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Meet Mumbai based 6 Muslim Women Entrepreneurs who are making a Huge impact in year 2022

Meet Mumbai based 6 Muslim Women Entrepreneurs who are making a Huge impact in year 2022

Today is International Women’s Day.
Hello Mumbai Editor-In-Chief Aleem Shaikh & Entire Team Wishes All Women Happy Women’s Day.

No doubt of the fact that Business is a male-dominated world, and in the Muslim community – where female modesty is held at a premium – one might think that was doubly the case. But as of now Women Muslim Entrepreneurs have defied this stereotype even as cashing in on the rapidly growing market for Muslim-focused Business.

Like other Non-Muslim women entrepreneurs who have conquered the Male Counterparts in every field of profession, so too Muslim Women Entrepreneurs are and have proved they are nothing less. Today they are into varied businesses and are growing with it on their their own merits.

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a celebration of the social, cultural, political and economic achievements of women around the world.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day we got some Inspiring stories of these 6  Mumbai based Muslim Entrepreneurs who will tell us their Startup Journey so far, will definitely inspire all, Read all.

Farah Arif Khan, Famous As Beauty Entrepreneur

Startup Name : Herbalicious

Brand Category : Hair and Skincare Beauty Brand

Startup Headquater : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : herbalicious.in

Herbalicious is and Skincare beauty brand which is successfully making organically made herbal hair oil and skincare products affordable with the luxury satisfaction of using high end products but at a fraction of the cost by a sucessfull entrepreneur now ,Farah Arif Khan.

Herbalicious as a brand was formulated in 2014 and it made it’s Instagram debut on 6th March 2016.

The founder and owner Farah Arif Khan , a student of Ayurveda and Cosmetology then, in March of 2017 was a new mom and going through usual postpartum depression and that is when she decided that she needs to fight this and take her brand to a new level ,expand her brand reach which earlier was only limited to WhatsApp groups and word of mouth. She wanted to go all in with something that she not only loves but has been a passion for her for almost a decade, her studies ans research work equated to almost 11 years now.
Before Herbalicious (The brand was named on Instagram)she has been making the Maharani Hair Oil since 2014 along with a few skincare products also but that was only for a few close friends and family and for some who came through word of mouth.

Farah is always been a person who is creatively inspired to be an entrepreneur.
Her passion for hair & skincare products has driven her to be a beacon of hope to all the people who are challenged with hair and skin problems. In a short span of time Farah has single handedly created a brand which is thankfully with the support and love of her ever growing clientele and well wishers has been growing to new levels each day.

Her clients are like family to her, the best part about herbalicious is that Farah is available to answer your question and queries before you even buy the products. This is personal touch re-defined.

Herbalicious makes small batches of fresh organic herbal products so that you get the goodness of Mother Nature in its true pure form.

Nuzhat Hashir, Famous As Business Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Exotic Oud India

Founder : Nuzhat Hashir 

Brand Category : Lifestyle Product

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : https://instagram.com/exotic_oud_india?utm_medium=copy_link



Exotic Oud India by Nuzhat Hashir

On one of our trips to Saudi Arabia we met a Bedouin (Arab nomads) family through our family which resides in Saudi Arabia. These Bedouin families make beautiful our blends for hair & body, Bakhoors & Lubans for Home. We gifted these fragrances to our family & friends in India.

Everyone was soon in love with these fragrances that we decided to introduce these heavenly fragrances in India. So that’s how we started our company about 3 year’s ago…
Oud is one of the most expensive and desirable perfume ingredients in the world. It has an intoxicating musky scent that can be quite potent and has been used for centuries in India, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Today, it is used to create some amazing fragrances for both men and women. Our fragrances are based on the same formulation which is derived from the Bedouin Arab families.

We were the 1st brand to introduce Hair fragrances in India. We have a variety of fragrances for Hair, Body & Home which are Halal & Alcohol free. We initially started pan India, but due to the high demand of these fragrances in other countries we started delivering worldwide as well. We also cater to the UAE & Saudi Royalties & Elite. These luxury fragrances are like no other & that’s why we want to share this luxury with you all.
This brand was founded by Mrs Nuzhat Hashir Gazdar who is also the CEO of Exotic Oud India. She is a women entrepreneur who is highly passionate about fragrances and so has succeeded in making people aware of the same around the world thus proving her passion across masses.

Mrs. Nuzhat also educates people about how to make the best use of their perfumes and how to use them perfectly thereby emphasising on how to get the 100% out of their fragrances. She is a perfectionist and is very particular about the finest intricate details of her packaging that reaches out to her clients. Her expertise in pairing fragrances has caught attention world wide . Her passion for fragrances has created a new market venture for Oud blends in India along with proper knowledge and use of the same.

Exotic Oud India got a lot of support from many Bollywood Celebrities, Politicians, Bloggers, Corporate houses, Entrepreneurs & the masses. Our Goal is to open a chain of store’s in India, Middle-east & across the globe.
Thanks to the support we get from people, Inshallah we will be able to do it soon.
~Exotic Oud India

Hina Johari, Famous As Business Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts (VAFF)

Founder : Hina Johari

Brand Category : Lifestyle and Fashion

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : www.vaff.in

[email protected]

Mrs.Heena Rahil Johari, Founder of Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts(VAFF) makes it known that the motive behind to venture into fashion studies and other vocational studies was to encourage and promote women empowerment and to make them self independent and entrepreneurs. The academy will inspire them to set-up their own business or find job and make a bright future. Mrs. Johari is the Professor of fashion studies and a free-lance fashion designer over since thirteen years. Amid this pandemic situation, when she noticed many women foraying into their own business from home, be it cooking or designing work, and that was the time she thought to help them by doing something and so she started an online academy. She came up with the concept of online studies and shared her knowledge she gained while travelling all over the world thereby studying and mastering various designs.

Virtual Academy for Fashion and Fine Arts (V.A.F.F) is a virtual academy registered with the International Organization of Standardization (I.S.O) that provides high-class fashion courses and other vocational courses to all women around the world at very affordable fees. “Rise of a woman = Rise of the nation”. Our aim is to promote women empowerment to make women self-independent and good entrepreneurs to start their own business or get jobs and make a bright future.

Our courses are certified and designed to be taught online by trained and qualified professional tutors who are well experienced and have achieved name and fame in their fields. The online courses curriculum is designed simple and easy to understand so you get one on one experience. It’s a virtual age so it’s time to adapt this and get going with time.

Ayesha Fayaze Memon, Famous As Beauty Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Fab Allure

Founder : Ayesha Fayaze Memon

Brand Category : Beauty and Skincare

Startup Headquarter : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : http://faballure.in/


Fab allure is a beauty skincare and hair care brand located in Mumbai.
The owner Ayesha Memon shared with us her struggle journey from a housewife to a successful brand owner.

I was a home maker and used to work day and night for my family. I was really occupied and never thought this day would come. I always had interest in doing business from when I joined my first year in college (kishinchand chellaram) and was really worried about how to become a successful entrepreneur. But as time passed and I got married I thought that it would just remain as my dream.

After nearly 7 years of our marriage my mother-in-law told me to do something which can keep me engaged and stress free and likewise my family supported me in taking my very first step towards online business which was on a very small scale in year 2016. At the same time I got my daughter and I call her my lucky charm. That’s because she came in my life and I was able to fulfil my dream. Before starting my business I learned formulating my Herbal Products, Organic Products, Aromatherapy based products with many institutes online and offline.

I started working on social media from 2017 and launched my brand Fab Allure as a herbal brand where I use to provide hand curated skin care and hair products .
I kept on learning and formulating products and started making cosmetics, personal care, baby care and even per care products .
I was very happy with the reviews that my clients really trust me and they loved my brand. So I decided to expand it on a professional level. I registered my brand and took governments various approvals and finally launched my professional products related to hair care and skincare. I focused on the quality of Products, Packaging, Advertising all on my own as I enjoyed doing so. My main motive was to create not only my brand awareness but also wanted to make people aware about how skincare and haircare is so important.

No one can have a perfect fair skin or straight shiny hair but, Yes, you can get a skin or hair which are free from any kind of major problems like excessive hair fall, patchy skin, dark circles, dandruff. You can definitely get rid of this problems and there is a true solution. I want to make people aware about this and let them start taking care of there skin and hair.

A good skin and good hair makes you confident to stand in front of others. So it is necessary to keep yourself in hygiene as skincare and hair care is also a part of it
Talking about my business I love doing it and it really made me learn many things of corporate line.

Every women must think or try for doing some kind of business it will change your mind and it will change your negative point of views in positive. You will not loose hope unless and until you loose your network that’s it and it will never happen.

Huda Patel Lokhandwala, Famous As Health Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Premium Fitness

Founder : Huda Patel Lokhandwala

Brand Category : Fitness Coach

Area of Operation : Mumbai 

Find her on Social Media : https://instagram.com/hudalokhandwala?utm_medium=copy_link

From following my passion to being a proud mother’ I am glad to go through this amazing journey’ let me introduce myself I am Huda Patel Lokhandwala, I have completed my BSc from Sophia College and have done my nutrition from ACSM and also a ACSM certified fitness professional.. My fitness journey started when I was a teenager when I was overweight and this always use to bother me that’s when I started working out and with a balanced Nutritional plan I actually achieved my goal, that’s when I started believing in the power of exercise and proper eating habits, I understood the importance of a balanced lifestyle and my mission is to spread this knowledge and make people understand the importance of fitness in their Lifestyle. I also work with clients who have any medical issues apart from the regular lifestyle diseases. I have a simple mantra in life you will reap what you sow. Spread positive vibes always.

Zehra Shaikh,Famous As Beauty Entrepreneur.

Startup Name : Botanical Beauty 

Founder : Zehra Shaikh

Brand Category : Beauty Products

Area of Operation : Mumbai

Find her on Social Media : https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1b6113v9hs07x&utm_content=8lsxjul

Today most of the Women in keeping pace with the trend and as Woman Entrepreneurs foray into Beauty Parlour Business and into Health Care Parlour.

But here is a Woman with a difference. She is Zehra Shaikh who is into the business of Skin Care and Hair Care Products business under the name and style as HM Enterprises..She operates from her Clare Road Byculla residence. Her products are all hand made and Chemical Free. No preservatives but effective and provides visible results..

She has many customers walking up to her for her products and are extremely happy at the products and have no complaints to make.
Her Products are available all over India and even countries across the seven seas.

Zehra further elaborates on Botanical Beauty that presents Skin Whitening Cream and best Fairness Cream for both Men and Women. It is an Ayurvedic Fairness Cream without paraben and it is suitable for all type of skin. Botanical Botanical Beauty provides natural glowing skin on daily use. Her Company also offers SPF 40. It is best during summer and winter also. It is a Day – Night Cream and prevents Acne marks, Effective in dark circles, Lightens darker patches on the skin & Provides UV protection. Helps sun burn, prevents Anti-aging skin whitening , Moisturizes the Skin, to get rid of dark circles, to prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

News Article Input and Compiled by Priyanka Yadav and Sejal Bhise


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