Meet 9 Famous Makeup Artist of 2022 from Mumbai, Nagpur and Nashik whose stories will inspire you


    Happy Women’s Day from Hello Mumbai Team :

    March 8 is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women around the world.

    In honor of International Women’s Day we’ve compiled this list of noteworthy and inspiring Beauty Entrepreneur and Makeup Artist from Mumbai and Nagpur. We hope their inspiring stories will inspire to all. So guys read on :

    Nafisa From Mumbai :

    Nafisa is Mumbai based Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.
    She has 26 years of experience in her field as a Make-up artist and Hair Stylist.
    She has been working in Ads, Serials, Bollywood, and tollywood.
    She has worked with celebrities like Amithabh Bachhan, Dharmendra
    Varun Dhawan, Sunny deol
    Bobby Deol, Tanushree Dutta, Payal Rohatagi
    Aditi rao Hydri, Rashmi Desai, Shweta Tiwari
    Kareena Kapoor, Saroj Khan, Mona Singh
    Lata Mangeshkar, Shilpa shetty, Farah Khan,
    Nadira Babbar, Rima Lagoo, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Samira Reddy, Udita Goswami , and many more.

    She has worked in serials like Kasouti zindagi ki,
    Kahani ghar ghar ki
    Kumku Bhagya , Jai maa Vaishnodevi,
    Kahi to hoga
    and many more..
    And she worked in Movies like,
    36 CHINA TOWN,
    KAL HO NA HO, DRONA, etc

    Megha Kapoor from Nagpur :
    Megha Kapoor Amesar from Nagpur has been into into Makeup Industry from last 27 years.
    Megha is a makeup artist and also runs her own makeup academy where she teaches people from all age group. She has done her makeup teaching from Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore. She has been honored with many Awards and has also worked with many celebrities.
    Megha’s message on International Women’s Day is Stay calm and be strong.
    Archana Rathod from Nagpur :
    Archana Rathod from Nagpur has been into Makeup Industry from last 17 years.
    Archana is a makeup artist and also runs her own makeup academy where she teaches people from all age group. She has done her makeup teaching from a salon and later on worked hard and now she is also working Nationally and Internationally. She has been honored with many Awards and her name is in The Gunnies World Record book.
    Archana’s message on International Women’s Day is Manage everything working at home being with family and also explore the professional world and enjoy your life till its max.

    Rita Mavani From Mumbai :

    Rita Mavani from Mumbai,is a Makeup artist/ Trichologist/ Derma aesthetician.
    Her professional journey started in the year 1986 as a Makeup artist.
    So she decided to enter into Makeup industry.

    Further she added, ” At that time, this much education opportunities to learn was very less , so we learned and started our career.”

    This is a challenging job but Rita Mavani is lucky as she has done fourth generations make-up and people recognizes her very well.

    According to her she stated that, “Makeup is a for enhancing your feature, Makeup makes you more beautiful, so I tell people Don’t compare yourself with others, Makeup should not look made up and enhance your simplicity.

    Poonam Gokulpure from Nagpur :

    Woman Entrepreneurs are indeed conquering the male dominated profession in various spheres of business and proving they’re nothing less.

    One such ambitious dexterous with a passion for business is Poonam Deepak Gokulpure.

    Poonam Deepak Gokulpure as a Woman Entrepreneur owns a Make-up Studio and Beauty Care Centre in Nagpur. But was born in a very small village in MP.

    She is an MA in History and got married in 2003 and is now a mother to two children. Continuing her conversation she made it known that she had worked in the computer field for a span stretching to almost 7yrs. Whereas People suggested me to become a Tarot Card Reader, however, it was my passion to foray into Makeup. Subsequently, after a crash course in Make-up from Mumbai Institute I took up training from Loreal and Charu Beauty Parlour and started to work in the makeup industry.

    Thereafter on grasping the nitty-gritty in Make-up, I decided to float my own Studio in the name and style as Poonam Studio. Here I train students and offer them various courses and Master Classes. I take up classes in batches and each batch comprises 10-13 students. I even provide Bridal Make-up services too.

    In conclusion she makes it known that says it is her desire to expand her services and classes all over India.
    This is Poonam Deepak Gokulpure, the charismatic Make-up Persona.

    Farzana Imran Sepai From Mumbai :

    Find her on Social Media :

    Farzana Imran Sepai is a Make-up artist from Mumbai.
    She has completed her 12th from Burhani college, Mazgaon.
    Intially she was a housewife but always had a passion for Makeup.
    That is the main reason why she took up this makeup course seriously and ended up for being up a professional makeup artist, today she known as Zaana Make-up artist.
    She faced many challenges for eg, she had to look after her family as well as to manage her household chores.
    But the urge of making big in this profession didn’t stopped her.

    Her message to everyone is that, “Being a housewife doesn’t mean its end of your passion. Taking your passion into mainstream is possible if you have the dedication in you.”

    Yasmeen Shahid Ali Shaikh :

    Find Her on Social Media :

    Everyone questions what you want to be when you grow up starting in elementary school and you answer normally ranges from princess to astronaut.
    As you grow and you are in middle school your teachers ask you the same thing, and my answer was an architect , once you reach high school the question is lot firmer and a lot more serious. “Still don’t know exactly what I wanted to forever but I know what I want to do for now, I’d like to be makeup artist.
    The power of being able to changes a person appearance. Using makeup has been a personal passion of mine for as long as I can remember, we all have something in our lives that we get a little giggly liken for some shoes, clothes, sports, or movies for me it’s makeup.
    A lot of people say makeup is a way of hiding yourself or that it changes a person for who they really are.
    To me makeup doesn’t hide the person you are, it let’s the confident person you want to be shine.
    If you feel beautiful you will carry yourself that way.
    Some may ask why I would choose to pursue a career in a field that’s not so demanding but honestly
    If you have drawn the right education and skills , you have nothing to worry about.
    I hope my passion and the skills I already have will get me started greatly in this field .

    Shital Dongare From Parbhani:

    I am miss. Shital Dongare, professional makeup Artist from Gangakhed, dist.Parbhani(Maharashtra) & currently residing in Gangakhed. Gourney of my profession start from year 2000,& have done 1000+ makeus including bridel till date. I took many of make up seminars and workshops from different skin, hair & Beauty experts in National & international lavel.

    My vision is to build a trustworthy brand where customers get the best services.I started small However,I am working on expanding my space. Grand studio is my dream completed.This was all about my personal goals.

    Talking about product,for hair colour, I prefer & recommend L’oreal & Matrix brand.. apart from common salon services,I also provide specialised hair treatment like keratin, smoothing, hair fall & dandruff treatment.

    I understand the importance of excellent customer service & I am working to do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. For me ,my clients are like a family.with new looks & new styles. I also try to make them mentally Happy, with some therapy sessions.

    As a makeup Artist, I think the biggest challenge we face is staying up to date with changing trends & fasion industry change so fastly, it force us to always research the latest styles because of this, we have to upgrade our expertise frequently.

    From year 2000 to 2022 we have teaching basics & advance parlour courses to house wife women & girls to stand on their own leg. I take class & teach them about parlour & how to grow our business.

    Salon wonner: Shital Dongare

    Salon name: Shital hair beauty and makeup studio

    Sayali Sawkhedkar From Nashik :

    I am Mrs.Sayali Sawkhedkar, a beautician, native to Bhusaval ( jalgaon) and currently residing in Nashik. Apart from my profession, I am a mother of one. I started my career in 2015, and have done 100+ makeups including bridal till date. I took makeup lessons from Alka Govind Madam,celebrity makeup artist, Mumbai, Beauty Academy also played a major role in honing my skills. I have attended many seminars at Nashik, Jalgaon, Bhopal, and Pune. My vision is to build a trustworthy brand where customers get the best services. I started small. However, I am working on expanding my space. Grand studio is my dream. This was all about my personal goals.nail artist

    Talking about products, I use 03+, Shehnaaz Hussain, Lotus Professional, Ragga, and many others for skin care. For hair colour, I prefer and recommend L’Oréal,wella,shills and Matrix brand.
    Apart from common salon services, I also provide specialised hair treatments like keratin, smoothing, dandruff treatment, and hairfall treatment.

    I have a strong work ethic and am great at time management. Being a working wife and mother teaches you that! I understand the importance of an excellent customer service, and I am working to do everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction. For me, my clients are like a family. With new looks and styles, I also try to make them mentally happy, with some therapy sessions. Well, you can call me a makeup therapist!
    “As a makeup artist, I think the biggest challenge we face is staying up to date with changing trends and styles. Since trends and the fashion industry change so frequently, it forces us to always research the latest styles. Because of this, we have to upgrade our expertise frequently.”



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