Home Hello Womeniya Meet Amita Goyal Mumbai based Business women Entrepreneur & founder of Glasba Services , read her Success Story here

Meet Amita Goyal Mumbai based Business women Entrepreneur & founder of Glasba Services , read her Success Story here

Meet Amita Goyal Mumbai based Business women Entrepreneur &  founder of Glasba Services , read her Success Story here

In our Entrepreneurs series we are featuring success story of Mumbai based Business women entrepreneur.In this episodes we are featuring her success we hope you will inspires after reading her success story. Yes we are talking about Amita Goyal, a dynamic and popular Business Networker and Founder of Glasba services .
Amita Goyal is presently founder and owner of Glasba Services located in Mumbai. She is former banker has worked with ICICI more one decade MBA from Gurgaon and has good command in finance.
Amita Goyal belives in action her Finace company supports Msmes ,corporate houses and Builders to raise capital to run their business successful.
She has helped to many msmes,corporate houses and Builders and has provided her services .
So guys don’t waste your time please read her success story


Amita Goyal founder of Glasba services.

An Exclusive Interview with Amita Goyal 

Hello Mumbai News: Please tell us what prompted you  to take up entrepreneurship? Tell our readers about your products and services
Amita Goyal: Freedom to pursue my passion prompted me to take up entrepreneurship. My soul sees starting a small business as a means to effect change. Speaking about our products, Ideally, we have different types of products to suit all kinds of Industries. For MSME’s we help them in raising working capital, term loan etc, by ways of government backed fundings (CGTMSE). We also help them to fund their project through SIDBI Schemes. When we talk about corporate, we see how we can bridge the gap of funds which they want for expansion or growth trajectories with or without collateral. So, in corporates apart from traditional debts, we can fund them for acquisition of land, fund against equity, fund promoters for infusion of Capital. We also help corporates for staggered repayments as per the cash flow, structuring of deals with past history, project loans etc. For Real estate, apart from construction finance we can also raise funds for the approvals of the projects. So, we are an End-to-end solution Provider to any companies in any Industry when it comes to finance.

Hello Mumbai News: How you choose your Startup Name Glasba?
Amita Goyal: In French, Glasba means Music. So when you talk about Finance to any businessman it sounds like music to his ears and believe me finance is really a music if you know how to play it well.

Hello Mumbai News: Share your vision and mission about your company Glasba.
Amita Goyal: We want to Eaze out finance for all, whether it’s the Corporate or MSME’s or any real estate builders. There is so much scope in this space. There are so many promoters who are doing good in their business but stuck in expansion due to lack of funds and lack of awareness about products in the market. So we want to simplify finance in longer run and anybody who needs finance should have a quick solution in no time.

Hello Mumbai News : Could you Share client details and special services.
Amita Goyal: We deal with clients in different locations, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, etc. So, we are providing our Services PAN INDIA. When we talk about our special services it’s the structured loans where we can pull out good quantum of funds from NBFC’s and Fund houses.

Hello Mumbai News: What are the prospects for Startups in India for Entrepreneurs?
Amita Goyal: The country has a large pool of talented individuals, a growing economy, and a supportive government promoting entrepreneurship through various initiatives. Additionally, the rise of digital technologies and internet access has made it easier for startups to reach a wider audience and disrupt traditional industries. One of the biggest opportunities is the large and growing consumer market.
The Govt of India along with other economies across the world has a lot of faith in the upcoming Business startup owners & a huge amount of funds have been pumped in into the system to support them.

Hello Mumbai News: Do you agree India has huge potential in Finance Industry and startup?
Amita Goyal: Absolutely! India has a booming Finance Industry & a thriving startup ecosystem. Along with its recent rapid economic development, it has also become one of the largest startup ecosystems in the world. India is home to over 1.3 billion people, making it the second most populous country in the world. This provides startups with a large potential customer base. India has emerged as the 3rd largest ecosystem for startups globally with over 99,000 startups being recognized by DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.) So hence I believe that startup India has contributed to the development of the nation and reaffirmed the government of India’s commitment to realise the make in India dream by creating a hub for innovation, design, and startups. Despite layoffs and a pandemic, India’s startup industry has created 2,300,000 jobs in 2022

Hello Mumbai News: What challenges you had to overcome in beginning of your journey?
Amita Goyal: I believe Challenges are a part of Human life and Business growth. It was not an easy task to make the promoters understand how Glasba can simplify finance for them or help them to raise funds. Also, the team had to be trained initially about the entire products, credit and nitty-gritty about business of different kinds of Industries.

Hello Mumbai News : What was your key driving force to become entrepreneur?
Amita Goyal: I always had a Dream to run a fund house or an NBFC which is way ahead. So first step to it is being an entrepreneur in the financial field.

Amita Goyal founder of Glasba services.

Hello Mumbai News: Is India a good destination for Finance and Startup?
Amita Goyal: Yes! India is a Good Place for Startups.

Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.
Amita Goyal: I am Amita Goyal, owner of Glasba Services. I have worked with ICICI for more than a decade and ICICI got me the stairs of reaching the heights of my career and starting my own business. It has been given me wide experience in different industry such as Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Education, IT, Road and Transport, Shipping, E commerce, etc.
I got an opportunity to venture into real estate while pursuing my career in an investment banking firm and has closely understood the nitty gritty of the industry.
So, now Glasba is a boutique investment banking firm where we provide tailor made solutions to the specific problems of the different corporates. It is very important to choose the right product along with the tenure of funds for the company so that at any point of time there is no dearth of finance in the company.

Hello Mumbai News: What is your advice for Aspiring Entrepreneur?
Amita Goyal: Be persistent and trust yourself. Trusting yourself is a good advice for entrepreneurs to bear in mind. Things will undoubtedly get difficult, and you’ll likely find yourself with a lot of questions. Persistence will get you through the tough times so that you can find your way back into the light. Analyse Your Competition & Understand the Risks and Rewards. But while starting your own company may seem like a dream come true, it comes with its own set of challenges but with the right guidance, tools and tactics, you can boost your chances of creating a successful startup down the road.

Hello Mumbai News: Tell something about your identity and recognition.
Amita Goyal : I am AMITA GOYAL Owner of Glasba Services. I am a North Indian, bought up in northeast the city being Guwahati. I am a GCC ( Gauhati Commerce College) pass out graduate. I topped in my university in management and always had a dream of doing good in my career. So, I worked for 2 years in a publishing house named GBD Publishers and then thought that there is way ahead to move in career and pursued my MBA from Gurugram and landed with ICICI. ICICI has opened the doors for me in the corporate and taught me a lot. The exposures they had given to me was of immense growth. They have made me what I am today.

Hello Mumbai News: How our readers can connect with you any social media links?
Amita Goyal: All the social media links are provided below. One can easily access it for all financial requirements

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/glasbaservices/
LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/glasba-services/https://www.linkedin.com/company/glasba-services/
Twitter- https://twitter.com/glasbaservices
YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC99jqEZBvJ0VjQAQtb4jqdAhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UC99jqEZBvJ0VjQAQtb4jqdA
Website- https://glasbaservices.com/
WhatsApp contact no- 9167496298


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