till 2011, I completed P.C.C of C.A course with 5 years of Article training and Joined as Accounts Manager in Fruition Enterprise Private Limited a company having sister concerns in Pune, Bombay, Bengaluru, Noida. But very soon in 6 months I got engaged with Marriage in March 2012 and got settled in Dhule with career at stake. With support of In laws I started thinking to do something passionate and remain busy.

I selected teaching as my most passionate profession to start. I started with my sister in law Payal going for C.A foundation. Thereafter my family started spreading messages that I teach very nice send their kids for tuitions. First profession tuition I did of a girl almost failed in 5 subjects out of 8, which took admission for 10th ICSE BOARD All subjects in January 2013 with upcoming boards in March 2013. With my teaching her score was 74% in boards just in one month. So I keep faith in myself and accepted whatever students asked me to teach.

Slowly I become single teacher in Dhule taking tuitions for History and geography for ICSE and CBSE board’s. Then I thought to go out of house for professional coaching platform and hired teachers due to rapid rising enquires and admission. I focused mainly on educated married women’s and unmarried educated girls sitting in houses ……their Education going waste due to no opportunities in Dhule.
This way we took our own 3 floor place with 12 rooms only for classes with 100% capacity
Then we grow more and more to teach small kids for developing the basics
All social kitties, social clubs, social life I kept aside for the kids who are now first priority for me. The current score of my students are 100/100 in HCG I.e. history and geography specially almost 20/30 students
Name of Classes: Gatik Classes, Current capacity: 200 students, Women Teacher hired: 7, Working hours: 2pm to 9pm.

Thereafter Handling Kids of California from 9:30 to 11 for NRI kids. The women’s employment opportunities that I created is so enthusiastic that I have married women’s competed Engineering, MBA, P.Hd are working under me. I want every women to grow high altogether.

Mission: all women’s should support their husband to grow together to set the best of examples in society and utilize the human resource the kept aside for household chores

View for upcoming entrepreneurs: If u are really passionate about what you are doing then no body can uphold of you. You definitely have to grow crossing all hurdles.

Pooja Khairnar from Dhule Famous as Health/Fitness Entrepreneur

“Sound mind in sound body” is one of the most important dreams every human dreams of and so do I dreamt it too when I was not in my fitness during my college hectic schedule ..
Uninvited fats started saturating on me..
Before its too late I took decision to join fitness class and it was that time my journey for my health goal began..

As I am a student of Bharatanatyam and fond of dance, I grasped aerobics, zumba moves and yoga poses faster. My confidence boomed as I was getting physically fit.. as we all may agree that physical fitness is very closely related to mental fitness.. Priority is mental fitness ofcourse but physical fitness is equally important..

I completed my education (Diploma in textile, Diploma in German language, Degree in Bharatanatyam etc..) from Aurangabad University along with some certificate courses in fitness so as to have proper technical knowledge in fitness section..
and returned to my home town Dhule.

Metro cities possesses high quality education and training institutions and most important crowd who is fitness oriented. Dhule is a district place with many nice people striving hard to be one of the smartest City on planet. But presently our crowd is not much fitness lover.. And so along with other fitness centres I think it’s my responsibility too to make my city healthy fit and fine.

Well equipped with fitness knowledge I was eager to share it and so I started “Shine-Fitness centre” where I started guiding my first few students..
After entering this field I came to know more clearly about myths and facts in fitness field..
One of the biggest myth was/is we need to have very strict diet and strict excercise in order to be physicaly fit. But the fact which I personally experience was/is that a normal diet and an average weekly 5-6 days exercise with meditation turns us healthy with a glow/ shine outside and most important from within us.

With my 100s of satisfied/shined students i am enjoying my journey to make my surrounding healthy and shine.


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