Meet Khushbu Savla founder of Mahavir Enterprise and Most Influential Gujarati Entrepreneur 2024 ,rea road her sucess story here

Meet Khushbu Savla founder of Mahavir Enterprise and Most Influential Gujarati Entrepreneur 2024 ,rea road her sucess story here

In our Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 Series in this Episode, we are introducing before you a very dynamic and visionary woman who believes in hard work and because of her good work, she is very popular in Mumbai. Yes, we are talking about Khushbu Savla a well-known Civil Contractor from Mumbai who has been ruling the male-dominated industry for the last 10 years.

Our New Series “Most Influential Gujarati Entrepreneur 2024 is dedicated to Gujarati Women entrepreneurs who are engraving remarkable impressions all over the world with their business skills and marketing abilities!
Let’s have a look at her successful journey…

Khushbu Savla founder of Mahavir Enterprise where her commitment extends beyond traditional civil work, encompassing a diverse array of offerings to provide clients with a one-stop solution for their construction needs.

Khushbu says What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and our ability to seamlessly integrate various construction elements. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or government projects, our holistic approach ensures a streamlined process from start to finish.

It’s been 10 dominant years for Khushbu, specializing in Waterproofing with Painting, Interior and Exterior Painting, and plastering. Being a specialist she has served more than 50 societies. They also work for Malls, CHSL, Factories, and building repair and their USP is that they only use the best products like Dr. Fixit and Asian Paints.

From expertly executed tiles and flooring installations to meticulous plumbing services, their skilled team ensures precision and quality in every aspect of the construction process.
With a focus on delivering excellence, They also specialize in wall painting, false ceiling installations, and a wide range of civil work solutions, positioning themselves as the go-to partner for all-encompassing construction projects.

She says…We take pride in turning visions into reality, combining creativity with technical expertise to achieve outstanding results. If you’re seeking a reliable and efficient partner for your construction needs then We are your trusted destination for a complete and unparalleled construction experience.

This self-made Diva believes in not only building a shelter but also making dreams come true for the people with whom she has worked. “ I believe in creating happy spaces for people where life happens”, says Khushbu Savla.

Civil contractors are a male-dominated field there are very few Women who take up this profession but Khushbu has many Karigars (workers) working with her, She says “You don’t have to be Masculine to be Strong.” Logic, Decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection and I value and use all the above-mentioned gifts, she added.

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