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Meet Garima Kothari Mumbai based Paper Crafter and Designer who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet Garima Kothari Mumbai based Paper Crafter and Designer who shares her Entrepreneurial Journey

In our famous Artist Entrepreneur series we are introducing you a very passionate, intelligent and creative Mumbai based Paper Crafter and designer who doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Yes we are talking about Garima Kothari, Founder of Sanskriti Celebrations, she shares her Entrepreneurial Journey with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Priyanka Yadav.

Startup Name: Sanskriti Celebrations

Founder: Garima Kothari

Famous As: Paper Crafter and designer

Startup Headquarter: Mumbai

How to find her:


Hello Everyone, 

Welcome to my Profile,

I am Garima Kothari,

Garima Kothari, 21 Mumbai based Paper Crafter and designer. I have specialized in Handmade personalized Gifts. Art and Craft is my hobby since childhood and has turned into a profession for 6 years.

I was into Art and Craft since childhood, making creative things, best out of waste was my hobby. I used to get inspired by everything around me and try to put it in my art,
had put exhibitions when I was in school, I got a good response. Later, I started an Instagram page as my hobby when I was 15years, where people appreciated my work and insisted to customize it for them. That’s when I started to take commissioned orders.

Initially, when I started 6 years back, customized gifts were not so known and were appreciated by very few. In these 6 years, the views of our society has changed and so many people love to get gifts customized for their occasions.

We provide customized gifting solutions for all occasions. We have a wide range of gifts like explosion boxes, chocolate bouquets, cards, hampers, frames, albums, etc. We customize gifts as per the client’s request.

At the Initial stage, when I started on Instagram, I didn’t have an order for straight 4 months, but I still continued to do my task and when I got my 1st order, I was overwhelmed.

At first, people around used to mock about this and discourage me, they said it was just papers and hobby that couldn’t be a profession.

But, I still continued what I wanted to do. My mom has always been my backbone. Since childhood, she has supported me and where I am today is because of her. She has always encouraged me.

I design those memories that one can cherish for a lifetime !

I customize as per the client’s budget, occasion, and taste. I make each and every project with fine details and all my heart. I strive for perfection and don’t compromise on quality. With each and every order, goes a piece of my heart! I work for those beautiful smiles for my clients.

My clients have been very supportive, they reviewed my work, Instagram gave me a platform where I can connect to many people and they can connect with me for their personalizations.

As we say, Rome wasn’t built in a day; To achieve success one should focus on the process. It’s the most beautiful part of the journey. One will achieve success if they are committed to their goals!


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