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Meet Ashwini Gujarathi District Chairman of Inner Wheel District 303 who shares her Inner Wheel journey with Hello Womeniya

Meet Ashwini Gujarathi District Chairman of Inner Wheel District 303 who shares her Inner Wheel journey with Hello Womeniya

Hello Womeniya Inner Wheel Maharashtra Desk :

Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce. Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives.

In our Entrepreneur series today We are introducing you a very dynamic and popular social Entrepreneur of north Maharashtra District Jalgaon  Taluka- Chopda for her remarkable and outstanding performance in social field particular in Inner Wheel Club who always believes in women Empowerment and social entrepreneurship. Yes we are talking Ashwini Gujarathi, District Chairman of Inner Wheel district 303, she share her vision, mission, entrepreneurial and inner wheel journey with hello womeniya.com editor-in chief Aleem Shaikh.

Picture of Ashwini Gujarathi Dist.303 with inner wheel Team.

Hello Womeniya : Please share your first reaction and feeling on being District Chairman of IWC 303.

Ashwini Gujarathi : My first reaction was that O was speechless. I felt like winning a beauty pageant, nervousness, butterflies in stomach, excited, happy and feeling responsible at the same time.

Hello Womeniya : What will be your priority in the growth of Your Dis 303 ?

Ashwini Gujarathi : I want my district 303 to participate in all events of Association and come out with flying colors. I want to motivate all members and teach them the importance of joining Inner Wheel.

To develop ourselves we must join Inner Wheel. This is the world largest organization of the women, for the women by the women.

Hello Womeniya : What are the current challenges your Dis 303 is facing due to this post pandemic ?

Ashwini Gujarathi : The pandemic has affected the world at large. It has also hit us hard and negatively affected the growth and development of Our organization.

Hello Womeniya :  What is your future agenda to solve these problems ?

Ashwini Gujarathi : To resolve the problems that our clubs are facing, we are encouraging members to come and join this hardworking and beautiful organization which shall help people enlighten their lives and change their way of looking at the society at large and help the more needy.

Hello Womeniya : Share your Inner Wheel journey with us.

Ashwini Gujarathi : I am a part of Inner wheel since almost half a decade now. It has groomed me, skilled me to do better and taught me that there’s always a scope for improvement.  Taking up responsibility at all hierarchical levels in the club has made me a better person on the personal front and hopefully will continue to do so. I am trying my best to leave a mark or a legacy behind touch hearts and affect the globe at large. I have gained many friends and their bonds for life. Inner wheel has largely contributed for my social as well as personal life growth.

Hello Womeniya : Could you please share your lockdown experience and how your District performed during this difficult time.

Ashwini Gujarathi : Lockdown was a historic period for all of us. It taught us how the life is unpredictable and how one should always be ready to face such challenges in life. 

During the period, our clubs tried their best to help people in need, provide food to the poor. We also took up projects to plant trees so that fresh air and oxygen is available for people to breathe.

Hello Womeniya : What is your appeal and message to Inner Wheel women ?

Ashwani Gujarathi :  Sheroes was my slogan this year. Standing by the title, I firmly believe that strong women, stronger the world. 

However tough or difficult the situation is, we always have to be sHero to fight all odds. This is my appeal to all members globally, Be so strong that even difficult times give up in front of us. 

Believe in yourself.

Hello Womeniya : Do you agree this pandemic brought a lot of changes in our personal and professional life ?

Ashwani Gujarathi : Yes definitely I agree that this covid situation brought alot of changes in our personal as well as professional lives. 

At the personal front, the family came closer, we had more time together in the house, cooking was not only the job of the mother of the house but all. The virtual world made people come close through zoom calls. 

Digital development was seen

Hello Womeniya : Can you highlights some important service projects you did during this pandemic.

Ashwani Gujarathi : Service is of topmost priority.

Serving the society was our motto. 

Our district has done some amazing projects under very hardworking presidents leadership during the pandemic.

  1. We appointed some nursing students to serve the corona patients for municipal hospital, private hospitals etc. so that  all gets proper service and look after. And even all nursing students got rumuraration for their best service.

B.we gave sewing machines to the women who lost their husband in this pandemic.

  1. We took many online webinar for healthy life and best moral building for the corona patients.
  2. We distributed sanitizer and mask to poor and needy students.

Hello Womeniya : Being a Social entrepreneur what is your goal and vision about the upliftment of the society.

Ashwini Gujarathi : Being a social entrepreneur my goal and ambition is To motivate each and every person to stand on their own to earn a living.

A strong woman goes a long way in maintaining and improving the fabric of the society in general. At Inner Wheel therefore we are having a strong emphasis on woman empowerment and Stree Shakti. Our theme of Pink First also helps us to make the society a better place to live in. We are proud of our Inner Wheel heritage and values.

Together let us stand up, grow, inspire, connect and make a strong world. Let us hope for a strong , bright healthy and glorious future together.

Brief introduction of Ashwini Gujarathi Dist.303 :

Know our District Chairman

Ashwini Gujarathi

A : Amicable 

S : Smart

H : Helpful

W : Wise

I : Intelligent

N : Nice Person

I : Innovative

Personal & family Details :

Ashwini Gujarathi is an amicable and enthusiastic Dist. Chairman born on 26th June in Chopda, District-Jalgaon. She was born & brought in a well educated family. She got through B.Com She was married to Past Assist. Governor Rotarian Mr. Prasanna Gujarathi. Her Grand Father in law, Govardhandas Gujarathi was a freedom fighter and follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Her father in Law Mr. Arunbhai Gujarati who had been elected as a parliament member so many times in his life her life is full of political activities. She always believes in Mahatma Gandhi’s Principle simple living A vital role in Municipal Corporation as a corporator. She has even been helping the poor and needy in pandemic of Covid-19. She has been in social service for many years.

Ashwini has been good and loyal to her joint family. She keeps them united while praying to God, in religious activities with the Principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Her determination to live life on Gandhiji’s Principles is strongs.

Inner Wheel Journey :

Ashwini contribution in different field is praiseworthy and remarkable. She jointed Inner Wheel Club in Year – 2010-11 and attended Rally and conference respectively. She was awarded  :The Best Secretary Award” in 2012. “The Best President Award” in 2013 and  “The Best ISO Award” in  2015. She inspired so many ISO for flag Exchange in District and Inter-District she also attended ISO Meet in Mumbai 2015.

She had been served as a District Editor in 2017-18. The role of her as a District Treasurer in Praiseworthy in 2018-19. She had been elected as a District Secretary in 2019-20.

File picture of Ashwini Gujarathi with MP Supriya Sule

Other Social Work :

Ashwini’s established “Bhagini Mandal institute” to help the children who are deprived of good education and basic rights. She even solved their problem of starvation. Her work as a Secretary in this institution is noticeable and admirable.

With the same view, she opened :

  1. Balak Mandir 2) Primary School 3) High School

4) A School for Mentally Disabled Children

5) Nursing College 6) ATD BSF, Fine Arts College

7) Child-labour School 8) Social Service College

In all branches, her contribution is remarkable and praise worthy.

She lives a busy file she says “Busy Man Always Find a Time”

No doubt, she is an excellent cook. She know various recipes & Prepare tasty sumptuous food. Interested in reading books, Decoration in temple & pandols with flowers, lighting etc.

She is a many faceted personality. Her dedication in Inner Wheel is remarkable. She knows : Responsibility Educates & she has experienced joy is portable carry out wherever you go.

file picture of ashwini gujrati with her husband


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