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Meet London Yoga Instructor and founder of MOVEMENT MINDFULNESS MEDITATION Sarita Thakrar, Shares her Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet London Yoga Instructor and founder of MOVEMENT MINDFULNESS MEDITATION Sarita Thakrar, Shares  her Professional Journey  with Hello Mumbai News

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News.

A bit about myself and how I came into the world of holistic health & wellness..

After graduating from university in 2016 with a Business & Management degree, I started working at one of the Big 4 in the Mergers & Acquisitions team. I worked for a prestigious company, had an amazing boss, a fun loving team, worked on high profile projects and got the chance to travel from early on. This may sound too good to be true, but God was truly kind – I really couldn’t have asked for a better start to my career. Given all of this, one would assume I would be content! As it happens, sometimes getting everything you think you’ve always wanted, makes you realise those aren’t the things that make you happy. What I thought would bring me satisfaction and fulfilment, didn’t and I knew this wasn’t the path for me.

After contemplating applying to jobs in other sectors, shifting industry all together, thinking up possible business ventures, the idea of opening and managing my own yoga studio stuck in my head and it was on this basis I left my corporate job. During a 6 month trip to India I underwent training to become a yoga teacher, and this idea of my own studio quickly dissipated and my love and understanding for holistic health & wellness began. Rather than just own a business, my focus shifted to creating a lifestyle where work and play were not worlds apart, and “living for the weekend” was no longer the norm.

The various training I undertook showed me how yoga is a lifestyle and not merely a physical practice as I initially thought coming from a western country. I’ve always had this unexplainable pull to India and it was after this experience that I knew why – it was the place to lead me closer to finding what makes me truly fulfilled. After a lot of back and forth with my family and friends in London, I decided to take the leap of faith and move to Mumbai in Jan 2020. I didn’t have a particular plan but it felt like the right decision. I flew back to London in mid-March “for a few weeks until Corona blows over”…but 10 months later I’m still here.

As difficult and unpredictable as the pandemic is, it’s given me opportunities I would have otherwise not had I launched MOVEMENT MINDFULNESS MEDITATION and began offering free online classes for the first few months to anyone & everyone in the hope it would bring people more routine to their days at home and something to look forward to. The feedback I received gave me the drive I needed to continue on this path even when I started to doubt my direction. Over the course of the year the sessions have grown in popularity and I love being able to connect with people from across the world with different backgrounds, over a shared interest.

What drives me is being able to share my learnings from India in the West and bring back teaching yoga in a holistic manner, placing equal emphasis on the physical & mental aspects so students can experience the benefits of the practice not only during class, but spilling over and becoming part of their everyday lives. It is in this way, one can truly experience the essence of yoga for which it was created, and reap its full rewards especially in this situation when it’s needed more than ever.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy learning about Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga meaning the “Science of Life”. I love how Yoga & Ayurveda explain how our quality of life is dependent on several factors; what we eat, how much we move, our quality of sleep, the way we breathe, and the nature of our thoughts. These sciences acknowledge that humans are not machines, we are complex beings that require a holistic view. It has never been one size fits all, we are all internally and externally different and my continued study of these has really helped shape my view on the world and influence the way I teach.

This is my first big step into the world of holistic health & wellness, a field I want to continue to understand and grow in. I have not worked out my final destination, but I am enjoying this journey and I am so grateful to have found a passion that not only benefits my own life, but the lives of others.


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