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Meet Anam Siddique Mumbai Based Passionate Hair Stylist and Founder of Anam Makeover who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet Anam Siddique Mumbai Based Passionate Hair Stylist and Founder of Anam Makeover who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

It is a known fact that makeup is a fundamental accessory for all women. Makeup artists and hairstylists provide essential services in the community. These professionals have boosted self-esteem in millions of people and spiced up countless special events because they are passionate about enhancing their customers appearance. People hire them for weddings, ceremonies, etc.

It is amazing how makeup industry is growing day by day from entertainment field to corporate sector. Makeup artist input cannot be ignored. They put great efforts to make you look beautiful. With their makeup art.

Makeup artists are the perfect definition of beauty and elegance. They have mastered their art and put so much effort into making sure that many people look presentable.

It is every women’s dream to be the most beautiful and stunning bright on the day of her wedding.

Hair Stylist job is being looked upon as a career option for those who aspire for it. Today in every nook and corner of our country there are Hair Dressing Salons with all facilities and comfort. The profession which was earlier not attempted into by one and all except by a certain community is now being taken over by aspirants in Hair Stylists after undergoing course/training.

In our famous Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Entrepreneur series we are introducing you a very passionate and dynamic Mumbai Based Beauty Entrepreneur who doesn’t need any kind of introduction. yes we are talking about Anam Siddiue, Founder of Anam Makeover, International Hair Stylist.

Startup Name : Anam Makeover

Founder : Anam Siddique

Famous As : International Hair Stylist

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

How to find her :

Instagram : https://instagram.com/anam___siddique?utm_medium=copy_link


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/anam.siddique.56

Meet Anam Siddique, a passionate and dedicated Hair Stylist on her own merits. She runs a Hair Stylist Salon under the name and style as ANAM MAKEOVER. She is an Hairstylist of International standards and she is into the profession of Beauty and Hair Styling spanning the last two decades.

Anam’s work Pictures

Anam started off as a Trainer in 2010 at Emeralde international Institute of Hair and Beauty
She has received training under pioneer Marium Zaveri, an authority in Hairstyling industry. She was honoured with the Best Student of the Batch Award in 2010.

Notably it is her interest, ambition, passion and dedication that qualified her as Trainer in the same institute which trains beginners for Hairstyling and its Techniques.
It is from the cited Institute from where she gained confidence. After two years she left Emeralde to hit the bandwagon to the stars.
She further received training under International Hairstylist, Gold Medalist Russian hairstylist Georgiykot, her inspiration and mentor from Sochi Russia.

With education having no age bar nor limit, she further took up training under Shafag zsgs vruz from ( Azarbhaijan )
And From Ataev Oybek (Champion of Uzbekistan ).

Anam’s Makeup pics

After that Anam decided to dabble into Entrepreneurship and floated her own Academy from where she trains global students from India, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Pakistan and Nepal.

Her prime motto is to impart training personally to beginners from basic to advanced packed with international hairstyling Russian techniques and she ensures that at the end of training her students are professionally trained with confidence.

She thanks ALMIGHTY as this the glamour industry has given a lot to fame, name and respect to her.

Nevertheless, She will continue sharing knowledge, experience and techniques with dedication personal attention and touch to each student.
It can be truly voiced that for Anam Sky is the limit…

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