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Meet Mrs Neha Sanghavi President Inner Wheel Club of Jalgaon New Gen District 303 who shares her Service Project

Meet Mrs Neha Sanghavi President Inner Wheel Club of Jalgaon New Gen District 303 who shares her Service Project

Women Social entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives

In our Social Entrepreneur series today We are introducing you a very dynamic and popular Social Entrepreneur of Jalgaon for her remarkable and outstanding performance in social  field particular in inner wheel club  who always believes in Women Empowerment and social entrepreneurship . yes we are talking about Mrs Neha Sanghavi President of Inner Wheel Club of Jalgaon New Gen District 303, she shared her Service and Charity Project with Hello Mumbai News Reporter Sejal Bhise

Brief Introduction of International Inner Wheel :

International Inner Wheel  Club is an international women’s  Social organisation to create friendship, service and understanding. It has clubs in over 100 countries with over 100,000 members.IWC has very strong presence in India. It has more than 3000 thousands clubs in Urban and rural India. Since the Covid 19 Pandemic breaks out Inner wheel club launched charity campaign worldwide. In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this Episode we are introducing very popular face of IWC, she doesn’t need any kind of Introduction.

Views of Mrs Neha Sanghavi about IWC :

I would like to say that friendship and services is the heart of innerwheel and its also gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this organisation.

Empowering women is essential to the health and development of families and communities.when women are living safe, fullfilled, productives life they can reach their full potential by contributing their skills to the work and to raise happier & healthier children & families.

I wanted to give these strong women the opportunity to redefine their gender role which may allow them more freedom to pursue their desired goals.

Key Highlights of Service Project :

Project 1 :

Change the needle, change the thread, adjust the tension & and try again

On the day of DC visit , we provided 5 Sewing Machine , this machine were given to the genuine needy ladies, it was given to Young girl, HIV and handicap ( motor was attached ) who didn’t had source of income and also was difficult for them to run the house . Along with this sewing machine we also gave them cloth piece so that they can start the sewing machine with the new beginning.

Project 2 :


Our 8 years On-going HIV project where we provide them all needed requirements & monthly Groceries.

Project 3 :


People who are homeless are not social inadequates.  They are people without Home “

Today we had taken the Urban Welfare Shelter Homeless people for one day picnic which was carried out by Morning breakfast, lunch and evening Tea with snacks.

Know would like to give a brief explanation about the project, It is truly said that not all of us can do great things. This Urban Welfare Shelter Homeless have their own story which we had never seen and heard but today by spending one day with them, we have learned how to be powerful and strong in life from mind and heart, no matter what the situation may come.

Project 4 :


Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our Goals”

We took a project of Complete Eye Check Up and also provided spectacles to those who having eye no’s and who were unable to buy and do their eye checking . We provided spectacles in free of cost. Each and every member appreciated as they were very happy after getting this done properly with the proper method.

Project 5 :


Underprivileged Handicap Project was taken on the day of Ananya Conference were we had given 5 Tricycle to the handicap people who don’t have leg and are unable to travel from one place to another . This project was done with the great opportunity and with the hand of our Association President Mrs Saroji Katiyar and our DC Mrs Ashwini Gujarathi.

Project 6 :


This project was inaugurated by our DC Mrs Ashwini Gujarati. The 80 yrs old lady who had lost her son in the pandemic of corona. Due to her age, it was very difficult to run the house. So we gave them a new hope for source of living by giving them a Stall with all the selling items so that she can earn and run the house. And this item will be in monthly rotating for the living.

Project 7 :


On 15th August ,2021 which was 75th Independence Day where we did the opening of our project “ Innerwheel Botanical Forest Garden “ by planting Oxygen trees with Medical Values in bulk and also provided benches where people can sit and relax and can also fresh air from the open garden.

The purpose and concept of this project was totally different than other gardens as this is going to have a look of forest where people can stretch one’s leg, go for a walk and take the Air. In this forest garden, we planted around 300 trees  and the name is as follows:

Ajwaain, Adulsa,Arjun, Bakul, Neem, Audumber, Nilgiri, Banyan Tree, Peepal, Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, White Chandan, Red Chandan , Panruti, parijat , Gulmohar,  Sea-same, Gioi, Madhumalti and many more which are totally related to Oxygen and Medical Values.

Quotes: “Both medicinal, and a sacred connection to place heal body, mind,spirit and encourage humans to be mindful and loving stewards of the Earth”.

Project 8 :


This Cataract operation was started on 10th January,2022 on the day of Inner wheel Day which is still on – going .

About District 303 :

District Chairman (for 2021-2022) :

Ashwini Gujarathi

Inner wheel District 303 one of the most important District of Inner wheel in Maharashtra which covers North Maharashtra and Vidarbha Region. It covers many big cities and districts of Maharashtra such as Nasik, Jalgaon, Akola, Amravati, Nagpur, Wardha and Chandrapur etc. This District performed well during this difficult time of Pandemic. All clubs did many charity work projects for pandemic affected people in rural areas of Maharashtra.


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