Meet Hunza Sabir Mumbai based Aspiring Actress she shares her Bollywood Journey with Hello Mumbai News


    Hello Mumbai News Entertainment Desk :

    In our Entertainment Aspiring Actress series of Film Industry. Today we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Actress who is known for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Entertainment who always believes in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Hunza Sabir, she shared her Entertainment (Bollywood) journey with Hello Correspondent Priyanka Yadav.

    Being a Nerdy tomboy child while I was growing up to suddenly wanting to become an actor are two complete opposite sides of a coin and that’s me always surprising people and myself too.

    Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to my Profile,

    I’m Hunza Sabir and I am an Actor. I had too many dreams since childhood, wanted to become a Doctor then someday an Engineer, another day a Pilot and the list goes on. During school days I started participating in various activities and while in college doing my Engineering I developed a great interest in drama classes and I even started anchoring during college festivals. That’s when I realised that I love doing this. I love playing different characters/roles. I love to stay in front of the camera. It was that moment when I decided to take this journey of becoming an Actor.

    But it was not easy to change ways so quickly and being from a small hill station Nainital, I had to convince myself and my family. I am lucky to have an understanding and open minded family so finally I had the courage to pursue my dreams and I came to Bombay.

    Bombay welcomed me with open arms and the grill of acting career started. Did Theatre and then various Ad films, a TV Show and it’s not only the work but so many lessons to learn when I fail and the most important lesson is to get up whenever I fail or go low.

    Last year in COVID second wave I lost my father and then I realised that life is too short so the difficult decision of cutting my hair with I thought upon for years became easy and I finally cut my hair. I was sceptical but I realised that I was being appreciated and as an actor and as a person I need to keep evolving and hence the journey is on.



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