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Meet London based Priti Joshi, CEO and founder of Tone Consultancy,Shares professional journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet London based  Priti Joshi, CEO and  founder of Tone Consultancy,Shares professional journey with Hello Mumbai News

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News :
Priti Joshi is the founder of Tone Consultancy.

Priti Joshi, CEO
and founder of Tone Consultancy.

A highly experienced and successful Business Consultant specialising in the Pharmaceutical and allied industries. Priti has worked within the medical devices and pharmaceutical arena for nearly three decades. Over this time, she has worked in numerous senior sales and marketing roles within branded and generic medicinal products. Priti has also worked in the financial services sector on market data research projects.

Fully focused on creating sales opportunities and marketing strategies for new and existing products, Priti is an expert in successfully bringing new products to market including licensing and drugs tariff listings. She has strategic experience in both retail and the NHS environment at Stakeholder/Payor level. As a specialist in the development of innovative plans, project activities are designed to facilitate competitive growth, drive sales and achieve customer satisfaction. Priti’s client centric focus always ensures goals and needs are met and are fully incorporated into any action plan.

Outside of Tone, Priti is an active local councillor and also a mentor with Kingston University Alumni helping the next generation develop their skills in the business/corporate world.

Priti is extremely philanthropic and works with a number of non-profit organisations, offering her business skills to help them streamline admin spend and to allow the charities to put more money raised into where it is needed.

Key Highlights of her political Career :

I was elected as an OWBC Grange Ward councillor in the May 2019 elections and since my election I have learnt and challenged the Lib Dem run council. Holding the council and its members to account on many issues like housing, planning, scrutiny of accounts, spending on resources and also being involved in recruitment and tribunal issues.
As leader of the opposition my role has given me the opportunity to have meetings with the officers and heads of departments to make sure that all is as it should be and there are no undue processes taking place through the members.
We, as a minority in the council, have been able to get paths re-laid to ensure the safety of our residents and various lighting issues that had come up together with planning disputes that residents have been unhappy with.
I am able to work very closely with our local MP, Neil O’Brien with matters that concern the wider community we live in.

Outside of my entrepreneurial interests, I sit on a number of Community organisations (VASL) and School Boards (The Hospital School), as a governor and board member. I also work closely with a number of philanthropic organisations as well as being a mentor to recent graduates from Kingston University Alumni.

Priti’s outlook has always been one of helping those in less fortunate positions and is a great advocate of women supporting women and as such she coaches a number of women entrepreneurs in an advisory/mentor capacity to help them shape and grow their businesses.


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